Super Smash Bros. Tips

Mushroom Kingdom
To unlock the Mushroom Kingdom, you must first beat the 1p game on normal difficulty with the original 8 characters (Mario, DK, Link, Samus, Yoshi, Pikachu, Fox, and Kirby) in any order. Once you do that you must then have a VS match on each of the arenas. After you do the last match, there will be a message telling you that a new area has been added.

Easy way to Win with DK:
Pick DK as your character and go to the mushroom kingdom. Lure your opponent under the brick platform to the left of the screen. Continuously do down+B and you can easily do 999% of damage because your opponent will be trapped between the ground and the bricks

So have fun owning your friends with this handy tip!
- Smash Guru