Super Smash Bros. Tips

Tips for beating Secret Characters
I'm going to give tips on beating the 4 secret characters. Not tips on how to unlock them but how to beat them when they challenge you.

Luigi: I think Yoshi is best for this. Make him be at the top (arena is Peach's Castle) and go down. If he's up, jump and do Down+B in the air to do lots of damage. When his damage is high, a smash attack or ground pound should finish him. Just watch out for the bumper if you use a ground pound.

Captain Falcon: I think a character with a good throw is the best one for this challenger. At first give him some damage, then keep throwing him until he cannot recover and falls into the acid (arena is Planet Zebes) and he should be dead.

Ness: Yoshi again. Keep jumping and using ground pounds (I don't think doing what I said to do to Luigi is the best way) until his damage is high. A good smash attack or ground pound (I would prefer the ground pound since Ness is a good fighter when he challenges you) and he should get KOed. Arena is Dream Land.

Jigglypuff: Easiest out of all 4 secret characters. I think another character with a good throw should be the best for this balloon Pokèmon. At first give her some damage and start throwing her off the stage and she should get KOed. The arena is Saffron City so watch out for the incoming Pokèmon.

Well, that's all the tips I can give! Although I didn't use Yoshi when I was fighting Luigi. I actually used Ness but Yoshi is still a good character to use against Luigi. Hope this helps!