: : : : : : : Ness/Fox cheat glitch apocalipse (lol)really, look

Super Smash Bros. Glitches

Ness/Fox cheat glitch apocalipse (lol)really, look
This is complicated, so listen up. Get Ness and Fox. You need flat ground to do this. Have Ness do his p.k. thunder and aim it down until it's near the ground, then make it hover parallel with the ground. Make fox have his deflector shield on,(make sure it's a direct hit into the side of his deflector so it is knocked directly back at Ness),and when it bounces back at Ness, have Ness hit his thunder back again with his bat(if you did not know already, Ness's bat deflects most anything)and time this part perfectly so when the bat deflects the p.k. thunder back again at Fox, but it gets wierd here. The thunder now has two tails on its beams like this: -0- instead of like this -0 Then when anything gets in the way of this messed up thing, the game freezes. That's it. don't believe me? Try it for yourself.