Super Street Fighter IV Quote FAQ v1.0
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Super Street Fighter IV Quote FAQ

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The quotes in this game are divided in two sections; 
one are personal against all charachters in Arcade mode
and the others are in Versus mode and there are 11 of those.




RYU vs.

KEN: That was fun, Ken! Letエs spar again soon!
CHUN-LI: Your kicks are as powerful as ever! I could learn
a lot from you!
E.HONDA: You honor tradition with your moves. Still, you could
stand to improve.
BLANKA: Itエs hard to believe that your moves were all self taught!
Well done!
ZANGIEF: Still unable to cope with my Hadoken I see.
GUILE: You seem sad. Have you been eating the fermented beans
I gave you?
DHALSIM: I never tire of watching you in action. Your moves
are inspiring.
BALROG: Hatred and lust for power are no match for a true warrior!
VEGA: Try keeping your mind off your looks and you may be able to
dodge my attacks!
SAGAT: We both have a long way to go until our true potential
is reached.
M.BISON: Using powers to control others is an unforgivable offense!
C.VIPER: Your devices make for interesting moves, but they are easily avoided.
RUFUS: So, youエre looking for Ken, are you? Iエll be sure to let him know.
EL FUERTE: I have no likes or dislikes when it comes to food.
Iエll eat anything.
ABEL: The answers you seek will come to you during your journey,
my friend.
SETH: Power is more than just the strength of oneエs moves. Never forget that!
AKUMA: I will never become like you! I will forge a new path!
GOUKEN: Thank you, master!
CAMMY: What you lack in power, you make up for in speed. Use that to your
FEI LONG: There is an artistic quality to your moves. You are a true master!
SAKURA: Just relax and focus. That allows you to read your opponentエs moves 
and react.
ROSE: I cannot see the future nor the outcome of my battle. That is
why I fight!
GEN: You may be strong, but you lack the drive for self improvement.
DAN: Your stance could use some work. Care to give it another shot?
T.HAWK: There exists no obstacle that cannot be overcome. Experience
has taught me this.
DEE JAY: Your carefree attitude blinds you to the true importance of the fight!
GUY: Bushinryu is an incredible art. Your speed is without rival!
CODY: You cannot run from who you are. The fight wonエt provide the solace
you seek.
IBUKI: Youエre speedy, but you have to keep an eye on your opponent if you
want to win!
MAKOTO: Youエre still wet behind the ears, but I sense great potential
within you.
DUDLEY: I am grateful, for you have shown me the grace inherent in the 
art of boxing.
ADON: You have a long way to go if you ever hope to defeat Sagat!
HAKAN: I look forward to seeing what other moves you have in store
next time!
JURI: You and I have vastly different ideas about what constitutes fun.

KEN vs.

RYU: You have to come over for a visit once my kid is born!
CHUN-LI: Anyone ever say that youエre a workaholic? Take a vacation once
in a while!
E.HONDA: Itエll take more than Sumo to take away my American
title, friend!
BLANKA: You can bite and shock me all you want. In the end, I will still
walk away the champ!
ZANGIEF: You didnエt give it your all, did you? Were you afraid
of my Hadokens?
GUILE: Bring my sister-in-law over for a visit soon! Eliza really wants
to see her!
DHALSIM: It takes more than a 15 foot reach to knock me out, partner!
BALROG: An out of control temper is no match for a champ like me!
VEGA: Take your eyes off the mirror for a second and hit the gym now
and then!
SAGAT: Ryu was right. Youエre a tough customer. But Iエm his real rival!
M.BISON: Your days as an evil overlord are over! Donエt show your face
around here again!
C.VIPER: Just who do you work for anyway? Keep in mind your answer
will have consequences.
RUFUS: What? No, itエs me. Seriously. Just a stunt double?
Gimme a break!
EL FUERTE: Donエt worry. Iエm sure someone somewhere would appreciate
your cooking.
ABEL: Youエve got potential, but you need to keep your head in the game.
SETH: Why did you resurrect yourself into the same lame body
type as last time?
AKUMA: I knew walking into the ring that Iエd humiliate you! And I
did it my way!
GOUKEN: Youエre not mad at me are you, master?
CAMMY: Donエt look so mad, kid! Youエre cuter when youエre smiling!
FEI LONG: So, whereエs the camera crew? I donエt see anyone...
SAKURA: Youエve gotten a lot stronger! I canエt let my guard down around
you anymore!
ROSE: I only believe in fortune tellers when they have good news!
GEN: Youエre getting too old for this. Have you thought about retiring?
DAN: Knocked out, already? Dude, are you for real?
T.HAWK: The chance to meet interesting people like you is why I canエt 
quit fighting!
DEE JAY: Iエm always up for a rough and tumble fight, dude!
GUY: Donエt get me wrong. I really like red. I just donエt think
it suits a ninja.
CODY: Everyone gets down in the dumps sometimes. Iエm sure youエll
get over it.
IBUKI: Alright! Alright! I wonエt treat you like a kid from
now on. Happy? 
MAKOTO: For a kid, you sure are tought! Iエve got high hopes for
your Rindo-kan dojo!
DUDLEY: Youエve really deepened my appreciation for boxing!
ADON: You should have trained more under Sagat before venturing out
on your own.
HAKAN: Dude, youエre looking a little crispy. I guess my moves
donエt mix well with oil.
JURI: That was close! Whatエs up with that eye of yours, anyway?


RYU: I always enjoy fighting you. I learn something new every time!
KEN: So, howエs your wife doing? Shouldnエt you go home to 
check on her?
E.HONDA: I love sweets. Feeling up to goint to get a bite
to eat after this?
BLANKA: Youエre fast, but not fast enough to beat me!
ZANGIEF: Looks like a victor has been declared in the battle of
your arms versus my legs!
GUILE: Are you feeling OK? Your attacks were awfully weak...
DHALSIM: Iエd like to try yoga, but would I have to stretch
my arms like that?
BALROG: Looks like youエll be spending the next few years
behind bars where you belong!
VEGA: If you see weakness as ugly, you canエt call yourself beautiful
SAGAT: I can see why Ryu considers you a worthy rival. But 
Iエm no pushover either, am I?
M.BISON: You have no idea how long Iエve waited for this! Youエll pay
for your sins!
C.VIPER: Was I too strong for you?
RUFUS: Youエd be a really strong fighter if you could shed a 
few pounds.
EL FUERTE: If you want to succeed at cooking, you have to keep
your spices straight.
ABEL: I sure hope you find who youエre looking for.
SETH: Iエll see to it that you never use my moves to hurt
people again!
AKUMA: I hate to say this, but I might not be able to beat
you next time...
GOUKEN: Your moves remind me of Ryu and Kenエs. Do you know
those guys?
CAMMY: Your injuries havenエt fully healed yet. Just relax and
leave the rest to me!
FEI LONG: What do you think of my moves? Impressive, no?
SAKURA: I know you like chasing Ryu around, but you should think of
your future, too.
ROSE: Would you mind telling my fortune? I want to know when Iエll
meet Mr. Right.
GEN: Where did you meet my father? Tell me! Tell me everything
you know about him!
DAN: Sorry, but Iエm too busy to mess around. Challenge me again
after some training!
T.HAWK: I know how you feel, but youエd better off leaving her 
rescue to us pros!
DEE JAY: I like your rhythm, but I dance to the beat of my own drum.
GUY: So, this tournament has Bushinryu fighters too, does it?
CODY: You used to be a hero, Cody! What happened to you?
IBUKI: Youエre far too puny too hurt me!
MAKOTO: If you have any fliers for your dojo, I can give some to
my friend to display.
DUDLEY: That felt good! Thanks for the workout!
ADON: You probably donエt want to hear this. but Sagat is way stronger
than you. 
HAKAN: Iエve never seen moves like that before!
JURI: What would your parents think if they saw you now?


RYU: Not bad! You know, I could make you an apprentice wrestler if
you want!
KEN: Aggresive opponents are fun! Of course, even they canエt beat me!
CHUN-LI: I could barely feel your blows! Youエve got legs
like a sumo wrestler, though.
BLANKA: I like your style, bub! Have you considered a career in sumo?
ZANGIEF: Iエm the Ozeki! No one can beat me!
GUILE: If you just sit there waiting for your chance, victory will
pass you by!
DHALSIM: It takes more than meditation to get strong! Youエve
gotta practise!
BALROG: Not a lot of variety in boxing, is there?
VEGA: If I wanted to see a dude in tights jumping around, Iエd
go to the circus!
SAGAT: Youエre quite a formidable fighter!
M.BISON: Hovering around like that only makes it easier to knock
you down!
C.VIPER: Anything else up your sleeve, lady?
RUFUS: I like the cut of your jib, fella. You just need a bit more
muscle mass.
EL FUERTE: Eat enough chanko stew and you can be strong like me!
Whaddaya say?
ABEL: Not bad, kid. Have you considered taking up sumo?
SETH: Thereエs more to a move than the way it looks! All sumo
wrestlers know that!
AKUMA: You may be strong and fast, but you couldnエt withstand
my moves!
GOUKEN: Wow! So youエre the guy who came up with that fighting style,
are you?
CAMMY: Youエre fast, but youエre too light on your feet to hurt
the likes of me!
FEI LONG: Youエre full of pep, but shouting at me isnエt 
enough to knock me out!
SAKURA: Iエm proud to see how strong Japanese girls have gotten!
ROSE: Your hocus pocus has shown me that some moves rely on more
than brute strength!
GEN: You sure have some fancy moves. It must have taken forever to
learn them all!
DAN: You oughtta try sumo! I bet a unique fighter like you would
be popular!
T.HAWK: Youエve got quite a physique! You just need to work on
your flexibility!
DEE JAY: Youエve got an infectious smile pal, Iエll give you that!
GUY: Iエm no expert, but arenエt ninjas sエposed to sneak around in the
dark anエ whatnot?
CODY: It must be hard to fight with those handcuffs on!
IBUKI: Sure are a lotta ninjas about lately. I wish sumo had so
many apprentices...
MAKOTO: Youエve got what it takes, kid! Youエre gonna go far! No doubt
about it!
DUDLEY: Just like sumo wrestlers, there are lots of different kinds of
boxers, huh?
ADON: Why not give the arrogant talk a rest and concentrate on
your moves, huh?
HAKAN: Whaddya think, Mr. Hakan? Why not learn some
sumo techniques while youエre here?
JURI: No holds barred for this little lady! For a youngエun, you sure
pack a punch!


RYU: The king of the jungle is more powerful than the ultimate fighter!
KEN: Lots of guys can use fire moves, but Iエm the only
electric fighter!
CHUN-LI: Youエre way too slow to take me on!
E.HONDA: Thereエs no sumo ring in the jungle. You just fight until 
one guy goes down.
ZANGIEF: You gotta be stronger than a bear if you wanna
survive in the jungle!
GUILE: How do you get your hair to stand up like that?
DHALSIM: You arms look like snakes! How do you do that?
BALROG: You call yourself a bull, but you fight like an insect!
VEGA: Only bad men hide their faces!
SAGAT: You donエt scare me! Youエre just an ordinary man!
M.BISON: You smell like a bad man! Iエm gonna bite you!
C.VIPER: Real fighters rely on the claws and teeth - not machines!
RUFUS: What did you eat to get so big? Elephants?
EL FUERTE: Now take off your mask, coward!
ABEL: Did you find your mama? I hope you find her soon!
SETH: Even birds and monkeys can mimic people!
Youエre nothing special!
AKUMA: Youエre making the hair on my back stand on end! 
Stay away from me!
GOUKEN: Iエm really good at catching fish! Thereエs no way you
could beat me!
CAMMY: Real killer bees are way stronger than you! Donエt call
yourself that!
FEI LONG: I think I should be in movies! Mine would be way better
than your stinkers!
SAKURA: My original moves are better than your copies, girl!
ROSE: Donエt pretend to be nice to me, lady! Iエm not looking
for a girlfriend.
GEN: Youエve got too many moves! Fighting you is a pain!
DAN: Donエt worry, Dan. You can be my apprentice if you want!
T.HAWK: Living things live for themselves. You should do the same!
DEE JAY: I suddenly feel like dancing!
GUY: Whatエs a ninja? Is it a kind of animal?
CODY: Iエm onto you! Only bad men wear clothes like that!
IBUKI: Youエre weak! You should stick to fighting raccoons!
MAKOTO: Youエve got guts! What jungle are you from?
DUDLEY: Your attacks are weak! Stop worrying about appearance
and go for it!
ADON: My roar is bigger than yours! And Iエm faster, too!
HAKAN: What the-? Your sweat is all oily. 
JURI: GRRRRRRRRRR! You tried to kill me, didnエt you?


RYU: Iエm ready for a rematch any time! Throw all the Hadokens
you want!
KEN: With muscles like this, not even your Hadoken can hurt me!
CHUN-LI: You are a powerful fighter. But nothing can compare to
my muscles! 
E.HONDA: You need to add some spinning moves to your repertoire,
BLANKA: Go ahead and bite me! Iエll return the favor with a throw!
GUILE: I like your hairstyle, comrade! I, too, take pride in my hair!
DHALSIM: Looks like your imaginary flames were no match for my real
BALROG: You showed great bravery in attempting to counter my throws with
mere punches!
VEGA: If you want to hide something, try your puny body instead
of your face!
SAGAT: If Iエd let your fireballs get to me, I never would have won!
Mind over matter!
M.BISON: Your pitiful sideshow hocus pocus was no match for my
glorious muscles!
C.VIPER: When things get tough, you can only rely on your own strength,
not silly gadgets!
RUFUS: You need a workout, comrade! You canエt even see your toes,
can you?
EL FUERTE: You should learn some Russian recipes! Nothing warms the soul
ABEL: What, that wasnエt enough? If you insist, Iエd be happy to throw
you some more!
SETH: The only way to get stronger is to train so hard that it hurts!
AKUMA: Thatエs one scary mug you have there! Have you considered a
wrestling career?
GOUKEN: Your fighting resembles those two, but there is something
about it.
CAMMY: Your blows cannot harm the Red Cyclone! They tickle like
FEI LONG: You look familiar, comrade. Have you been on television?
SAKURA: Ha ha! I bet you thought your Hadokens would work on me! 
Think again, child!
ROSE: Why carry a scarf if youエre not going to wear it properly?
GEN: I wrestle bears, but your weak punches could not fell even
a measly hare!
DAN: You have guts, comrade! But not enough to topple the mighty
Red Cyclone!
T.HAWK: You fight for your homeland like me! We are much alike,
DEE JAY: If you want to listen to real music, I recommend Tchaikovsky!
GUY: You bounce around like a rabbit, but itエs all over once I grab you!
CODY: I do not respect your fighting style. Surely, a real man
can do better!
IBUKI: Itエs best to train in your youth! Easy to build muscles then.
MAKOTO: I respect your reason for fighting! I hope your dojo can be
DUDLEY: The boxing champ versus the wrestling champ! What an honor!
ADON: You may be fast, but your moves are weak! You are not yet the
king, comrade.
HAKAN: You have interesting moves, comrade! Perhaps I should give
them a try.
JURI: I underestimated you, girl. I cannot let my guard down when
fighting you!


