Super Smash Bros. Glitches

With Mario go to Yoshi story select any CPU charater keep the CPU charater on Stand then go into the sky don't go onto the first cloud you might be able to skip that one so jump once then jump in the air then Press A then put the stick up and then Press B hile holding it up then you might of got there for my next one this is for going down a Warp Pipe in the Mushroom Kingdom when your in trouble in the Mushroom Kingdom Tilt the. Controll stick Down if you don't wanna get hurt by an oponent and you'll go down the pipe but you have to stand on one next this is for beating Strong player easily Giant DK when you have no partners left it will be hardas you can see Giant DK is 66 or more taller than Mario or the other players so use fireballs only until he has 280% then press Z and hold it then Press A then tilt left or right to throw him off the edge this one is. For Metal Mario well you know that Metal Mario battles are hard sometime and you allways get game overs and you are sick of it so keep hitting him until Metal Mario have 380% then throw. Him off the edge and then the Boss Master hand that Master hand is storg and has 300 HP doge his attacks just use strong attacks that your player can do. Next this is for making a poke'mon come out early just run up to it then it will come out this is simple this glitch is used in safforon city now this is the way to get the Mushroom Kingdom level if you want the mushroom Kingdom level go to story mode and use the characters you have now if your sick of been plain kirby you can turn into ????? Kirby just suck a player then you'll play as that player but you still have Kirby's body and the finalest glitch is to get Mario's Brother Luigi it will be very hard to get Luigi all you have to do is to get all targets in target test Practising Bounus 1 Well Thats all of my Glitches Subbmitted by Nicholas

note: Some of them are made for Training mode and some may need practissing.