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Advanced to a Remake


Pretty much every Nintendo console and handheld has had some kind of Mario game help launch the system. Often it's a true Mario platformer to continue the series with, whereas other times it's a somewhat related title that has Mario in it. Whatever the case, the iconic plumber swoops in and steals the show to showcase the hardware. Super Mario Advance, while still a Mario launch title, comes off as odd because it's not a new game but a remake of an old NES/SNES title. Still, handheld gamers have gotten the chance to explore Subcon in this game that really ignored a lot of what has become co...


Good port of a classic Mario game pt1


Lastability: 8/10.
This lasts quite a while. Even though it's watered down from the NES original, this will still take some time to beat because the difficulty is still at a decently challenging level, which is good in a game. Trying to get all the Ace Coins in the game will take some time too. Those buggers are quite hard to find.
Graphics: 10/10.
Completely ripped from the Super Mario All Stars remake of this game, but that's not exactly a bad thing, isn't it?
Sound: 10/10.
A catchy soundtrack that never gets old + 16-bit enhancement + cool sounding sound effects = sheer awesomess. Even the NE...


Why Must the Characters Sound So Gay?!!!

The good:

This is almost exactly like the original game, but I'm able to get a lot farther in it. I like how you can choose between four different characters. Yay for Toad!

The bad:

The sound effect things are so annoying. All the characters have to make horrible little sounds whenever they do anything. Why? Why must they tamper with things that are already good? Why cruel world, why? *cowers in a dark corner of the room*


I like the music in this game, but I can't turn up the volume, or else I'll hear those horrible characters make horrible sounds. Oh, such horrible sounds they were. So horrible, like the invention pants! Yes! Tight pants are horrible! I know most of this review is going to be used up explaining those character's noises, but it's not worth getting the game because of it. I'd rather listen to the badger, badger, mushroom, mushroom song for ten days straight rather than hear, for example, the whiney, cutesy sound of Birdo once you kill her. *shiver* Anyway, this game is...


A bit of a thinker

The good:

The different characters had different strengths and weaknesses
Good boss design, which took more than just button bashing to beat

The bad:

Some parts of the game were too easy


This was one of the first Mario games I'd played in years because I've never owned a Nintendo console. I was a Sega person when I was younger and after that I swapped to Sony. So any Nintendo games I play are rare nowadays. My brother got this for the Game Boy though and I played it and found the game to be very enjoyable.

You can pick to play as Mario, Luigi, Toad or Princess Peach. Each character has different statistics, which do make a difference in the game. Mario is well rounded (in more ways than one), Luigi has a high jump ability at the expense of others, Toad is very powerful but c...


This game is a classic!

The good:

A classic, and awesome graphics too!

Summary:! If your a Mario fan and if you don't have this game, and even if your not a mario fan, you are missing out! This game was brought back from the past and was made into a new game with whole new features you and your friends are sure to enjoy! So, if you got the need for some action and if your bored, try buying this game, and you'll be glad you did! ...


Good, but not great.

The good:

Four playable and varied characters
Nice and colorful graphics
Great voices
Two games in one
An extra challenge-mode

The bad:

Too short
A little bit primitive level-design
Mario Brothers is short and reppetive


Graphics: Clear, sharp and colorful, not the best on the machine, but still good.

Sound: The sound-effects are loud and clear, while the different voices sounds really great, making good use of the GBA hardware.

Gameplay: Control is good, bosses are cool and the game is fun, but the level-design is primitive for a Mario-game.

Lifespan: Two games in one, but one is very short and the other is not that long either. Challenge-mode and multiplayer keeps you playing, though.

Overall: The weakest of the Mario Advance series, but still good fun.

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