RYU: That was quite a fight. I can see why you have so many imitators.
KEN: You donエt have what it takes. Go home and be a family man.
CHUN-LI: Is something bothering you? Has the investigation taken a bad turn?
E.HONDA: I canエt lose to a sumo wrestler. The battlefield knows no rules.
BLANKA: Winning takes more than just instinct and 
brute force. Try harder
ZANGIEF: The bigger they are, the harder they fall!
DHALSIM: This is a place of battle. Indulge in your
philosophical platitudes elsewhere.
BALROG: Uncontrolled rage might win a bar brawl, but it
wonエt get you far against me!
VEGA: If you canエt put your money where your mouth is,
I suggest you keep it shut!
SAGAT: I donエt care about the meaning of the fight. Iエm only
interested in results.
M.BISON: I can finally visit Charlieエs grave without
feeling shame!
C.VIPER: You donエt want to spill your secrets? Whatever. 
I know more than you think.
RUFUS: On the battlefield, actions speak louder than words!
EL FUERTE: I hate spending money on food. Especially
tasteless garbage.
ABEL: The man who saved you used this move? You must be talking
about my friend!
SETH: Stand up! And start talking! Your interrogation starts now!
AKUMA: You fight only to grow in power? I canエt grasp that motivation.
GOUKEN: You fight like those two, but I had to change up my
strategy to win.
CAMMY: Youエve grown strong. Youエre shaping up to be
quite the soldier!
FEI LONG: In my line of work, you have to keep a cool head.
You couldnエt handle it!
SAKURA: Not bad, kid. Before long, youエll be a pro like the rest
of us!
ROSE: Iエm not interested in possibilities. What I need are cold, hard facts!
GEN: You say youエre an assassin? I oughtta haul you in!
DAN: Challenge me again once youエve actually acquired some semblance of skill.
T.HAWK: Youエll need to get stronger if you want to fight for your
beloved, friend.
DEE JAY: Your beats donエt interest me. I only listen to country music.
GUY: You fight for your ideals? Youエre a man out of your time. friend.
CODY: You broke a wall to escape prison? Iエd hate to be your warden.
IBUKI: Go home and be a schoolgirl. I donエt have time for games.
MAKOTO: Keep losing like that and youエll ruin your dojoエs image, kid.
DUDLEY: Not bad! I could use a few of those moves on the battlefield!
ADON: The weakest dog barks the loudest. That describes you perfectly.
HAKAN: Your oil is no match for my battle instincts!
JURI: Looks like I won this time. And believe me, there wonエt be
a next time!

RYU: Look closely and you will see things invisible to others... 
KEN: Aggression is a fruitless pursuit. Observing your opponent is enough.
CHUN-LI: Everyone has their past demons with which to wrestle. Fight
for the future!
E.HONDA: Stretching limbs makes for quite an advantage.
You should try it.
BLANKA: You fight not from fame and glory, but for the love
of your mother.
ZANGIEF: The strength you possess is skin deep. True power
comes from within.
GUILE: It appears you have overcome your anger and found a new
source of strength.
BALROG: Your greed and thirst for power have blinded you to everything else.
VEGA: Those who are truly beautiful feel no need to boast about it.
SAGAT: Your heart is free from turmoil now. May you find a new path, friend.
M.BISON: It is not I who has defeated you. You have fallen victim
to your own sins!
C.VIPER: Do not rely on othersエ devices for strength. Believe in
your own power.
RUFUS: I am NOT an alien!
RUFUS 2: You must learn to control your words if you ever hope to find
the correct path.
EL FUERTE: You would do well to first sample your dishes before adding
ABEL: No one chooses the circumstances of their birth. What matters
is the future.
SETH: You have brought this upon yourself and must suffer the 
consequences alone.
AKUMA: All around is illusory and temporary. Your power is no
GOUKEN: Your heart is pure and strong. I always knew those two
had a great teacher. 
CAMMY: The past can no longer harm you, child. Look resolutely
forward, not back.
FEI LONG: There is a fine line between healthy pride and destructive
SAKURA: Your drive for self improvement will lead you to great places, child.
ROSE: Destiny is not completely predetermined. This is why 
predictions sometimes fail.
GEN: How can you, one who is in the twilight of life, end lives
so flippantly?
DAN: Move your gaze from wordly possessions and toward more
important things.
T.HAWK: O, warrior from a far off land, swing not your fists in anger,
but in love.
DEE JAY: Music is good for the soul, but be sure to listen to your inner
rhythm as well.
GUY: The universe has taught me much, child. Perhaps it has wisdom for you
as well.
CODY: You mustnエt run from your troubles, but face them head on with a
pure heart.
IBUKI: You must first complete your obligations before embarking on
adventure, child.
MAKOTO: You may feel lost and alone, but I assure you that your path
is righteous.
DUDLEY: Your pride is what keeps victory out of reach. Humble yourself, friend.
ADON: It is unwise to compare your strength to that of others, young one.
HAKAN: Remain calm, friend. This fire is merely an illusion and cannot
ignite your oil 
JURI: You derive pleasure from imparting pain? Your soul may be
beyond saving.


RYU: You ainエt nothinエ but a poor sap without two dimes to rub together!
KEN: I hear youエre rich. Pay me now anエ Iエll let you walk away in one piece!
CHUN-LI: Iエll make you regret you were ever born, you two-bit chump!
E.HONDA: I donエt give a crap about tradition or honor! You ainエt nothinエ
on me!
BLANKA: Even if an animal like you managed to win, youエd still be an animal!
ZANGIEF: You mean to tell me you actually get paid for fightinエ like that?
GUILE: You shoulda learned your lesson when Bison offed your friend!
DHALSIM: You put on a nice magic show, but it ainエt no use in the ring!
VEGA: You make my skin crawl, loser! I enjoyed watchinエ you squirm!
SAGAT: You used to sit at Bisonエs right hand, but now youエre nothinエ but
a has-been!
M.BISON: Iエll do what you say as long as you pay, but you know Iエm stronger
than you!
C.VIPER: Glad to meet someone else who values money. Now
cough up some cash!
RUFUS: If you donエt shut that fat mouth of yours right now.
I swear Iエll kill ya!
EL FUERTE: One bite of your crappy cooking is enough to knock
anybody out!
ABEL: Tryinエ to throw me around like that is just gonna make
me more mad!
SETH: I could sell this data for millions! Now, I just need to
find a buyer...
AKUMA: You think youエre some kinda demon, but you canエt beat a
boxer? Whatta loser!
GOUKEN: Next time you get all preachy, make sure you have the 
guts to follow through!
CAMMY: Finally ready to shut up and be still? Iエve had it with punks
like you!
FEI LONG: You fought better than you do in your crappy movies, but
you still lost!
SAKURA: I ainエt got time to fight some kid with no money to pay me!
ROSE: So, you just make up a bunch of crap and get paid for it? Nice 
business model!
GEN: You actually thought you could beat me, old timer? You off your meds?
DAN: Canエt believe I got my gloves all dirty wastinエ time with a loser
like you!
T.HAWK: Whatエs nature worth if you canエt get any money out of it?
DEE JAY: Thatエll teach you to dance around like an idiot when you fight!
GUY: Howエd you make it this far in the tournament with weak moves
like that?
CODY: You shoulda known what you were walkinエ into when you decided
to take me on!
IBUKI: They let kids into these tournaments now? Is this some kinda joke?
MAKOTO: Next time you face me, bring cash! Sell your dojo if you have to!
DUDLEY: I guess they have different standards for boxing champs in
England, huh?
ADON: You can call yourself the king all day long, but I whipped 
you in the end!
HAKAN: Come at me with that oil once more time anエ Iエll toss a match
your way, chump!
JURI: Well? I thought you were gonna kill me? Lose your nerve?

VEGA vs.

RYU: Killing earnest heroes like you gives me a special kind of pleasure...
KEN: The concept of true beauty is lost on superficial men like you.
CHUN-LI: Your beauty and strength impress. I shall remember this day.
E.HONDA: You should have covered your whole hideous face in that makeup.
BLANKA: I donエt want to defile my claws with the foul blood of a
feral beast.
ZANGIEF: Fighting you was the lowest point of my life so far,
you ugly brute.
GUILE: Talk of friendship bores me. No one is good enough to be
my friend anyway.
DHALSIM: Just gazing upon your distorted countenance is enough to make me
BALROG: Leave my sight lest I foresake my lunch, you uncouth lout.
SAGAT: Concepts such as pride and strength holds no sway in
the face of beauty.
M.BISON: I now stand alone atop the summit of ultimate power
and beauty!
C.VIPER: You fight for money? Tell me, my dear, just what beauty is there
in that?
RUFUS: You just made the top of my list of things I want to kill
EL FUERTE: What is that horrible stench? Is this what you deem to be cuisine?
ABEL: I donエt know why I bothered fighting you to begin with.
SETH: You are nothing but a heap of rotting garbage, destined
for the furnace.
AKUMA: Power is not everything, fool! Beauty far outweighs such
barbaric concepts.
GOUKEN: You remind me of your students - Crass and lacking in the
social graces.
CAMMY: Perhaps he has some semblance of aesthetic taste after all... 
FEI LONG: If your voice was anymore irritating, I would sever my
own ears in spite.
SAKURA: Flowers in bloom are beautyful. Pity they donエt make
it to adulthood.
ROSE: You say you see a dark future? So long as my beauty survives,
I welcome it.
GEN: Aging, sickness, loss of face. You are a veritable smorgasbord
of indignity!
DAN: I cannot bear to gaze upon you for one more instant. Leave me at once!
T.HAWK: Your land? Your tribe? What utter nonsense!
DEE JAY: Your music sounds like acoustic death, a concept you shall
soon know very well.
GUY: Your speed and technique are inferior to mine. I expected more
from you.
CODY: You are hardly ready to be release back into civilized
society, you wretch.
IBUKI: I was impressed with your looks, but your fighting disappointed,
my dear.
MAKOTO: You are a diamond in the rough, my dear. Sadly, it may be too
late too polish you.
DUDLEY: Another snob who mistakes greed for sophistication? Spare me.
ADON: And here I thought Sagat was the ugliest Muay Thai fighter in the
HAKAN: Just when I thought you couldnエt get any more disgusting. I had to
touch you.
JURI: You, my dear, are the superlative personification of evil beauty itself.


RYU: This is not over, Ryu! We will meet again!
KEN: Your moves are useless against the undisputed king!
CHUN-LI: Do not attempt to dethrone the king unless you
are ready to fight!
E.HONDA: Clumsy and blind attacks wonエt even net you victory
from a mangy dog!
BLANKA: Until you see the fight as more than a wild free for
all, you are no fighter.
ZANGIEF: You have not earned the right to claim to fight
for your country.
GUILE: If you truly fight for your lost friend, you will
stand up and fight again!
DHALSIM: Standing up in the face of defeat is the only path to
true victory!
BALROG: No one with such a lack of self control can be 
taken seriously as a fighter.
VEGA: Your bluster is nothing but a facade behind which you 
cower like a child!
M.BISON: You have no right to demand allegiance from the undisputed king!
C.VIPER: If you cannot fight by your own power, you have no business
in the ring!
RUFUS: Words only muddy the waters of battle! Have you not yet
learned this lesson?
EL FUERTE: Your attention is too scattered to call yourself
a true fighter!
ABEL: You are not yet ready to face me. Find your path and 
see where it leads.
SETH: Nothing is gained in fighting one who cannot rely on his 
own power!
AKUMA: The lengths you have gone to gain your power make you
less than a man!
GOUKEN: There is something familair in the impact of your fists,
old man.
CAMMY: Throw away your past and a new door to the future will make itself
FEI LONG: A braggart like you is not worthy of my attention!
SAKURA: Believe in your own power and do not rely on mimicry of others.
ROSE: You lost not because it was preordained but because you allowed
yourself to.
GEN: You have mastered many moves, but your fists have no soul.
DAN: You are far too weak to attempt your silly quest for revenge.
T.HAWK: If you fight for a loved one as you claim, you must grow
DEE JAY: Showmanship alone is no match for the king of Muay Thai!
GUY: If you truly value your fighting art, you will continue
to train.
CODY: Your rebellion does not show strenth, but betrays your
IBUKI: Do not expect lenience because you are a child! You are simply
too weak!
MAKOTO: You have mastered the basics, but you have a long way to
go, child!
DUDLEY: Your technique is to be admired, but your heart is simply
not in the fight.
ADON: The fact that you were once my apprentice is a source of
great shame.
HAKAN: You put up a good fight, but your skills were no match for
the king!
JURI: The empty threats of a petulant child do not frighten me!


