Super Smash Bros. Cheats

This is a cool cheat to use. First you need to go to "training mode" & have whatever character as the CP. your character has to be MARIO or it won't work. Then go to any area & go to the flattest spot on it. Now is real close to the CP while still being on the flat spot. Don't be too close that you are touching them. Press start. Get 4 GREEN SHELLS & place them close to you & your CP. then press down B & MARIO will do a tornado spin right? If you did it correctly, everything is frozen except for the CP's percentage, which is climbing up FAST!!! Don't push anything while this is happening. It will cancel this affect. This is really cool! I'm not sure if you can do this with 1 green shell but it works. You can only do third with MARIO. Don't try it with LUIGI. It won't work. I HOPE YOU HAVE FUN WITH THIS!!!

Also, you can also use RED shells and Ness' smash attack. ANd when you do that, if you reach 999%, you won't fly as far as your opponent.