Super Smash Bros. Cheats

Fox and Ness Freeze the Game Glitch 2
You know the cheat that you need Fox and Ness (both Human Players) and you use make Ness use his PK Thunder and aim it parrallel (or however you spell it) to Fox while Fox uses his reflector to deflect it back at Ness. Then use Ness to use his baseball bat to reflect it and it gets two tails and the game freezes when Fox, Ness, a wall, the side of the screen, or Ness's Down+B Sheild touch the two-tailed PK Thunder? Well here's an easier way. Have 1 HMN player be Ness while 2 HMN players are Fox. Go to an arena with a flat spot. Have both Foxes use their reflector while Ness uses his PK Thunder and aims it at one of the Foxes. Make sure the other Fox could also reflect it. If the PK Thunder misses Fox's Deflecter and goes off-screen, the game freezes (only if it has two tails and you can also hear the song of the arena) Oh and if both Foxes are really close to each other when reflecting Ness's PK Thunder, one of them will surely get zapped and freeze the game.