RYU: No need to stand. I will take possession of that body
of yours right now!
KEN: You will now pay the price for daring to defy me, worm!
CHUN-LI: You want to know about your father? Why not ask him
youself? In hell!
E.HONDA: Facing you was a complete and utter waste of my
valuable time.
BLANKA: Act like the animal you are and grovel at my feet!
ZANGIEF: You were a fool for thinking that your showy moves would
work on me!
GUILE: I crush anything in my path be it a soldier or a lowly
DHALSIM: Let us see if your god comes to rescue you from your
impending death!
BALROG: You will think twice before attempting to usurp me again!
VEGA: You have outworn your usefulness. I will enjoy watching
you bleed out.
SAGAT: Deny it all you want, but you are and will always be
a loser!
C.VIPER: You will have ample time to lament over your
foolishness in hell! 
RUFUS: Finished talking? There will be plenty of time for idle
chatter in hell!
EL FUERTE: You thought that mere acrobatics could defeat the mighty
Bison? Fool!
ABEL: The prodigal son returns, eh? You will pay for your insolence with
your life! 
SETH: You are nothing but a flawed specimen destined for
the scrap pile!
AKUMA: Thank you for showing me the Satsui no Hado. No die!
GOUKEN: Crawl back to your grave, you pitiful old man! 
CAMMY: The next time I brainwash you, Iエll be sure to finish the job!
FEI LONG: What weakness! You fail to even stave off my boredom!
SAKURA: Allow me to usher you to the sulfurous pits of hell!
ROSE: How dare you defy me? I will see to it that you never attempt
that again!
GEN: Your body is wracked with illness, yet you attempt to fight?
What foolishness!
DAN: Even a newly recruited Shadaloo guard could make short work
of you, fool!
T.HAWK: Spare me the sob story. If you cannot bear to be apart,
just off yourself!
DEE JAY: Enjoy the rest of your song as you roast among the 
flames of hell!
GUY: Bushinryu, eh? You have only succeeded in angering me!
CODY: Crawl back into your little hole, you insolent worm!
IBUKI: You were a fool to think you had what it takes to face me!
MAKOTO: There are countless fighters like you around the world!
You are not special!
DUDLEY: Boxers that follow the rules are easier too read than a book!
ADON: You have the nerve to call yourself king? What foolishness!
HAKAN: I have no time to deal with fools like you. Get out of my
sight at once!
JURI: Whatエs the matter, child? Go ahead and stand up! Just try
and kill me!


RYU: No job? No home? Living just for the fight? How can you
do that?
KEN: You should go home and take care of your wife, blondie.
CHUN-LI: I canエt stand straight laced serious people like you.
Lighten up already.
E.HONDA: If I had a body like that, Iエd probably cover up more.
BLANKA: Ever consider selling off your excess electricity in a
power company?
ZANGIEF: Patriotism? Sorry pal, but the only thing I truly love
is my family.
GUILE: Whose dog tags are those? Ah, I see. Youエre fighting for a
lost friend...
DHALSIM: I guess today just wasnエt your lucky day, yogi.
BALROG: If you could have kept your rage under control, I mightエve 
gone easier on you.
VEGA: If you love yourself so much, go spend some quality time
with a mirror, weirdo.
SAGAT: I donエt get you martial artists. Itエs all a little too
zen for me.
M.BISON: How does it feel to cower helplessly at my feet?
RUFUS: Iエm too busy to spend all day listening to you drone on and on
about nothing. 
EL FUERTE: Youエre not really cut out for the whole chef thing. Rethink
you career.
ABEL: Youエre better off not knowing about your background. Call of your search.
SETH: This may be a job, but I sure enjoyed beating you senseless.
AKUMA: I donエt care who you are. Get in my way, and you pay the price.
GOUKEN: If I were assigned to investigate, you couldnエt have faked your death.
CAMMY: Go home. Youエre not ready to take on an investigation like this
on your own.
FEI LONG: I hate flashy jerks who show off. Donエt ever bother me again!
SAKURA: You should really go home, kid. Your mother must be worried sick.
ROSE: Try focusing on the positive for once. All this doom and gloom
are tiresome.
GEN: Time to hit the senior citizenエs circuit, old man.
DAN: Iエve never seen a grown man act this childish. You should be ashamed!
T.HAWK: Taking the weigh of the world on your shoulders can be
DEE JAY: Iエm not a fan of brooding types, but your energy is a little
over the top.
GUY: I didnエt expect to see a legendary Bushinryu fighter in this
CODY: Thatエs what you get for trying to boss me around.
IBUKI: I used to skip school all the time, too. Those were the days...
MAKOTO: If you really want to save your dojo, go get yourself a
piggy bank.
DUDLEY: Get in my way again and Iエll walk away with your fight money.
ADON: I donエt know who the best fighter really is, but it sure as
heck isnエt you.
HAKAN: How on earth did a loser like you make it onto my 
scouting list?
JURI: Fancy meeting you here. Care to tell me what youエre up to?


RYU: How does it feel to suffer a crushing defeat, Ken Masters? What?
You say I got the wrong guy? No way, man! I recognize the outfit! You
say you just studied together? I ainエt buyinエ it!

KEN: How does it feel to suffer a defeat at the hands of
your rival, Ken Masters? Stop pretendinエ you donエt know
who I am. Everybody knows the mighty Rufus! Seriously. 
Just ask around. Iエm famous.

CHUN-LI: Phew! What a great fight! I mean, I totally whipped you good!
Hey! Donエt look at me like that, lady! It so happens that Iエm spoken for!
The only girl I need is Candy! Take a hike, toots!

E.HONDA: What the heck is a sumo wrestler doinエ here anyway? Arenエt you
guys only sエposed to wrestle each other in some kinda special ring or
somethinエ? Isnエt fightinエ outsiders against your code?

BLANKA: You tryinエ to run some kinda scam here, bub? You make with the
whole cute baby animal routine, then start bitinエ and shockinエ when people
come in close? Iエll admit youエre adorable, though.

ZANGIEF: How much time do you spend now workinエ out? Like, 2
minutes in a day? Donエt you watch the news? A high body fat
percentage is the key to a strong immune system! Dontcha wanna
be healthy like me!?

GUILE: Now you know the taste of defeat, Ken Masters! What? I
got the wrong guy? No way, pal! Youエre just tryinエ to confuse me
so you can orchestrate your escape! Well, itエs too late for that!

DHALSIM: Speaking of India, I took my girl, Candy to a curry resturant
the other day - one where you can pick how spicy you want it. I always
get the spiciest! Candy tried it, and lemme tell ya...

BALROG: When I was a kid, I used to be a rebel like you. A real jerk.
Once, I even got a mohawk just to stick it to the man! Anyway, the man
was a barber anエ he cut it off pretty quick, but...

VEGA: Taste the bittersweet saltiness of your own defeat, Ken Masters!
You say I got the wrong guy? You canエt fool me, Masters! Youエre wearinエ
that mask to disguise your identity! But Iエm onto ya!

SAGAT: How often do you shave your head, man? Is it like an everyday
thing or what? Does it itch when it grows back? You might wanna try 
some aloe or some kinda cream or whatever for that.

M.BISON: Rulinエ the world sounds like it would just a huge pain
in the neck to me, man. I mean, have you ever seen the world? 
Itエs freakinエ huge! Seems like a lot of responsibility to shoulder.

C.VIPER: Hold on there, lady! Youエre tellinエ me all that fire
anエ electricity anエ whatnot was from hidden gadgets? You mean to
tell me thatエs not against the rules? Wait, seriously?

EL FUERTE: Sorry, pal. Iエm a pretty picky eater. I only eat burgers,
hot dogs, fries, pizza, onion rings, spaghetti, sandwiches, chicken,
steak, pork chops, mashed potatoes, cole slaw, roast beef... 

ABEL: Now you know the agony of defeat, Ken Masters! What? You say I
got the wrong guy? Well, you do look different from that picture I
saw in the paper, but you can afford plastic surgery, so...

SETH: Whatエs your deal, man? Askinエ me to show you my moves. Why?
You gonna try to copy emエ or somethinエ? You donエt have what it 
takes! My moves are custom tailored to my body! Mine! All mine!

AKUMA: I hear you say youエve transcended your humanity or whatever.
Whatエs that sエposed to mean? Iエm bigger than you, right? So, have
I like transcended your transcended humanity or somethinエ?

GOUKEN: Is it true that you actually died and came back from the dead?
You donエt look like no zombie to me, though. Dude, youエre not gonna
try to eat my brain are ya? Itエs not very big. Honest!

CAMMY: Now you know the bitter sting of defeat, Ken Masters! What? You say
I got the wrong person? Ha ha! No way, Masters! You just dressed as an 
English girl to try anエ fool me! I know it!

FEI LONG: True kung fu masters are quiet types, man. They donエt go around
starrinエ in movies and whatnot. You gotta be more stoic anエ reserved like me,
man. Just stare people down and stay quiet.

SAKURA: I donエt get my jollies beatinエ up on school kids, alright? This is
a tournament anエ I was just followinエ the rules is all. What? Ryu? Nope, never
heard of him. So, anyway, like I was sayinエ...

ROSE: I never really believed in destiny until I met my Candy. When
our eyes first met, I thought I was gonna have a heart attack! Heck,
maybe I did. I donエt remember the details all too well.

GEN: Yエknow, my gramma always told me to treat my elders with respect,
so Iエll let you off easy. She also used to say somethinエ about never
eatinエ vegetables. Or... Wait...

DAN: How does it feel to ride the defeat train, Ken Masters? Next stop: 
failureville! Population: you! What? You say I got the wrong guy? Fat chance!
Youエre just embarrassed about losinエ!

T.HAWK: You wanna know the secret of lookinエ cool in the ring? Itエs all
about the stance, man. I try to slump my shoulders and sorta let my body
flap around. That, and I scream "woo!" a lot.

DEE JAY: The only sound Iエm interested in hearinエ is the sound of my
bikeエs muffler spewinエ life going carbon dioxide while I cruise the
whole world with my best gal ridinエ alongside me! Yeah!

GUY: Hang on there, bub. You donエt look like no ninja to me,man. Whereエs
your scrolls anエ your throwing stars, anエ your mask? Anエ what kind of ninja
wears sneakers like that? Explain yourself!

CODY: Defeat looks good on you, Ken Masters! What? You say I got the wrong
guy? No way, man! I recognize the hair! Whatエs with the outfit, though. Did
you pull a dine anエ dash or somethinエ?

IBUKI: Holy crap! A ninja! A real life ninja! Candy! Candy, baby, come quick!
Get a load of this! A real ninja! She threw ninja stars at me anエ everything!
Isnエt this awesome? Letエs get a picture!

MAKOTO: How does defeat feel, Ken Masters? What? You say I got the wrong
person? Gimme a break, man. I know your outfit when I see it. Anエ I know
you donエt wear shoes. It has to be you! I know it

DUDLEY: Donエt worry about me, man. I may not look the part, but Iエm a
consummate gentleman! I never kick a man when heエs down anエ I usually
remember to excuse myself after I belch! So, anyway...

ADON: Thatエs a pretty wild hairstyle ya got there, chief. You must go
through a lot of hairspray, though. What about when you go to sleep...
Do you get bed hair or something like that?

HAKAN: Dude! Duuuude! What is that? Why are you covered in oil, man?
Were you about to make a big batch of popcorn anエ you had kinda accident
or somethinエ? I mean, when I make popcorn, I... 

JURI: Dang, that hurt! Are you nuts? You came after me like you was really
tryinエ to hurt me! What would you do if Iエda gotten all messed up? Does
your insurance cover stuff like that or what?


RYU: Not bad, amigo! Hang on a sec while I whip you up something good!
KEN: Youエre expecting a kid? Thatエs great! Call me when you need a
birthday cake!
CHUN-LI: If you like crepes, youエll LOVE my tortillas!
E.HONDA: For a big guy, you sure move fast! Is it because you eat
chanko stew?
BLANKA: What do you eat that makes you generate electricity like that?
ZANGIEF: How did you like getting swept up in a hurricane? Nothing beats
lucha libre!
Nothing beats lucha libre!
GUILE: Youエre too cool and collected! You oughtta heat things up!
DHALSIM: Teleportation and flame power? What kind of spice does that?
BALROG: Youエd make a great wrestling villain!
VEGA: Donエt you ever talk about anything besides yourself?
SAGAT: I bet you must eat a ton to keep that giant body of yours satisfied!
M.BISON: Food tastes better when youエre not trying to take
over the world!
C.VIPER: If youエre gonna hide gadgets, you might want to upgrade
to something worthwhile.
RUFUS: How about some arroz con leche? I bet youエd love it!
ABEL: You might not have a family, but you have plenty of amigos!
Cheer up!
SETH: Give this dish a shot! Itエll fill you up more than that ball
in your stomach!
AKUMA: I can tell by looking at you that you eat by yourself.
Am I right?
GOUKEN: I bet that fight left you famished! Why donエt I whip
something up?
CAMMY: You need to eat more and add a little meat to those bones!
FEI LONG: Mexican food is the best! Let me whip you up a little something
to show you!
SAKURA: Youエre not taller than me, but you sure are strong, kid!
ROSE: Iエm not interested in the future! I live in the here and now!
GEN: You work too hard, man. You look like youエre already half dead....
DAN: Youエd make a great luchadore! Whaddya say? Wanna give it a shot?
T.HAWK: Whatエs the matter, amigo? That fight was more Tex-Mex than
I expected...
DEE JAY: You simply have to try my famous tortilla soup!
GUY: Ah! Another runner! I like your style, amigo!
CODY: Tell me about prison food! Is it really as bad as they say?
IBUKI: Ninjas are nothing to be trifled with! I love your aerial attacks!
MAKOTO: You and I have the same passion in our hearts! Say nothing more!
Letエs go!
DUDLEY: Drinking tea all day will leave you hungry. Let me whip up a quick dish!
ADON: Your battle cries are intimidating, but you should attack once in a
while, too.
HAKAN: If Iエd popped you in an oven, youエd make a great roast!
Just kiddinエ, amigo!
JURI: Youエre spicy like a habanero! Gotta be careful
handling you!

ABEL vs.

