Super Smash Bros. Cheats

Kill Charmander at Saffron City
Here are 3 ways you can kill Charmander at Saffron City when he pops out of the door. First when Charmander pops out, throw Bob-oms at him. Second if you're Kirby, turn to rock form (while being above Charmander) and Charmander should fly away. Last is go to vs. options (which I forgot to mention on this same cheat the last time I wrote it). Set Damage to 200%. Pick Pikachu as your character (any CPU) and Saffron City. When the door lights up, dash to it and when you're really close, press A to do a dash attack (but hopefully Charmander pops out since it doesn't work on the others excluding Chansey) and Charmander should also fly away. It's funny seeing him fly away since I usually say "and bye bye!" to Charmander. If you have more, pad yourself on the back.