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[edit] Background

Super Smash Bros. takes characters from the Nintendo universe and throws them all into one light-hearted and wacky fighting game. Each character has their own signature moves and attributes. A variety of power-ups, and obstacles in each characters' stage, help or hinder you. Choose your favorite character and take on the computer in story mode, or up to three friends in multiplayer! Now's your chance to drop-kick Pikachu!

[edit] Gameplay

Super Smash Bros. uses a unique battle system. You can choose from many different characters and then battle on a variety of stages. The main objective is to attack your opponents and "smash" them off the stage. At the bottom of the screen, a damage counter is present. The damage percentage starts at 0% and continues to increase the more times you get attacked. The characters can fight each other with a big selection of fighting moves. In addition to basic punch and kick attacks, characters can use special character-specific moves. Characters also have the access to a more powerful SMASH attack. Hench the name Super SMASH Bros. You can also battle each other on Multi-player mode by simply inserting more game controllers and a few friends. Single player mode is similar to Multi-player mode, but you can choose from five difficulty levels (Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard, Very Hard) and try to beat a series of characters to get to the final boss. Also, bonus stages as well as "Board the Platforms", "Race to the Finish" and "Break the Targets". These bonus levels were specifically designed for the designated character.

[edit] Features

  • Twelve original Nintendo characters
  • Dozens of levels
  • Four-player simultaneous mode
  • Variety of power-ups and weapons

This game is also known as Nintendo All-Star Dairantou Smash Brothers in Japan.

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Super Smash Bros. & Ninja Gaiden smash Wii Virtual Console

In case you missed out on N64 Smash the first time around

Dec 21, 2009, by Leo Chan | 5 comments

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Apr 18, 12 2:21pm
Yes, i still have a 64 SuperSmashBros
nasty nappa
Jun 18, 11 4:46am
pritty dispointing very basic and bland a bit boring too SuperSmashBros
Apr 2, 11 7:35pm
Horrible Smash Bros. game. Nothing like melee and brawl! SuperSmashBros
Apr 24, 10 8:44am
FUN game I definitly reccomend! SuperSmashBros
Apr 11, 10 3:20pm
dis thing rocks so frekin much! SuperSmashBros
Apr 4, 10 9:43am
for years i dreamt of something...anything like this actually existed then i wanted it. A week after the thought, nintendo prevailed SuperSmashBros
Jan 2, 10 8:05am
fun SuperSmashBros
Dec 30, 09 1:53pm
I actually have it on Wii as a Virtual Console game. :3 SuperSmashBros
Jun 29, 09 4:48am
Fun, but make sure you play against a computer. Real people tend to get moody when you kick their butt multiple times... SuperSmashBros
Jun 19, 09 9:27am
<3 SuperSmashBros
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