RYU: As long as there are great fighters like you around, this 
tournament will be fun!
KEN: Expecting a new addition to the family soon, eh? Iエll
admit Iエm a bit jealous.
CHUN-LI: Donエt worry about me. I wonエt give up until I have the
answers Iエm after.
E.HONDA: Your sumo wrestling is really something to behold!
BLANKA: You learned to use electricity in the jungle? I learned
my moves from a man.
ZANGIEF: Wait... That hair... That outfit... Aha!
Youエre Zangief! What an honor!
GUILE: Where did you learn that move? Did you train with
the man I seek?
DHALSIM: I donエt fight to protect others. I have my hands full
keeping myself safe.
BALROG: You donエt rule over money. It rules over you. Think about it.
VEGA: Sorry, but Iエm not exactly impressed by your looks.
SAGAT: You used to work for Shadaloo? Do you mind if I ask
you a few questions?
M.BISON: You know about my connection to Shadaloo! Tell me!
Tell me everything!
C.VIPER: We may have different careers, but we both qualify as pros.
RUFUS: Iエm not Ken Masters. Until today, Iエve never been told I 
even look like him.
EL FUERTE: Iエm afraid I ate before the match. Maybe next time, friend.
SETH: You look just like me, but... Am - Am I even human?
AKUMA: Can it be? Can human beings really get that strong by their
own volition?
GOUKEN: Hm... Interesting. Same moves, but a completely different
method behind them. 
CAMMY: Iエm a lot like you. Iエm able to carry on thanks to the support
of my friends.
FEI LONG: Are you already filming your next project! I canエt wait
to see it!
SAKURA: You seem to really enjoy fighting. Iエve never
felt like that myself.
ROSE: I donエt want to know my future. Iエm much more interested in
uncovering my past.
GEN: Are you sick, old man? I think I heard you coughing during
the fight...
DAN: I havenエt laughed like this in ages! Thanks for the good time, friend!
T.HAWK: I have no homeland or family myself. Iエm jealous of you, friend...
DEE JAY: I donエt know much about popular music. Iエll give your album
a listen, though!
GUY: The world falling apart around me? No, Iエve never really felt
like that, ninja.
CODY: Surely there is someone waiting for your return. Why donエt you
just go home?
IBUKI: Please donエt make me do that again.
MAKOTO: Youエve got good skills, but you have some growing to do
before going pro.
DUDLEY: What incredible reach! You are indeed a boxer of
the highest caliber!
ADON: If you were really strong, you wouldnエt spend so much time
bragging about it.
HAKAN: Sorry, but  I donエt know the first thing about oil. Why do you ask?
JURI: You know me? Are you sure you donエt have me confused with
someone else?

SETH vs.

RYU: Once I have collected the worldエs best moves, I will be the
greatest fighter!
KEN: Is that all you have? You donエt even begin to compare to Ryu!
CHUN-LI: The slightest distraction can cost even a great fighter a match.
What weakness!
E.HONDA: I have no need of the pitiful and clumsy moves you possess.
Begone from my sight!
BLANKA: There is no value on fighting out of pure instinct. You have
nothing for me.
ZANGIEF: I hadnエt expected to discover any moves of yours worth stealing.
I was wrong.
GUILE: Your moves have been judged worthy of assimilation.
Prepare to die!
DHALSIM: If your moves were truly borne of the divine, I will not be
able to use them. 
BALROG: Your moves are worthy of drunken back alley punks,
nothing more!
VEGA: Humanity is not its own best judge! You are nothing but a fool!
SAGAT: I must thank you for the moves I have assimilated. Now leave
me at once!
M.BISON: Farewell, Bison. Die knowing that your empire is in good hands!
Mwah hah ha ha!
C.VIPER: So you have uncovered the truth, have you? No matter.
You die either way!
RUFUS: Your power comes only from your tremendous bulk. You are a joke!
EL FUERTE: If you are too cowardly to admit your faults, you are beyond useless.
ABEL: You cannot escape your destiny no matter how long and far you run.
SETH: We may share the same origin, but I am light years ahead of you!
SETH 2: 15 has been deactivated. New data acquired. Now saving...
AKUMA: Bah! What kind of fool embraces a power that he cannot even control?
GOUKEN: Men like you who seal their power deep inside are an impediment to
CAMMY: Ah, if it isnエt the missing doll. The English took you in, did they?
FEI LONG: Your flashy looks are not worthy of the weakness you
display in battle.
SAKURA: I shall let you live. You will make an excellent test subject.
ROSE: Nothing bores me quite like the power of the flawed human psyche.
GEN: I have no use for an aged assassin. I have weapons sufficient for
that task.
DAN: The penalty for wasting my time is a slow and painful death!
T.HAWK: Destiny... Gods... Spirits... All are the products of delusional
DEE JAY: If you have nothing to offer but noise, I will kill you where
you stand!
GUY: Is this all Bushinryu has to offer? I accept your data
with reluctance.
CODY: I had you pegged for a worthless street punk, but you proved to be
much more.
IBUKI: Worthless! Your speed is impressive, but my body is already capable
of more.
MAKOTO: Your power and skill are impressive, but not enough to interest me.
DUDLEY: I had plans to pursue you for your moves. Thanks for saving
me the trouble.
ADON: You are not nearly as powerful as you presume yourself to be.
HAKAN: Haha, you blubbery fool! The oil you wear is worth more than you! 
JURI: I didnエt think you would throw your life away so carelessly.


RYU: What I seek is your ultimate destruction at my hands!
KEN: How dare you think you stand a chance of defeating the likes of me!
CHUN-LI: You are too preoccupied with the dead to truly live
your life, fool!
E.HONDA: You do not deserve the accolades showered upon you, glutton!
BLANKA: Beasts exist to be tamed and subjugated!
ZANGIEF: Do not dare face me again, you muscle-bound
GUILE: You seek revenge, yet you havenエt the strength to 
carry out your mission!
DHALSIM: Your power is meaningless against that of a demon!
BALROG: Do not show your face around here again, you pitiful wretch!
VEGA: Now you know the meaning of humility, you pompous buffoon!
SAGAT: The power you displayed is not sufficient to reclaim 
your crown!
M.BISON: And now, evil one, you reap what you have sown!
C.VIPER: Those tricks may work against mortals, but demons
laught at their futility!
RUFUS: Silence! Leave my presence at once!
EL FUERTE: You pursue two careers, but fail glorious at both!
ABEL: You want to know your destiny? It is at the end
of my bloody fist!
SETH: May you rot for all eternity in a putrefying grave, 
you insolent worm!
GOUKEN: Your moves are useless against me, brother!
CAMMY: Did you actually think such pitiful moves could harm a
denizen of hell?
FEI LONG: The price for you insolence shall be paid in blood!
SAKURA: Your pitiful imitation of Ansatsuken has failed you again, child!
ROSE: To enslave yourself to destiny is to admit weakness!
GEN: To attack me with such a feeble body speaks to your
indescribable madness!
DAN: Loathsome imbecile! You will regret the day you faced me
for all eternity!
T.HAWK: Such weakness only serves to feed my rage!
DEE JAY: Such musical idiocy fails to amuse me!
GUY: I shall destroy all the Bushinryu tradition utterly for
your insolence!
CODY: I should not have wasted my energy on such a pathetic coward!
IBUKI: Ninja tradition is no match for pure and everlasting evil!
MAKOTO: Know before you challenge me that mercy is a foreign concept
to a demon.
DUDLEY: Propreity and civility call forth bile and unbridled rage from
within me!
ADON: The concept of courage is unknown to pitiful weaklings like you!
HAKAN: Burn forever in the heat of my rage!
JURI: Hell will welcome you with open arms!


RYU: I have nothing left to teach you. You must learn
on your own from now on.
KEN: I see youエre as aggressive as ever. You still need
more training, though.
CHUN-LI: Your moves are impressive. You appear to be seeking something
E.HONDA: Sumo began as a religious tradition. Your poor performance
is sacrilege!
BLANKA: Your style is rough around the edges, but your motivation
is pure, child.
ZANGIEF: Fighting is about more than just the fundamentals. Remember that.
GUILE: Incredible! You have managed to change your anger into
strength of heart!
DHALSIM: You call your power religious devotion. I call it "ki".
It is the same power.
BALROG: If only your soul were as strong as your fists.
VEGA: Surely you cannot believe the nonsense you spew so readily from
your lips.
SAGAT: I can see that you have earned the right to be called king.
M.BISON: Power used for destruction will always consume the one who wields it.
C.VIPER: I know not for what you fight, but your skills are unquestionable.
RUFUS: Your boastful words are not enough to hide your insecurities from me.
EL FUERTE: Be it fighting or cooking, you must first master the basics,
my friend.
ABEL: You possess the courage to face the truth. It will serve you well.
SETH: You seek individuality and identity, but you will not find
it this way.
AKUMA: I know exactly of what you are capable. That is precisely why I
must stop you!
CAMMY: Never forget those who support and nurture you, child.
FEI LONG: Deep within you beats the heart of a true warrior.
SAKURA: May you continue to blossom into a strong and sturdy flower,
young lass.
ROSE: Do not cower before your visions. Believe in your own power!
GEN: You carry with you a legion of dead spirits. Why defy your own fate?
DAN: You will not improve as long as you allow anger to fester
in your heart.
T.HAWK: Do not lose your way, friend of nature, for your path is 
righteous and good.
DEE JAY: Quiet your heart and truly listen and you will be surprised
what you hear.
GUY: You honor the Bushinryu tradition, young one.
CODY: Rethink what you are doing, young one. You cannot run from
yourself forever.
IBUKI: There is a time for childish antics, but do not neglect your
studies for long.
MAKOTO: You embody that of which all warriors strive.Keep up the good
work, child!
DUDLEY: It has been a long time since battle has brought me such joy!
Let us meet again!
ADON: There is no room for bitter rivalries on the path of true
HAKAN: You rely too much on brute strength to truly call yourself
an artisan.
JURI: In your eyes, I see a terror that is nearly indestructible.


RYU: Youエve inspired me to better myself, Ryu. I want to walk your path.
KEN: Still want to treat me like a child?
CHUN-LI: I presume youエll be leaving the fighting in this mission
up to me, right?
E.HONDA: Your moves werenエt as eccentric as Iエd presumed based  on
your looks.
BLANKA: Say, you wouldnエt be able to speak to cats, would you?
ZANGIEF: Sorry about that. When you get that close I canエt resist
the urge to kick.
GUILE: Iエll take it from here. You should help Chun-Li with her
DHALSIM: You canエt expect to surprise a Delta Red agent with moves like that.
BALROG: I thought you would be weak, but not as weak as that!
VEGA: Do you hear yourself talk?
SAGAT: I can see why they call you the king.
M.BISON: Iエm not your doll any longer, Bison! Iエll make you pay for
what youエve done!
C.VIPER: This is one interrogation Iエm looking forward to!
RUFUS: Out of breath already? Amateur!
EL FUERTE: Iエd rather go hungry than eat that slop!
ABEL: My commander always says to forget the past and live in the now.
SETH: When will your lust for evil be sated, Shadaloo?
AKUMA: Youエre not human, are you?
GOUKEN: Ryu and Kenエs teacher, I presume?
SAKURA: Ha! Looks like I won this time, Sakura!
ROSE: I donエt fight alone. And I wonエt allow my destiny to be decided
for me!
GEN: What kind of monster makes a living as an assassin? Your career is over!
DAN: So weak! Are you really Sakuraエs teacher?
T.HAWK: Your goal is admirable, but youエll need to be stronger if you
want to succeed.
DEE JAY: One of my mates is a fan of yours. Do you have time for an
GUY: Your intentions are none of my concern. My mission takes priority!
CODY: Am I supposed to be impressed? Get back to your cell, lowlife!
IBUKI: Youエre not ready to tangle with pros. Go back to school and hit
the books!
MAKOTO: How did an amateur like you manage to get into the tournament?
Are you lost?
DUDLEY: Street fighting is not a sport. Iエm not obligated to follow
your rules.
ADON: I deal with big mouthed amateurs like you all the time.
Iエm not impressed.
HAKAN: Get away from me, you filthy man! Donエt touch me with those oily hands!
JURI: Now youエll pay for every sin youエve ever committed!


RYU: On your feet! I know youエre not finished yet!
KEN: I hope I taught you a lesson or two about fire safety?
CHUN-LI: Nice kicks! Not as impressive as mine, but...
E.HONDA: Looks like sumo just canエt compare to my skills!
BLANKA: Be it man or beast, the stronger fighter always wins!
ZANGIEF: At the end of the day all those muscles are nothing
more than meat!
GUILE: You look calm and collected, but hide a raging beast inside!
Iエm impressed!
DHALSIM: Nice reach, but you just donエt have the speed to back it up!
BALROG: Youエre nothing special. Just a run of the mill street
VEGA: If youエre so handsome, why arenエt you in the movies?
SAGAT: Everything they say about you is true! Youエve earned my respect!
M.BISON: I canエt just let a villain like you walk away!
C.VIPER: Canエt fight me if youエre too busy messing with
those gadgets of yours!
RUFUS: No need for words. In fact, shut up already, will ya?
EL FUERTE: Sorry, pal. I only eat Chinese food!
ABEL: Iエm outta here!
SETH: Stay away from my film crew! Next time I wonエt let you
off so easy!
AKUMA: Looks like I was just too fast for you!
GOUKEN: Just how many of you Hadoken throwers are there, anyway?
CAMMY: Keep your mind on the fight or donエt bother stepping into
the ring!
SAKURA: The only way to get stronger is through training!
ROSE: No need to worry about the future!
GEN: How can you be so strong at your age?
DAN: Stand up! Iエm just getting started!
T.HAWK: If youエve got something important to do, donエt let me stop you!
DEE JAY: Iエll admit, thatエs a catchy rhythm!
GUY: Youエre fast! And strong! You just donエt have the spirit I do!
CODY: You canエt be a hero until you learn to take care of yourself 
like a grown man!
IBUKI: Sorry, but I donエt have time to mess around with kids!
MAKOTO: Iエm impressed, kid! Keep training and youエve got a bright future!
DUDLEY: Thanks for showing me what a real boxer can do!
ADON: Youエre gonna need to control that mouth of yours, pal!
HAKAN: Youエve got nerve coming at me covered in oil when Iエve
got fire moves!
JURI: Whatエs up with that eye of yours?


