Super Smash Bros. Tips

Tips for beating Ness and Luigi
Captain Falcon and Jigglypuff won't be on here because I haven't gotten Jigglypuff and I forgot how to get C. Falcon.
LUIGI-Beat Break the Targets with all 8 main characters. The last main character you beat break the Targets with you battle Luigi. I used Yoshi. With Yoshi use smash attacks and do dodges. If your damage gets to high then Luigi does Up+B you will lose. Battle takes place at Peach's Castle.
NESS-Only use Captain Falcon because I tried with Luigi and was smothered. On the platform you start on go down. Wait for Ness to come to you. He will probably use his Yo-Yo. Quickly grab him and do a back throw. Run to the edge and wait for him to come back. Before he grabs the ledge use Falcon Punch (B). Also make sure he doesn't use PK Thunder. Battle takes place at Kirby's Dreamland.