Super Smash Bros. Tips

A few tips for characters 2
Link: A lot of people think they are good with link when they actually aren't... OVER HALF CANNOT EVEN Z-CANCEL! He is the character that needs the most Z-Cancelling, especially for his down A meteor attack and his up A aerial stab. If you don't Z-Cancel that'll leave you right open for an attack. also when hanging, its best to drop down then immediately up-B, your opponent won't be able to back fire.
Kirby: Yes...I'm doing tips for Kirby...the most cheapest character in the whole game... His jump down A spike is very useful, in both spike attack and for comboing, when comboing you have ti do a short jump or you won't inflict as much damage, also when you use that attack Z-CANCEL then use your super up A attack, not smash, and use it about 1 or 2 times, then create your combo from there. his best edgegaurd technique is his up-B AND HAS TO BE USED AT THE RIGHT TIME OR ELSE YOU MIGHT KO YOURSELF or fail to spike your opponent down.
Samus: I'm not much of a Samus user so don't expect much. A good combo is to meteor smash an opponent while on ground and at 120+%, then jump and do a reverse A attack, this should be able to KO them...possible they could survive. Also another tip for Samus's survival is to use her Down-B move, which will give a small hightened boost, only use when you are higher than the platform you can get on.

That's all for now... I did fight Malva(Isai)...and got 4 stocked...