RYU: Wow! I did it! I really won! Can I try again?
KEN: Aha ha ha ha ha! Iエve gotten stronger, huh?
CHUN-LI: Take me to work with you sometime, will you? Please? 
E.HONDA: I saw you on TV, Honda-san! I hope everything works out for you!
BLANKA: Youエre looking for Hibiki-san, too? I wonder where he got off to...
ZANGIEF: Iエd better gain some weight so you canエt toss me around
like a rag doll.
GUILE: Your moves allow you to cover ground and aerial attacks!
Iエll have to try that!
DHALSIM: I wish I could teleport like that when Iエm running late
for school!
BALROG: You werenエt as strong as you loo- ...Ha ha! Just kidding!
Donエt get mad!
VEGA: Why do you wear that mask? Is there a festival or something going on?
SAGAT: I will keep training so Ryu-san will consider ME his rival one day!
M.BISON: I takes more than flying and teleporting to impress me!
C.VIPER: I thought your moves were pretty cool until I realized you
used  those gadgets!
RUFUS: Will you teach me to ride a motorcycle some time?
EL FUERTE: Yエknow, seasoning is a really important part of cooking. 
ABEL: Really? I have a dog, too! I go jogging with him all the time!
SETH: The best way to learn moves is to pay attention and practise!
AKUMA: I was concentrating so hard, I canエt even remember how I won!
GOUKEN: So you were Ryu-sanエs teacher? Itエs so nice to meet you!
CAMMY: Weエll have to take our time and enjoy the fight next time!
FEI LONG: Are you looking for any extras for your new movie?
ROSE: I know what you mean. I hate waking up in the morning, too.
GEN: You sure have a lot of moves! But I prefer quality over quantity!
DAN: You OK, Hibiki-san? Looks like your eyes have rolled back into 
your head...
T.HAWK: Your homeland sounds like a great place!
DEE JAY: Sorry! I was too busy fighting to listen to your rhythm!
GUY: Comfortable shoes are a fighterエs best friend!
CODY: So American prisons really DO have uniforms like that?
IBUKI: Donエt you stand out walking around in those silly pajamas all
the time?
MAKOTO: Nice moves! Wanna go again?
DUDLEY: I never realized there were so many different styles of boxing!
ADON: Fighting should be fun! You looked really angry the whole time.
HAKAN: Nice moves! Now, to go wash this oil off my hands...
JURI: Hey! Chill out! This isnエt supposed to be a fight to the death, ya know!

ROSE vs.

RYU: Listen to me. You must wait here. It is for your own good.
KEN: All of our destinies are linked. You, too, will play an important role.
CHUN-LI: Yes, I can tell the future. I donエt think you need
me to, though.
E.HONDA: The stars do not determine our destiny. That is our responsibility.
BLANKA: The one you must protect is nearby. You know who I mean, donエt you?
ZANGIEF: I sense a light shining within you. I also see men who aim to
steal it.
GUILE: Fortune telling is no use for men like you who forge their own destiny.
DHALSIM: You are like me, arenエt you? You can see things others cannot...
BALROG: If you avert your gaze from the truth, you wishes will not
come true.
VEGA: You are far from beautiful to my eyes.
SAGAT: When his path crossed yours, your destiny changed forever.
M.BISON: I will not allow your plan to come to fruition! You will not
destroy me!
C.VIPER: I am merely a fortune teller. I am not your enemy.
RUFUS: You are destined to be with Candy. Treat her well.
EL FUERTE: Iエm sorry, but Iエm on a diet right now. Iエll have to pass this time.
ABEL: Your destiny is wide open to you. You are free to forge your own future.
SETH: It is not too late. You can still change your own destiny.
AKUMA: I cannot see your future. My gift only works on those who are
GOUKEN: You are gifted with the ability to accept your destiny with grace.
CAMMY: Our destiny is not predetermined. We must fight for the future!
FEI LONG: I sense a great power within you, much greater than
you think.
SAKURA: Your lucky color? I am sorry, child, but my power doesnエt work
that way.
GEN: You know, donエt you? You are aware of the dead that observe you even now.
DAN: Your future fight record? Iエm afraid I cannot see it clearly...
T.HAWK: If you give in to your desires, you will lose a bit of yourself.
Be careful.
DEE JAY: There is a kind of darkness that cannot be dispersed with a
mere smile.
GUY: I must move on. But allow me to thank you before I go, Guy
CODY: You must learn to show your true personality through your actions.
IBUKI: Do all you can now. This will help your future self achieve great
MAKOTO: The best thing you can do for now it to believe in yourself.
DUDLEY: You will have all your desire if only you let go of what you are
feeling now.
ADON: Think long and hard about from whence you came and recognize your
HAKAN: I see lots of warm friends in your future.
JURI: Mark my words. Those who tamper with destiny will be haunted by it later.

GEN vs.

RYU: Only one who stares death in the eyes can become the
ultimate fighter!
KEN: Your moves are careless and wild. They do not serve you well.
CHUN-LI: Your father saved your life this day. Do not tempt
me to take it again.
E.HONDA: Tradition or not, there is no point to a fighting style that 
does not kill.
BLANKA: You may be strong, but I have no time to wrestle with beasts!
ZANGIEF: Size is of no importance against my mesmerizing fists!
GUILE: The powers you possess are worthy of praise, but not enough to
defeat me!
DHALSIM: Donエt speak to me of enlightenment, witch doctor!
BALROG: I have no interest in those would regard money as more important
than the fight.
VEGA: Keep your nauseating narcissistic nattering to yourself, nitwit!
SAGAT: I have defanged more ferocious tigers in my day!
M.BISON: The wheels of justice may move slowly, but they will grind
you to a pulp!
C.VIPER: Do not resist when death wraps its boney fingers around your
supple neck.
RUFUS: Your incessant rambling has earned you nothing but contempt from me!
EL FUERTE: The worst judge of your abilities is yourself! Leave my sight
at once!
ABEL: Your own desires will be your undoing. Some secrets are better
left unknown.
SETH: The concept of death is lost one who is not truly alive...
AKUMA: I will not deliver the death blow this time. That pleasure comes
another day...
GOUKEN: You may have cheated death once, but it always wins out in the end.
CAMMY: To attain your goals, you must abandon any pretence of justice.
FEI LONG: Silence! The battlefield is no place for such self aggrandizing
SAKURA: You have not yet reached your potential, but I sense great things
in your future.
ROSE: You seek to light the darkness, but you are already enveloped
in its depths...
DAN: A stiff wind would send a weakling like you packing!
T.HAWK: It is imprudent of you to speak so flippantly of the spirit world.
DEE JAY: Turn off that racket and show the fight the respect it deserves!
GUY: Your feet are swift, but no man can outrun their inevitable death.
CODY: A man lost inside his own self pity has nothing worthwhile to offer.
IBUKI: Your skills show great promise, young one. But tread carefully...
MAKOTO: Courage is a gift, but it must be doled out carefully in
small portions.
DUDLEY: Regard your possessions as worthwhile and they usher in your doom.
ADON: A pitiful wretch like you does not deserve to die at my hand.
HAKAN: You are but an insect in the face of my incredible power!
JURI: You, obsessed with matters dark and dreary, are not worthy of my

DAN vs.

RYU: Your moves are a convincing imitation, but Iエm still stronger!
KEN: You think youエre a real winner, but you didnエt win this time,
didja big shot?
CHUN-LI: Interfering with an investigation? Donエt arrest me! Iエm too
pretty for jail!
E.HONDA: What was that all about? Iエve seen sumo before, and that move
was not sumo!
BLANKA: Hey, Jimmy! Iエm not getting many applicants lately. I wonder why...
ZANGIEF: All your fans are snot nosed kids? I-Iエm not jealous or
GUILE: I think the comfort of a regular income would just cramp my style, bro.
DHALSIM: Dude, youエre married!? And you have a kid? Youエre kidding!
For real!?
BALROG: Chicks donエt dig the whole greed thing, bro. You might wanna 
think about that.
VEGA: Handsome dudes really get my goat! Great hair only makes me hate
you more! Argh!
SAGAT: Father! Did you see that? I finally did it!
M.BISON: Anyone with a secret base or a private army or a house must be
pure evil!
C.VIPER: Iエm pretty sure hiding devices up your sleeves and
in your boots is cheating.
RUFUS: I wish I was a smooth talker like you!
EL FUERTE: Gah! What is this crap!? Somebody bring me a glass of water!
ABEL: A family is more of a hassle than you think. Youエll need a job
anエ stuff.
SETH: Thatエs it! I won! Whereエs my prize money? Does it come on
a giant check?
AKUMA: That was a close one. My whole life flashed before my 
eyes. How sad...
GOUKEN: I heard you were dead. Wait a minute... Dude, youエre not a ghost,
are you?
CAMMY: Youエre a friend of Sakuraエs? That gets you a 50% discount at my dojo!
FEI LONG: Remember the Saikyo arts! It blows your style away!
SAKURA: Ready to give up? Huh? No, itエs cool. We should
stop now.
ROSE: Does sleight of hand magic really count as a fighting style? Seriously?
GEN: Donエt even think of suing me for damages, gramps!
T.HAWK: Not having a place to live sucks. I totally feel your
pain, bro!
DEE JAY: Your music sucks. That said, Iエd take a free CD if youエve got any.
GUY: Sorry, bro. Iエm just driven to punch guys that are more handsome than me.
CODY: I guess being unemployed beats being in prison... You OK, dude? 
Lighten up!
IBUKI: You need like a safety pin or something for your pants there?
MAKOTO: If you hang up a plastic sheet to catch rain. be sure to
do it from outside!
DUDLEY: You rich people make me sick! I drink my tea from a paper cup and
I like it!
ADON: Youエll never be king unless you move to the Saikyo arts!
Wanna give it a try?
HAKAN: What a waste of good oil! I coulda fried, like, 10 eggs in that!
JURI: You were tryinエ to kill me for real, werenエt ya? Youエre lucky
Iエm a nice guy.

T.HAWK vs.

RYU: I sense a power within you not so different from my own...
KEN: You also fight to protect those you love. Take good care of them.
CHUN-LI: Anger and regret are human emotions. They mean nothing to nature.
E.HONDA: Fighting honors the spirits around us.
BLANKA: You have not spent your childhood alone. The spirits
of nature watched over you.
ZANGIEF: No nation is permanent. Reexamine where your loyalties
lies, my friend.
GUILE: You have mastered the art of channeling your anger into strength.
DHALSIM: Yoga, eh? This art intrigues me.
BALROG: As long as you are consumed by greed, you donエt stand a chance
of winning.
VEGA: Open your eyes. All living things are beautiful.
SAGAT: You have attained a great balance between your mind and body.
M.BISON: Evil deeds have a way of making their way back to us.
Prepare yourself.
C.VIPER: You will never win as long as you rely on machinery to fight.
RUFUS: If you fight only to please yourself, the spirits will
not do your bidding.
EL FUERTE: Itエs like I always told you. It takes more than just
strength to win!
ABEL: I sympathize in your quest to uncover your roots. I wish I could help.
SETH: The spirits avoid you because you seek only destruction.
AKUMA: Foul demon! You frighten even the nature spirits with
your evil ways!
GOUKEN: You appear to be accompanied by many spirits.
CAMMY: You and I and all of mankind were born of the benevolence of
the spirits.
FEI LONG: You possess great power. Do show some gratitude for your good
fortune, friend.
SAKURA: You have a pure heart, young one. Stay on the path you
have chosen.
ROSE: Do not think your powers are your own. The spirits allow you
to see things.
GEN: Strange... I do not sense a single spirit near you.
DAN: It is difficult to win with humility and lose with dignity.
DEE JAY: Your music is unfamiliar to me, but I like the rhythm very much.
GUY: Something is amiss in this world. I sense it as well as you do.
CODY: You can flee to the ends of the earth, but you can never
escape from yourself.
IBUKI: You should return to your village. Youths have certain
obligations, child.
MAKOTO: You have a great respect for the place you were born. That is
DUDLEY: It feels as if you fight to gain the respect of others...
ADON: The spirits will not aid you if you seek power for selfish reasons.
HAKAN: You have a unique fighting style. The spirits must be with you.
JURI: The spirits have abandoned you.


RYU: Relax, mon! The fightエs over!
KEN: Hey, mon! I dig the yacht! Ya got room for me?
CHUN-LI: Ya girl, you got some beautiful kicks with dem horse legs!
E.HONDA: I dig the exotic face paint, mon!
BLANKA: Thatエs right! The beat comes from within!
ZANGIEF: Music knows no borders! Donエt matter what country
youエre from!
GUILE: Take it easy, mon! Relax!
DHALSIM: Yoga sure is mysterious!
BALROG: Your punches almost threw off my rhythm!
VEGA: Take it easy. mon! No need to wear a mask!
SAGAT: What incredible power! You must be the king of tigers!
M.BISON: Weエre done here! See ya!
C.VIPER: What a gorgeous lady!
RUFUS: Youエve got a unique style! You should put out an album!
EL FUERTE: Youエd better off quitting the cooking thing and sticking
with wrestling!
ABEL: Looks like you got a lot on your mind. You need to relax, mon!
SETH: Whatエs up with that mysterious stomach you got there, mon?
AKUMA: That is one scary face, mon!
GOUKEN: Youエve got a strange rhythm.
CAMMY: That angry look doesnエt suit you, pussycat!
FEI LONG: Youエve gotta dance if you really wanna be a star, mon!
SAKURA: Yeah! I like your style, baby!
ROSE: Youエre makinエ me sad just lookinエ at you. Smile for me, pretty lady!
GEN: Youエre pretty feisty for an old man!
DAN: Youエre a cool cat, mon!
T.HAWK: Thereエs rhythm everywhere! Even in the sky and the
earth! You know it, mon!
GUY: You supposed to be some kinda ninja?
CODY: Nice fashion statement, mon! Wait a minute... Is that the real deal?
IBUKI: So ninjas really do wear outfits like that, huh? Crazy!
MAKOTO: A dojo, eh? For a kid, you sure have your act together!
DUDLEY: Always happy to fight a gentleman!
ADON: Not bad, but you could use more bass!
HAKAN: Your oil almost made me slip and lose my beat! 
JURI: Iエve never seen a girl that scary!

GUY vs.

