Super Smash Bros. Tips

Smash Advanced Techniques 1
Short hop - pressing the jump button for a short amount of time results in a much shorter jump than usual.

Teching - Pressing Z just before you land from getting hit to make you character get up. Holding left or right will make your character roll along the ground.

Z-cancel - Pressing Z as you hit the ground after an aerial attack to cancel landing lag. Most noticeable with Link's sword plant.

Nair, Fair, Uair, Dair, Bair - refers to neutral, forward, up, down, and back air. Also used to reference tilts (strong attacks), smashes, and throws (irrelevent in SSB).

ANA, AFA, AUA, ADA, ABA - Aerial Neutral A, Aerial Forward A, etc.

Edgehog - Holding onto an edge so an enemy cannot grab it to recover. Unlike in SSBM, rolling does no edgehog. However, at damage percents above 100, it takes your character longer to roll back onto the stage, edgehogging for longer than normal.

Ledgehop - falling from the ledge and jumping immediately. Looks like you jumped from the ledge.

Edgeguard - Attacking your opponent as they are coming back.

Spike/Meteor - an attack that makes the opponent fly straight down. Example - Ness Dair.