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2 Ness Combos
Here's 2 Ness Combos that I've done. To do them, you'll need to go to VS Mode and set the damage to 50% so that you and your opponent are heavy weight.

Ness Combo #1: You know that Ness can double jump cancel? Well, you could do some great combos by using Ness's DJC. Like say, at first using Ness's Down+A a lot, then normal A air attack to send the enemy flying, and if they are above their doom, use the Down+A Air attack to finish them.

Ness Combo #2: The 2nd combo is by going to Peach's Castle, Congo Jungle, Planet Zebes, Yoshi's Island, Dream Land, or Sector Z. Next, keep grabbing and throwing your opponent. And since you don't send the opponent flying that far (because the damage is at 50%), you can actually run to them and quickly grab to do another throw! Keep using the forward throw until you get to an edge and use a Down+A to finish them. Although watch out for the barrel at Congo Jungle.

Well, that's the 2 Ness Combos. The Ness Double Jump Cancel Combo does not only do a great combo, but it can also do a Sheild Breaker if the Double Jump Cancels are done fast enough and correctly.