RYU: I should have expected a glorious fight like that from
you, Ryu.
KEN: It seems that we both have a long way to go to reach our
full potential.
CHUN-LI: I have no intention of interfering with you investigation.
Please carry on.
E.HONDA: Is sumo really such a simplistic art?
BLANKA: I have seen many fighting styles in my day, but yours is truly unique.
ZANGIEF: You fight with a purity of spirit rarely seen.
GUILE: Your moves are devoid of needless flash and pomp. I respect that.
DHALSIM: Your legendary reputation precedes you, my Indian friend.
BALROG: If Iエd lost to you, Iエd be too ashamed to show my face.
VEGA: You are welcome to be a narcissist if you choose, but you 
mustnエt cause harm!
SAGAT: It appears as if your heart is free of confusion and you have
found your path.
M.BISON: Evil Bison! You have been vanquished by the Bushinryu 
warrior Guy! It is over!
C.VIPER: Your simple gadgets are useless in the face of a true ninja!
RUFUS: Your body is large enough to hold many warriors. Draw strength from it.
EL FUERTE: What a strange flavor. This would take quite a while to get
accustomed to...
ABEL: If you truly wish to uncover the truth you seek, you must grow
in strength.
SETH: You do not fully appreciate the depth of the evil inherent in
your deeds!
AKUMA: Throwing you humanity away to gain power is nothing too boost of!
GOUKEN: Your moves betray a great deal of training. May I ask your name, sir?
CAMMY: You need not fight this battle alone. You have allies, do you not?
FEI LONG: The winds of battle have washed over us both.
SAKURA: Your journey of discovery will most certainly be fruitful,
young one.
ROSE: Do not underestimate your importance to the world, Rose!
GEN: Life is a most precious gift. When did you forget this simple truth?
DAN: Why does fighting you always seem to throw off my pace?
T.HAWK: You are quite the warrior! You have earned my respect!
DEE JAY: The music I am familair with is quite different from yours,
Iエm afraid.
CODY: Every man must walk his own path. Are you certain you have found
yours, Cody?
IBUKI: I am always happy to make the acquaintance of a fellow shinobi.
MAKOTO: You need only to continue your training to discover your
true potential.
DUDLEY: Thank you for allowing me to sample the best of the Westエs
fighting techniques.
ADON: You have forgotten who made you what you are! You have nothing
to teach me.
HAKAN: We ninjas eat traditional vegetarian dishes. I have no use for
cooking oil.
JURI: You are connected to this disturbance I feel. You must pay for
your crimes!

CODY vs.

RYU: I enjoy a serious fight now and then. That was fun!
KEN: Overcoming rivals? Taking care of your family? Thatエs all
lost on me, man.
CHUN-LI: Iエm tellinエ ya, lady. I ainエt who you think I am. 
He died a long time ago.
E.HONDA: Not interested in whatever it is youエre sellinエ, fat boy.
Beat it.
BLANKA: I ainエt here to fight animals. Just buzz off anエ Iエll
leavy you alone.
ZANGIEF: Iエm used to beatinエ up big guys like you. You leave
yourself wide open!
GUILE: Sometimes, justice donエt prevail. You already knew that, right?
DHALSIM: If your god is real, couldnエt he just make it rain on
your village?
BALROG: I ainエt about to get beat by a classless chump like you!
No way, no how!
VEGA: Iエm sick of your mouth, man. Get away from me before I start
punchinエ again!
SAGAT: I didnエt expect much, but you turned out to be one heckuva fighter.
M.BISON: I donエt consider myself a good guy anymore, but I had to
take you down!
C.VIPER: Calm down, lady. I ainエt your target.
RUFUS: Fightinエs done with fists, not words. Learn to keep your mouth shut!
EL FUERTE: Take a chill pill, man. Youエre givinエ me a headache.
ABEL: Families are overrated, man. Theyエre more hassle than theyエre worth.
SETH: Next time you wanna take me on, dial back the weirdness
a bit, will ya?
AKUMA: I thought you were sエposed to be way stronger than than.
What happened?
GOUKEN: Sorry pal,  but Iエm sick of takinエ advice from my elders. Beat it.
CAMMY: I thought youエd be a pushover, but you pulled off some
impressive moves.
FEI LONG: Nice moves, but too flashy. Youエd get eaten alive in Metro City, man.
SAKURA: Not bad for a wannabe. In a few more years, youエll be a real contender.
ROSE: If you can change the future, whatエs the point of seeing it?
GEN: Watch out for karma, man. Things have a funny way of workinエ
themselves out...
DAN: Youエre all talk, man! Anyone ever tell you that before?
T.HAWK: Donエt let me stand in your way if you got stuff to do. Good luck!
DEE JAY: If you fight this bad, Iエd hate to hear your music!
GUY: Look, man. People change. Iエve changed. Youエve changed. Thatエs 
the way it is.
IBUKI: If you wanna fight, come at me for real. I ainエt interested in 
kids games.
MAKOTO: Not bad, but you need to deviate from the textbook if you really
wanna win.
DUDLEY: If you put half as much energy into the fight as you do
moustache grooming...
ADON: How do you have time to train between all those bouts of 
bragginエ yourself up?
HAKAN: What would you do if you had to fight a smoker? Wouldnエt you 
catch fire?
JURI: Iエve got a certain amount of respect for people who donエt follow rules.


RYU: I get credit for this in both ninja class and phys-ed. Convenient,, huh?
KEN: Youエre pretty hot, but youエre apparently also pretty weak,
so never mind...
CHUN-LI: Youエre a cop, right? Do you think thatエs more fun than being a ninja?
E.HONDA: Do sumo wrestlers always have to wear kimonos? Thatエs kinda boring!
BLANKA: Youエre adorable! Especially those cute fangs!
ZANGIEF: Youエre pretty slow, but itエs still scary when you come at me like that!
GUILE: Donエt look down on me エcuz Iエm still in training! Ninjas have 
high standards!
DHALSIM: Ninjas can teleport like that, too! Are you an Indian ninja?
BALROG: I knew when I laid eyes on you that youエd be a pushover. Lame!
VEGA: Just so you know, girls hate guys that are self obsessed like that.
SAGAT: I donエt know anything about true strength! Iエm too busy having fun!
M.BISON: You should take those shoulder things off. They make you look
uber lame.
C.VIPER: We ninjas are good at keeping our weapons concealed, too! See?
RUFUS: I guess if youエre gonna let yourself go, you may as well go all
the way, right?
EL FUERTE: Thanks, but no thanks. I ate on the way here. Not hungry at all.
Totally full.
ABEL: Youエre not a bad looking guy, but would it kill you to smile
once in a while?
SETH: Oh no! Iエm gonna be late! Iエd better get back!
AKUMA: What happened? Did you make a funny face and it froze in place?
GOUKEN: Old dudes are all the same. Theyエre nice and all, but they drone
on and on and...
CAMMY: I like your outfit! It looks nice and cool. My threads are 
kinda stifling.
FEI LONG: I guess youエre kinda cute, but youエre just not what Iエm looking for.
SAKURA: I never get to meet anyone cool at my school.
ROSE: A fortune teller? Awesome! Do you see a cute boy in my future!?
GEN: What a creepy old man! Iエll steer clear of him from now on!
DAN: Um, are you OK? Hello? Can you hear me? Oh, geez. Heエs out cold...
T.HAWK: Youエre looking for your girlfriend? Is she cute? Have you been 
together long?
DEE JAY: That was fun! Felt more like a dance than a real fight,
but whatever...
GUY: Quite a hunk, but the outfit needs to go. You donエt look
like a ninja at all!
CODY: I do like bad boys. Those handcuffs are overkill, though.
Wait - Are they real!?
MAKOTO: Training is fun, but dontエcha have any other hobbies?
DUDLEY: Sorry, but ninjas make their own rules!
ADON: He finally shut up... Geez, I thought heエd never stop!
HAKAN: Does that oil have some kind of magical properties or something? 
JURI: I canエt lose to an out of control crazy chick like you! No way!


RYU: So youエre Ryu? My grandfather told me all about you!
You really ARE strong!
KEN: I thought you were just a lazy bum, but youエre pretty
CHUN-LI: Yエknow, kicks are pretty useful, too. Maybe I should give 
エem a try!
E.HONDA: Iエve always wanted to face off against a real live sumo wrestler!
BLANKA: What kinda training lets you shoot electricity! I wanna try!
ZANGIEF: Youエre pretty big, but your moves leave plenty
of time to counterattack!
GUILE: I may be just a kid, but Iエve got a bright future 
ahead of me!
DHALSIM: Sorry, but Iエm not so keen on lectures! Can we save this
part for next time?
BALROG: You sure are loud for someone who canエt even beat a kid!
VEGA: Give it a rest, will ya? I didnエt come all this way to hear
about your ego!
SAGAT: Iエve never fought someone so strong! It was an honor! Thank you!
M.BISON: Iエm not intimidated by your gimmicks!
C.VIPER: Just how many weapons do you have hidden in that outfit,
anyway? Geez...
RUFUS: Your weight gives your punches oompf, but not enough to
knock me out!
EL FUERTE: Sorry mister, but youエre foodエs kinda gross. I prefer sushi
and sashimi!
ABEL: I sure hope you get to meet your family mister! Until we meet again!
SETH: I won! Iエm the tournament champ! I can use the prize money
to fix my dojo!
AKUMA: Wow! I had no idea there were fighters this strong out there...
GOUKEN: You kinda remind me of my grandpa!
CAMMY: You got what you deserved for treating me like some kinda amateur!
FEI LONG: Yeah! I canエt wait to tell everyone back home that I
beat the mighty Fei Long!
SAKURA: How can you wear your uniform to a fight? Put on a gi like
everyone else!
ROSE: You donエt use any martial art Iエve ever seen! Weird!
GEN: I was taught to respect my elders, so Iエll let you walk away this time!
DAN: You have your own dojo! Running one is hard work, isnエt it?
T.HAWK: You should be proud you did so well against me!
DEE JAY: Either fight or dance! Just pick one already!
GUY: Youエre pretty fast, but donエt underestimate the power of karate!
CODY: I wouldnエt be able to face my family if I lost to a 
common criminal!
IBUKI: Ninjas are so boring... Always bouncing areound all over the place.
DUDLEY: When people are too polite, they come off as sarcastic. Know
what I mean?
ADON: I canエt lose to someone whoエs forsaken their own teacher!
For shame!
HAKAN: Who ever knew there was a fighting style like this? Not me,
thatエs for sure!
JURI: Your moves are like tae kwan do, but sort of evil and twisted.


RYU: Victory is mine this time, Ryu! Letエs spar again soon!
KEN: Iエll admit that your fiery punches are not to be trifled
with, Mr. Masters.
CHUN-LI: You have my gratitude for showing me your incredible
moves, detective!
E.HONDA: Sumo is a respectable sport, but it simply cannot compare
to boxing.
BLANKA: Even instincts can be honed and improved upon.
ZANGIEF: You, sir, have made me rethink my views on the sport
of professional wrestling.
GUILE: I can feel a sense of military precision in your style.
We should do this again!
DHALSIM: Out metaphysical views may differ, but I like the cut
of your jib, sir!
BALROG: I knew when I first laid eyes upon you that you arenエt
much of a boxer.
VEGA: You place too much emphasis on appearance, chap.
SAGAT: What incredible prowess! I do hope we can match wits again one day!
M.BISON: Did you think I would be intimidated by you? So sorry
to disappoint!
C.VIPER: Does using an alias in a situation such as this not strike
you as a bit rude?
RUFUS: Your uncouth mouth has offended my gentlemanエs sensibilities.
EL FUERTE: With all due apologies, I tend to stick to a rather
unadventurous diet.
ABEL: What a polite young man. I have high hopes for you!
SETH: Did you think that data alone would make you strong?
Iエm afraid you are mistaken.
AKUMA: Demonic foes make for an exciting bout, thatエs for 
GOUKEN: Your fighting style reminds of a gentleman by the name of Ryu.
CAMMY: How lovely to see another Brit in this tournament! Thank you
for the match!
FEI LONG: You may be a professional actor, but you have a long way
to go as a fighter.
SAKURA: With a fighting spirit like yours, you are destined to go pro
one day, miss!
ROSE: Iエve never encountered a fighter like you before, madam. What an honor!
GEN: Terribly sorry to pummel an elder like that, sir. Donエt take
it personally.
DAN: I cannot hold back - even against a bloke like you.
T.HAWK: I admire the sense of responsibility you embody, sir. Good show!
DEE JAY: Unless you intend to lose, you should keep the dancing to
a minimum, sir.
GUY: Boxing is a sweet science: speed alone cannot overcome it.
CODY: If you hunger for it, the world can be yours. You just have to want it!
IBUKI: You appear to be a student. Was today a school holiday for you, dear?
MAKOTO: You may be young, but you have the spirit of a true warrior.
ADON: Until you display some dignity, Iエm afraid I cannot take you seriously.
HAKAN: Your technique is certainly... unique. No match for boxing though,
is it?
JURI: I do believe I warned you, miss. I have no sympathy
for evildoers.!

ADON vs.

