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Resources(a lot)
First choose a country like Romania, Albania ,FYROM, or other. Then wait until you have green relationship with other countries (USA is the most important). Then make sure that USA(not the player) doesn't have money with (-) and red numbers. After that go to the economy place. Click more above the resources %. Then start increassing production of the resources with 25%. When you are with a lot of of money like this: - xxx xxx xxx ,ect. Make a treaty called "Assume foreign debt" with USA. You will se that there is no debt. Repeat as much as you want. It is veryfied. I found it myself.


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Edit game:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Also, it only works on version 1.4 Use a text editor to edit the "common.xml" file in the "\dreamcatcher\superpower 2\mods\sp2\data\config" folder. You can change various values, such as the day, how long you should wait before production starts, etc. Set the "InfantryValue" to "0", "timebefore production" to "0" and "buildperday for infantry" to "100000" or higher, you can generate unlimited infantry. During game play, set the time to T0. Go to build and choose infantry. Click the "Build" button repeatedly. When you set the time to "T2" you will gain many infantry.
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