Super Smash Bros. Cheats

Taunt Canceling
I found this cheat a long time ago (like in the beginning of 2004), but finally I found a place to submit this cheat. If you KO an opponent, instead of taunting once, here's a cool way to taunt cancel (which you can do over and over unless you don't do it right and you will taunt). Run to an edge, and before you fall off, press L (while still running) and stop. You're character will say whatever he/she says when he/she taunts but won't do the taunt. This doesn't work with Luigi since his taunt is a kick. To do this more times, keep running back and forth while pressing L before you fall off. It's really fun! Since Ness is my favorite character, I always like to do it with him and always like hearing him keep on going like Ok! Ok! Ok! Ok! Ok! Ok! Ok! Ok! Etc. Have fun taunt canceling!