RYU: Witness the glorious return of Muay Thai to its 
rightful place upon the throne!
KEN: A sniveling coward like you is no match for me!
CHUN-LI: Did you think your pitiful kicks could actually harm the
king of Muay Thai?
E.HONDA: Your moves are so ancient, they are actually covered
with putrid mold!
BLANKA: King versus beast? Donエt waste your time, fool!
ZANGIEF: All the muscles in the world donエt matter when youエre
slow as molasses!
GUILE: Is this all a professional soldier has to offer?
DHALSIM: The flames of your god cannot harm the king!
BALROG: I can see why they call you the buffalo. Youエre about
as smart as one!
VEGA: For my finale, why donエt I crush your head under my heel, worm!
SAGAT: It is over! A new era of Muay Thai begins now!
M.BISON: Your cheap tricks arenエt enough to dethrone me!
C.VIPER: Sniff around somewhere else, you meddlesome rat!
RUFUS: Leave my sight at once or face the wrath of a jaguar enraged!
EL FUERTE: Get that putrid garbage away from me!
ABEL: Obesession with the past is a sign of weakness, worm!
SETH: Even a monkey can imitate moves, you subhuman ingrate!
AKUMA: Satsui no Hado? What utter nonsense!
GOUKEN: Your power nullifies the Satsui no Hado? Iエll extinguish
that power here and now!
CAMMY: The sting of the killer bee cannot harm a wild jaguar!
FEI LONG: I donエt have time to play with has-been B movie actors!
SAKURA: Give up your ridiculous quest for strength while you still
can, child!
ROSE: Your predictions are worthless to me! I shall forge the 
future myself!
GEN: Hurry up and die, old fool! Youエre wasting precious oxygen!
DAN: Get out of my sight, you pathetic excuse for a man!
T.HAWK: Only the strong survive! Best you learn that lesson now, worm!
DEE JAY: Knock off that racket, you!
GUY: Your legs are swift, but they cannot deliver you from the
jaguarエs rage!
CODY: Back to the doghouse with you, cur!
IBUKI: Iエll tear you apart with my fangs, you troublesome child!
MAKOTO: Choose to stay here at your own peril! This jaguar has
claws, child!
DUDLEY: Now you know the power of Muay Thai! Peddle your boxing
nonsense elsewhere!
HAKAN: Your pitiful little tricks are useless against a Muay Thai master!
JURI: The insane flailing of a lunatic is no match for the king
of jaguars!


RYU: Youエre as strong as they say! I should use you in
my commercials!
KEN: You run a company too, right? Tell me, how is business
these days?
CHUN-LI: With looks like that and kicks to match, I bet you get
a lot of attention!
E.HONDA: Did you see that, Honda? Thatエs the power of Turkish
oil wrestling!
BLANKA: Do you ever get bothered by static electricity?
ZANGIEF: Your wrestling skills are impressive! Add a little oil and
youエre all set!
GUILE: You have a daughter too, do you? Us dads have to stick together!
DHALSIM: So thatエs yoga, is it? Iエve never seen anything like it!
BALROG: Learn to act like a gentleman if you want to get
anywhere in life!
VEGA: Did you just call yourself beautiful? Looked in a mirror lately?
SAGAT: Muay Thai fighters use oil too, right? Do you have any to spare?
M.BISON: I cannot conduct business with the likes of you!
C.VIPER: So you were using gadgets, were ya? Cheap tricks like that
wonエt work on me!
RUFUS: You talk too much to be a challenge in the ring!
EL FUERTE: Gah! This tastes aweful! Here, take a bite yourself!
ABEL: Have you had a taste of my cooking oil yet, young man?
SETH: Unlike your weapons, my oil makes the world a better place!
AKUMA: What incredible power! Are you even human?
GOUKEN: What a fantastic fight! I learned a lot from you!
CAMMY: Youエre awfully young to be in the army, arenエt you?
FEI LONG: Itエs the oil in Chinese cooking that has made you
strong, no?
SAKURA: How old are you, anyway? This tournament is awfully
dangerous for a kid!
ROSE: Youエre a powerful fighter, lady! And quite a looker, too!
GEN: An assassin? Thatエs a crime! Help! Police! Help!
DAN: Is this supposed to be some kind of joke?
T.HAWK: Looking for someone, are you? We should assemble a
search party!
DEE JAY: Youエre a strong fighter, but I prefer folk songs to your music.
GUY: You and I have a lot in common, friend! I hope we can meet again!
CODY: I donエt know what you did, but I donエt associate myself
with criminals!
IBUKI: Youエre after a boyfriend? I hope you find a boy whoエs good
marriage material!
MAKOTO: You want to restore your family dojo! What a responsible girl
you are!
DUDLEY: Impressive boxing! Say, what kind of cooking oil do you use
in England?
ADON: You need to be taught a lesson about respecting your teachers!
JURI: Didnエt your parents teach you to speak more politely
than that?

JURI vs.

RYU: I enjoy taking on fighters like you. You actually put
up a fight.
KEN: I didnエt think youエd be so tough. I almost had fun there for a while.
CHUN-LI: I enjoyed hearing you scream. Iエm looking forward to hearing it again!
E.HONDA: You need to brush up on your technique. Iエve never been so bored
in my life!
BLANKA: I like to think I fight like a beast as well, but
youエre too wild for my taste.
ZANGIEF: Lighten up. You take yourself too seriously.
GUILE: Show your face here again and youエll be in for more than a beating!
DHALSIM: Is that really all you are capable of? I was
hoping for more.
BALROG: Iエd rather fight a real buffalo. At least then I could
get meat out of it.
VEGA: Do you enjoy using those claws? I prefer the direct approach.
SAGAT: You know what they say. The bigger they are, the harder
they fall, right?
M.BISON: Done already? Why do I let myself get distracted with
such weaklings?
C.VIPER: Iエll take those devices off your hands. Theyエre 
no use to you now anyway.
RUFUS: What would it take to shut up that fat mouth of yours? 
EL FUERTE: Cooking? No thanks, chump. I donエt wanna eat anything
youエve touched.
ABEL: Iエd love to see the look on your face when you get to the bottom of
it all.
SETH: Aha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Dead already? 
For real? How lame!
AKUMA: Ha ha ha! You sure know how to show a girl a good time!
That was a blast!
GOUKEN: Iエd heard you were pretty tough, but youエre just an old fart
past his prime.
CAMMY: Persistent little wench, arenエt you? I enjoy watching you squirm
every time.
FEI LONG: Do you really need to scream so loud? Ugh... Like nails on
a chalkboard.
SAKURA: Iエm not here to tussle with weak little schoolgirls. I prefer
a challenge.
ROSE: Didnエt see this future, didja? How about your death? Know when
your numberエs up?
GEN: Time to get back to the old folksエ home, gramps. Here, 
let me help you up..
DAN: Is this supposed to be some kind of joke? エCuz Iエm not laughing.
T.HAWK: If you like the earth so much, go take a dirt nap.
DEE JAY: Maybe if you stopped dancing like an idiot, you 
would get a shot or two in.
GUY: How boring! You give ninjas a bad name!
CODY: Iエll give you something too brood about, you emo loser!
IBUKI: Whipping schoolgirls isnエt my idea of fun, sister.
MAKOTO: What a heartwarming story. Too bad youエll never go home now.
DUDLEY: Whereエs the fun in fighting a gentleman who follows the rules?
ADON: You call yourself a king? The king of losers, maybe.
HAKAN: Ugh... Could you be any more annoying?





1: My journey to become the ultimate fighter has only just begun.
2: Each time I fight, I learn something new. This journey has
been fruitful.
3: Even if my fists were to turn to dust. I would not give up
in my quest!
4: The more I learn, the more I realize how far I am from the
end of my journey.
5: The power I am after is the power to win - not the power to destroy!
6: You must defeat my Shoryuken to stand a chance!
7: No need to speak. Your fists told me everything I need to know
about you. 
8: If you go into the ring expecting to fail, you will. Believe in yourself!
9: Power alone is no guarantee of victory. Keep your eyes on your opponent!
10: Give it your all!
11: These two fists are everything to me!


1: See? The strongest fighter always wins! As easy to understand as
a flowchart!
2: The whole American champion thing seems petty. I should aim even higher!
3: I could really improve if I could find someone strong enough to beat me!
4: Uh-oh! Iエd better check in with Eliza!
5: Phew! I bet that would make for one exciting replay!
6: Get back up and Iエll just knock you down again!
7: Not bad! Looks like I just earned myself a new rival!
8: You know my moves, donエt you? Whyエd you just walk walk into emエ like that?
9: Natural ability is great, but it takes work to use it!
10: Yeah!
11: Got it!


1: Keep an eye on me, father! I wonエt let you down!
2: I feel even stronger than usual, That special training really paid off!
3: Phew! That was no picnic! I guess I need to build up more muscle mass!
4: Compared to the scum I deal with as a cop, fighting you was a piece
of cake!
5: Iエm tired. Maybe Iエll eat some sweets to recharge.
6: All men bow before me! Iエm the strongest woman in the world!
7: Not bad! We should do this again sometime!
8: You were out of breath toward the end. You need to work on your stamina.
9: Sorry to be blunt, but you just donエt have what it takes to beat me.
10: I did it!
11: Thanks!


1: Iエm just gettinエ started! I havenエt shown you half of what I can do!
2: Nothinエ like a good fight to make you feel all warm anエ fuzzy inside!
3: Gah hah ha ha! I love seeing new moves in the ring!
4: Man, Iエm starving! I could go for some chanko stew!
5: Sumo is fun to watch, but even more fun to try out yourself!
6: Iエm the best Japan has to offer! And Iエm off to conquer the world!
7: Phew! Not bad! I almost threw in the towel!
8: Youエd better pack on the pounds or Iエll be able to knock you over
with a touch!
9: You need to go back and start your training over again, bub!
10: Victory is mine!
11: Oh, yeah!


1: The king of the jungle is the king of the world!
2: Iエve gotta get stronger! I canエt go home until Iエm good enough
for my mama!
3: Until  you forget mankindエs rules and fight like a beast, you
canエt beat me!
4: Crocodiles are good, but I prefer the taste of a nice pirarucu!
5: I liked living in the jungle, but Iエd rather be with my mama now.
6: You canエt defeat me with moves like that!
7: Youエre strong! We should hang out!
8: You didnエt keep your mind on the fight. Thatエs why you lost!
9: Iエm stronger than you! Iエm better than you!
10: Ogwow! Oh! Oh!
11: Arooooo!


1: Choosing to fight me means that you are prepared to face defeat!
2: My muscles are my shield and this shield can withstand any attack!
3: Compared to my training in Siberia, street fights are mere childエs play!
4: Fans are what drives a wrestlerエs spirit! With support from my fans,
I canエt lose!
5: If you want to build your leg muscles, you should try the Cossack Dance!
6: I am the Red Cyclone and I destroy anything in my path!
7: Youエd better not try to stand up right away. I threw you awfully hard...
8: That last move was impressive, comrade. But it was too little, too late!
9: You need more muscle mass!
10: You have to want victory!
11: Khorosho! I win!


1: The only way to win is to keep a cool head and stay focused!
2: My arms and legs cut like blades! You canエt compare!
3: If you canエt dodge, just take your licks and throw the fight.
No use trying. 
4: I donエt enjoy fighting. If the other guy starts it though, Iエll
do what it takes.
5: I could really go for a cup of coffee right about now...
6: Fighting you has brought out my true strength.
7: Your moves are well executed and strong. You have a bright
future ahead of you.
8: In war, the loser doesnエt get a second chance. Youエre lucky this
isnエt war.
9: Knowing when to give up is nothing to be ashamed of.
10: That was too easy!
11: What an easy mission!


1: O, Agni, please accept my humble thanks for the power you have
granted me.
2: I mustnエt stop as long as there are forces who seek to do harm.
3: My purifying flames wash my foes one by one as they fall before me.
4: The road our souls travel is a long and winding one.
5: Through meditation, we are able to touch the very fabric of space and time.
6: You have lost because it was your destiny to do so. Do not resist it.
7: We my worship different gods, but your strength is to be praised.
8: Give up. Your short limbs have no chance of reaching me.
9: I do not like to fight without reason. Leave this place at once.
10: This is destiny.
11: Yoga yoga yoga yoga!


1: Nothinエ feels as satisfyinエ as knockinエ chumps out with these here fists!
2: Iエm tired of wastinエ my talents on third rate chumps like you!
3: You should be grateful you even had a chance to step into the ring with me!
4: So, you got any information I can sell? Spell it before I split your
head open!
5: I donエt need nothinエ I canエt buy with cold, hard cash!
6: Damn! My fists have your blood on them!
7: You tried to hit me just now, didnエt ya? Iエll make you pay for that!
8: I donエt have time to waste on losers like you!
9: Gimme all your money before I punch your lights out, chump!
10: Hah ha ha ha ha ha ha!
11: Beat it, chump!


1: No one compares to my beauty. Nor to my strength.
2: Not even the gods could create something that compares to my beauty.
3: Blood red is the most beautiful color known to mankind.
4: Power and wealth are meaningless in the face of blinding beauty.
5: I look the most beautiful when glimpsed in the moment of your demise.
6: I am at my most beautiful when I am dealing the victory blow.
7: The least I could do is defeat you with unmatched beauty and grace.
8: Fighting ugly opponents depresses me to no end.
9: The weak have nothing to offer and should be culled from  the population.
10: I am beautiful.
11: Victory is beautiful.


1: Do not place so much importance on winning. The fight itself has value.
2: A strong fighter is not one who always wins, but one who stands
after defeat.
3: All the worldエs fighters must bow before the undisputed king!
4: I am inspired by the courage of those who have fallen before my
mighty fists.
5: I will not rest until I know the meaning of the fight!
6: They call me the king for a reason, fool! You never stood a chance!
7: Have you tested him in battle as well? Impressive. I shall 
remember you.
8: You are not yet strong enough to go toe to toe with the undisputed king!
9: You are not a warrior, youエre a beginner!
10: Stand up!
11: Now you know the power of the king!


1: My Psycho Power feeds on hatred and death!
2: I demand an opponent worthy of my strength!
3: When I control the planet, I shall purge it of all hope!
4: Anyone who defies me willingly invites their own death!
5: Close your eyes! An endless nightmare awaits!
6: Embrace your fear as you are enveloped by an eternal nightmare!
7: Kneel before me or die beneath my heel! The choice is yours to
make freely!
8: Pledge your allegiance to Shadaloo and I will let you live.
9: One as weak as you have nothing to offer! Your life ends now!
10: Kneel before me!
11: Worm!


1: You were awfully reckless back there. Are you looking to get hazard pay?
2: If I could change careers, Iエd go for something that allows more
time at home. 
3: I donエt care about pride or ego. Iエm just here to do my job.
4: You should be more careful. Thereエs no workerエs comp if you get hurt.
5: Laurenエs birthday is coming up, I wonder what sheエd like...
6: Iエm pretty good at the rough stuff. Housework, not so much.
7: Youエre not bad. You should try to get a contract offer and make
some cash.
8: Iエm here for work. I donエt have time to mess around with the likes of you.
9: If youエre not going to take this seriously, donエt step into the ring.
10: This is just business. Nothing personal.
11: What a pain!


