Super Smash Bros. Tips

A few tips for characters
ok, i got a few tips I'd like to add for some characters...

Ness: Ness's jump-down-A move is very useful, but it's ever more useful when you can do a super short jump. To do this you must do a double jump FAST, then do your attack RIGHT AFTER. this will make him attack at a super short hop.
Fox: this is my favorite... SHINE CANCELLING... What you have to do is do a jump, then if at right timing use his deflector and if successful... you will do a counter attack without that afterlag.
C.F.: Lots know this, but when CF is knocked off the edge and is high off ground... use falcon punch because tha'll advance him a little further. Another things is than when you hit an enemy thats close to an edge, you his spike attack with a short hop, only at right timing though.
Pikachu: this is also one of my favs. When someone is literally off the stage.... KO THEM! pikachus up-B ability is long distant and can giv him the best survival rate, so knock opponents further with pika, his jump reverse A attack is the best use.