Super Smash Bros. Tips

Smash Advanced Techniques 2
Fastfall - Pressing down after the apex of your jump to fall much faster than normal. Unlike SSBM, you cannot fast fall in the middle of a move.

Shine - Fox's reflector. Because of it's set knockback, it is often used for low percentage KOs, called shine spikes. In SSB, shines aren't cancelled by jumping, but by touching the ground.

(So, to shine cancel, press jump then immediately down-B. Button-sliding is a good way to do this.)

Shield Grabbing:
Holding you shield with Z, and grabbing by pressing A. Used against people who spam dash attacks and other ground attacks. Does half the damage of a regular grab.

Crouch Cancel:
Crouching to cancel some of the knockback getting hit by an attack generates.

Double Jump Cancel (DJC):
Ness and Yoshi can cancel their double jump with an attack. Gets off aerial attacks even faster then short hopping and fastfalling. Yoshi has the added advantage of having resistance during his double jump.

Initial Dash:
After the initial dash, it takes time for a chracter to stop the dash and turn around. However, during the initial dash, you can immediately turn around and dash in the opposite direction.