1: Man, Iエve gotten so famous lately that I canエt even walk around
outside anymore without people tryinエ to ask for my autograph! Iエm
thinkinエ maybe I need a bodyguard or somethinエ! For real!

2: So, I was thinkinエ... Whatエs the difference between an ocean anエ
sea, anyway? Is it just about size? Does the location matter? Can
a sea get promoted to an ocean if it tries really hard?

3: There ainエt nothinエ I like more than a custom bike. It just ainエt
about the obvious stuff like color or shape, either. Ya gotta worry
about the overall balance anエ make sure it looks...

4: I drove to China on my bike the other day. What? I ainエt lyinエ, man!
I never lie! I totally drove there on my bike! Donエt believe me? Check
a map! Iエll retrace my steps for ya!

5: Hobbies? Karaoke, baby! Canエt get enough of it! One time Candy anエ
me, we rented out a karaoke box for a whole week! That was a blast!
Weエre still payinエ the owner for the busted speakers...

6: I ainエt just a legend in the fighting world, ya know! Iエm also well
known in biker circles! Prolly considered the top biker in America!
But I got my sights set even higher! One day, Iエll...

7: Candyエs really into gardening lately. Ya know those little onion lookinエ
things? They kinda look like me? Oh yeah! Bulbs! So, she planted a buncha
bulbs in the garden, see? Anエ before long...

8: Wanna know what I like most about my Candy? Too bad! Thatエs top secret
priveleged information, bub! I donエt want you fallinエ in love with her, too!
Not that you could compete, but still...

9: Why do women take so long to shop, anyway? Donエt tell Candy I said this,
but that girl took like 2 hours to decide between a couple of blouses that
were the exact same color! No difference!

10: Wataaah!

11: Achoo!


1: That was one volcanic battle! Thanks for the memories, amigo! 
2: Try the frijoles to test a resturant! Try the special moves
to test a fighter!
3: Fighting is like cebollita! Add a little heat, and it gets a whole
lot better!
4: If youエre feeling down, put some color in your cheeks with a bowl
of red beets!
5: How about a nice cactus pear? You can even eat the seeds!
6: Nothing beats a heaping helping of paella, amigo! Want some?
7: Looks like I made a new friend! We should go out and eat to celebrate!
8: That was a great fight! Iエll whip up a meal to celebrate! Any requests?
9: Stay right where you are! Iエll let you know when dinnerエs ready!
10: Gracias!
11: Rico!


1: We mercenaries pick up lots of useful skills in training.
2: On the battlefield, itエs important to retreat at the first sign of defeat.
3: Street fighting is all about analysis, prediction, and reaction. Thatエs it.
4: My adopted father and friends kept me from being lonely. I should be happy.
5: I need to pick up a dog collar on the way back. I wonder what color is best?
6: He has to be somewhere. I must continue my search!
7: Youエre strong! Youエd make quite a mercenary.
8: That was a close one. Listen, do you mind if I ask you about Shadaloo?
9: Sorry, but I donエt have time for a rematch. Iエm in a hurry right now.
10: Was it all a dream?
11: Iエm sorry...


1: Evil? Like the concepts of gods, this is a meaningless human construct.
2: No need to contemplate your future. That is for me to determine. Not you.
3: My name, my consciousness, my power... Everything I have, I earned
for myself!
4: I was just looking for a test subject to assist in augmenting my engine...
5: Before long, a new age will dawn upon the earth and I shall rule over all!
6: Fear in the face of such power is only natural. No need to hide it.
7: I am impressed. Now stand so that I may assimilate your data!
8: I did not expect you to put up such a fight. You have impressed me.
9: This has been a complete waste of time. Prepare for data deletion!
10: My name is Seth. Remember it.
11: I am ruler of all I survey!


1: The true fighter can stare death in the face and lsdh out in
rage against it!
2: My blows penetrate flesh and contaminates the very bones within!
3: Never step into the ring unless you are willing to leave this mortal coil!
4: My destiny is to defeat all challengers who wander the earth!
5: The moment you challenged me was the moment you sealed your own fate!
6: My fists know no equal!
7: The battle is not yet over!
8: The weak do not deserve a rematch, but an open grave bearing their name!
9: Such pitiful insolence!
10: Messatsu!
11: Fool!


1: All men walk their path alone one day. Our training is preparation for that.
2: Do not think that strength alone defies you as a person. It could
destroy you.
3: I bring my faith in Ansatsuken to a new generation! Witness my power!
4: Even Satsui no Hado can be defeated with the right training and technique.
5: We are all our own worst enemy. But also our best teacher.
6: This battle is over.
7: Fights like this make me glad I have returned to the ring!
8: When you understand the source of your power, the meaning of battle follows.
9: The caliber of fighters has decreased considerably in my absence.
10: That was an enjoyable battle!
11: You must defeat me to stand a chance!


1: Size and strength are no use if you canエt hit me!
2: My friends are not my weakness, but my strength!
3: You wonエt get anywhere until you learn a thing or two about fighting!
4: Off to find my next target!
5: Iエm thinking about adopting a cat when I get home.
6: How does it feel getting beaten by a tiny girl like me?
7: A rematch? Maybe some other time when I donエt have a mission to worry about.
8: Iエve no time to waste teaching amateurs to fight.
9: Fighting amateurs like you is a waste of my precious time.
10: Mission accomplished!
11: How dreadfully dull!


1: It takes more than that to satisfy me! Come back after some training!
2: When allエs said and done, the winner is decided by the strength of
oneエs spirit!
3: Thereエs no time to stop! Gotta keep moving!
4: Life is too short to waste time not trying your best!
5: Maybe I should set up a dojo to promote Hitenryu...
6: Kung fu is invincible!
7: We could both use some training!
8: Donエt make excuses for your loss! Go train and try again!
9: Stand up! This is no time for a nap!
10: Too slow!
11: Too weak!


1: Training is fun if you set your mind to a specific goal to work toward!
2: Yes! Iエm doing great! Gotta keep this up!
3: Awesome fight! Iエm on top of my game today!
4: Oh no! I forgot Iエm sエposed to meet Kei today! Iエm gonna be late!
5: I got some kind of invitation in the mail from Karin. Iエd better reply!
6: Yeah! That was great!
7: That was so fun! We have to do it again soon!
8: Phew! That was a close one! Wanna go again?
9: Youエre pretty strong, but you need to mix up your moves a bit more.
10: Thanks for fighting me!
11: Thatエs a wrap!


1: True power is not just physical. Still, that hurt, didnエt it?
2: I have inflicted no grave injuries. Go now and recover.
3: I used to think of this power as a curse, but now I appreciate it.
4: I believe in the power of humanity.
5: Iエm so tired... I can hardly wait to relax with a nice bubble bath.
6: Thatエs all for todayエs lesson.
7: I sense a strength within you. We will meet again...
8: Victory is mine, but there is always next time. Shall I foresee the outcome?
9: You are not cut out to be a fighter. It would be wise to seek another path.
10: Embrace your destiny.
11: Are you hurt?


1: Your fate is sealed. There is no escape now.
2: We begin dying the moment we are born. There is no
escaping this truth.
3: You are unworthy of my attention. Leave my sight at once!
4: Death is a bitter medicine we must all drink. I do not cower before it.
5: My only fear is that I shall pass before my appointed fight to the death.
6: The sight of blood makes me feel young again.
7: Your weakness is an embarrassment!
8: This is no place for the likes of you.
9: If the prospect of death frightens you, leave this place at once!
10: You are a big fool!
11: What immaturity!


1: Keep an eye on me, father! I wonエt let the Saikyo arts down!
2: Whoeverエs still standing wins! I almost tripped, but didnエt,
so I win!
3: I just thought of a great new taunt! Better write it down
before I forget! 
4: If you let instant noodles soak long enough, they feel more filling!
5: Dinner? I usually eat beans right from the can while standing over the sink.
6: Underestimating me is a surefire way to get hurt!
7: For a second, I thought I might lose... Aw, who am I kidding? I was sure
about it!
8: I stubbed my toe! I hope you have good insurance, bub!
9: Now you have to join my dojo! Just write you name and credit card
number here...
10: Yahoo!
11: No problem!


1: You cannot defeat me if you fight only for yourself.
2: These fists fight for life. They are protected by benevolent spirits.
3: Let us go to the ends of the earth!
4: True warriors know no fear. This is not pride, but merely confidence.
5: My power is bestowed upon me by the spirits. You have no such power!
6: Spirits and men are both engaged in a constant journey.
7: I do not fear death. But, do not confuse this for resignation.
8: Do not lament over your loss, for the spirits will heal and rejuvenate you.
9: I will not stop until I have found my beloved and hold her in my arms!
10: Let us depart.
11: The wind speaks to us.


1: Hey! Weエre just gettinエ started! Stand up and letエs go!
2: Fantastic! Show me that move again!
3: Are you OK? Was my dance too much for you?
4: Youエre not hurt, are you? Cエmon! Letエs do it again!
5: No regrets! Donエt look back!
6: Bravo! Feelinエ good!
7: Try not to get knocked out so quick next time, OK?
8: Not bad!
9: Youエve gotta try and feel your inner rhythm more. Like this! Get it?
10: Feel the rhythm! Feel the rhyme! Get on up, itエs Dee Jay time!
11: OK!


1: May the power of Bushinryu be etched forever in your retinas!
2: Bushinryu allows me to pierce the sky and split the earth with my blows!
3: Never attempt the same move after you have been once thwarthed!
4: Most fighters could not have lasted as long as you did.
5: Sneakers are well suited to swift footed techniques!
6: A restless spirit is no good in battle. Always meditate in
preparation for war.
7: This fight is over! Just leave this place at once!
8: What good is your defense if you cannot keep up with my speed?
9: I am not your enemy! You must overcome yourself before you take on others!
10: Sayonara!
11: This is Bushinryu!


1: Fighting like this brings back a lot of memories.
2: I donエt need a reason. I just like to fight.
3: The only thing that doesnエt change is the excitement of
the fight.
4: This is gettinエ boring. Maybe I oughtta head home.
5: I prefer my fights quick anエ easy.
6: Iエve got time. You up for a rematch?
7: A fighter that goes down that easy ainエt worth a thing. Beat it!
8: You sure you wanna be goinエ around startinエ fights with guys like me?
9: If Iエda known itエd be this boring on the outside Iエda stayed in prison.
10: Letエs get this over with.
11: *sigh*


1: Youエve never seen a kunai throwing knife before? Youエve gotta be kiddinエ me!
2: No rematch today! Iエm in a hurry! Hit me up next time!
3: Ninjas used to be cool, but now everyone is into pirates and
robots and stuff.
4: If thatエs the best you can do, you might wanna hire an after school tutor.
5: Iエm starved! Whatエs a girl hafta do to get some cake around here?
6: Youエd flunk outta my ninja school in about 5 minutes...
7: Youエre pretty strong! That was really fun!
8: You should probably head home now. You really donエt look so good.
9: No sweat! That was nothing compared to the tests at my school!
10: Iエm starving!
11: Train harder!


1: Rindo-kan karate is the best! Whoエs next?
2: Did you see that, Daddy? Iエm gonna fix our dojo up good!
3: Yeah! Looks like my moves work just as well on real world opponents! 
4: I know Iエm still young, but fighters in training really have the
desire to win!
5: Iエm gonna keep winning like this and get stronger and stronger!
6: Whoah! Youエre pretty strong!
7: You just havenエt trained enough. You may as well quit the tournament now.
8: Youエre too weak to use your loss to promote my dojo...
9: I knew exactly what youエd try! Better luck next time!
10: Donエt underestimate me!
11: Didja see that?


1: Boxing is the most refined of the fighting arts.
2: There is no shortcut to perfection. Hard training is the only way.
3: There is a difference between refined strength and uncouth violence.
4: I believe itエs tea time now. Please excuse me...
5: Iエm afraid that fine roses are as rare as respectable fighters.
6: I like you. Please allow me to buy you a pint.
7: That was an exciting match. You have my gratitude.
8: There isnエt much variety in your routine, is there?
9: You arenエt ready to face me just yet. Contact me once youエve
trained harder.
10: You have no dignity!
11: Down for the count!


1: Muay Thai is the single most powerful art on the
face of the planet!
2: Like the mighty jaguar, I grow more powerful with each victory!
3: No one is strong enough to face me! No one!
4: There is no value in allowing the weak to live!
5: A new legend is born this day! All hail the might Adon!
6: Feast your eyes on the new king of Muay Thai!
7: Not bad, but not good enough to dethrone the king!
8: Annoying worm! Begone with you!
9: Remember this day, for it is the day you truly understood
your own weakness!
10: I am the king! 
11: Fool!


1: I went easy on ya, amateur. You wonエt be so lucky next time!
2: If you like oil, youエll love my brand of cooking oil! Care for
a free sample?
3: Using oil isnエt cheating. Youエre welcome to oil up yourself, you know.
4: Never fought a Turkish wrestler before? Glad I could enlighten you!
5: Nothing makes me angrier than smokers. Donエt they know fire is dangerous?
6: No, no! Stay down! Donエt get up on my account! Just relax!
7: Donエt let it get to you. We all have days like this! Youエll feel
better soon!
8: Not bad! But youエve got plenty of room for improvement!
9: Sorry about that! Youエre not hurt, are ya?
10: How about some oil?
11: I guess victory "slipped" from your grasp, eh? Wah hah ha ha ha!


1: Youエll have to do better than that if you want to get me excited.
2: Next time, Iエll take my time and make things REALLY hurt.
3: Damn! My eyeエs acting up! Doesnエt matter against a loser like you, though.
4: Donエt think weエre finished here. We have all night, baby!
5: Donエt worry. Iエll let you live long enough to have a little fun with you.
6: Learn to fight like me, and youエll realize how boring everything else is.
7: How does it feel to know that your death is just a few heartbeats away?
8: I didnエt even need to use my eye against the likes of you.
9: Youエll have to try harder than that. Come at me ready to kill!
10: Now comes the fun part...
11: Farewell!




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