Super Smash Bros. Tips

To above ^^^
I came across the publishing above and was startled to here than someone says they are the best. As well, myself and three other friends have spent many hours competing in N64 Smash Bro's with each other. A way to compare our experience is that three lvl9 comps on a team against one of us, we can defeat individually. Also, to confirm the "cheat" above, it is very accurate and very effective, except you do not need to throw them off, actually a kick or punch attack is much more affective in that it keeps the opposing player on a lower plane. Other hints would be, while using Luigi, grab a fan and trap someone in fan attack by quickly hitting them untill reaching 74%, then fire punch them and they will die. For kirby, with a bomb-omb, grab the bomb and run to a character, throw the bomb upwards, making sure that the bomb is above you two, grab the character and if you are familiar with his grab, he shoots upwards. When the two characters reach the top, the character kirby grabbed and kirby reaches the bomb that you threw up, it explodes, killing the opposing character but not damaging kirby. This will kill anyone at 0%. More to come. But as well ^^^^, we are always looking for a good challenge if you feel up for it, for now we consider ourselves the best. So cal area