Super Smash Bros. Tips

3-6 hit KO
Lead your opponet to the edge and keep pressing the A-button punch.The opponet will most likely use all his jumps, along with his B+UP jump( If he has them), and he will idiotically fall off.
1: Doing this against Jigglypuff and Kirby will take more jumps because They can float. Kirby's B+UP move is hard to fight off.
2:Speaking of B+UP, Some fighters' B+UP are hard to fight off or gets them up high enough to save them, like Mario's (and Luigi's of course. How else do I win with him?) Vice-versa, they are easy to blow a hole through or They Don't jump with it at all, like Yoshi's or Jigglypuff's.
Well' bye! ("Finally! *groan* How darn long does it take to make one stinkin' tip?!?"