Super Smash Bros. Glitches

High CPU damage Glitch
Go to training Mode (oh my gosh how much more glitches are there going to be from training mode?) and pick Ness as your character and any character as a CPU. Go to any arena as long as it has at least 1 straight platform (like Hyrule Castle). Go stand right next to the CPU and get 4 Red Shells. Next go right next to the Red Shells and use PK Thunder. Make it hit Ness and send Ness to the direction the CPU and Red Shells are. If you did it correctly the CPU's damage will go to 9??. The only reason it's 9?? is because the ones and tens digits from the CPU's damage is random. The hundreds digits will always be 9. This doesn't damage you as long as the shells hit you when they're moving.