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Every Character that can taunt cancel
About the taunt canceling cheat I submited days ago, not every character can do it. Here are the characters that CAN Taunt Cancel:
Mario: Grow Noise
DK: Growl
Yoshi: Yoshi! (Very difficult to taunt cancel with)
Pikachu: Pika, Pika!
Captain Falcon: Show me your moves.
Ness: Ok!
Jigglypuff: Jigglypuff!

If you do it over and over without messing up, you will keep hearing Mario's Grow Noise, DK's Growl, Yoshi saying Yoshi, Pikachu saying Pika, Pika, Captain Falcon saying Show me your moves, Ness saying Ok, or Jigglypuff saying Jigglypuff! Another way to do it is by going on the green arch from Hyrule Castle and go to the direction you start and press L while letting go of the control stick and if you did it right, go the opposite way and do the same thing going back and forth on the arch. If you do this way with Captain Falcon, you may need a long platform (like the 3 upper platforms in Dream Land stage)since he's so fast. If you do this way with Yoshi, use the smallest platform becuase it is very hard to taunt cancel with him.