Super Stardust HD Cheats

Super Stardust HD cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS3.


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Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Hero of Lave (Bronze Trophy)Complete Plantet Lave - Arcade
Hero of Coventina (Bronze Trophy)Complete Planet Coventina - Arcade
Hero of Nemain (Bronze Trophy)Complete Planet Nemain - Arcade
Hero of Taranis (Bronze Trophy)Complete Planet Taranis - Arcade
Hero of Segomo (Bronze Trophy)Complete Planet Segomo - Arcade
The Tokenizer (Bronze Trophy)Collect 5 Tokens in a Single Boost - Arcade
Scrooge MacBoom (Bronze Trophy)Get 10 Bombs - Arcade
Extra Ships Optional (Bronze Trophy)Survive 7 Minutes Without Dying - Endless (Requires additional content)
Close Encounters (Bronze Trophy)Survive 45 Seconds Without Shooting or Using Bombs - Survival (Requires additional content)
Token Hoarder (Silver Trophy)Collect 15 Tokens With a Single Boost - Arcade
Well Prepared (Silver Trophy)Get 20 bombs - Arcade
Shield Blaster (Silver Trophy)Collect 5 Shield Tokens While Already Having a Shield - Arcade
Scenic Route (Silver Trophy)Complete a Planet Without Using Boost - Arcade
Late Boomer (Silver Trophy)Get 15 Bombs - Bomber (Requires additional content)
Shock and Awe (Silver Trophy)Destroy 10 Nukes - Endless (Requires additional content)
Multiplier Hero (Gold Trophy)Get 10x Multiplier - Arcade
Split Screen Co-op (Gold Trophy)Get 3 Minutes of Continuous Co-Op Weapon Boost on Segomo - Split Screen Co-op (Requires additional content)


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Beating the 2nd & 4th Bosses
Beating the second boss is more about confidence in your flying skills than anything else.

At the start of the 2nd boss phase, clear out as many asteroids as possible while he is firing pink shots in what seem like random directions.

Once he stops firing, go in close to his red eye with your gold melter weapon. Don't be frightened when he closes his arms around you. Stay put and blast his eye point blank with the melter whle making very slight adjustments to avoid the occasional laser fire (also note he will shift to be facing directly at you) until he opens up and starts firing the pink shots again.

While he is firing the pink shots, continue blasting the asteroids. Repeat until the boss is dead. Should only take two or three cycles to finish the level.

The 4th boss is the same except you should alternate between the two of them so that you are protected inside the arms of one boss from the other one's fire (meaning that once the second boss lands you should forget about asteroids and focus on the attack pattern).
Beating the first boss
Too easily beat the first boss. Destroy all the asteroids first so they don't get in your way. Then take out the red gun and shoot at his blue flames. Then he will hide them and shoot purple bullets. Dodge those and then shoot his blue flames. Repeat until he is dead.
Beating the second boss
Too beat the second boss, first destroy the asteroids so they don't get in the way. Then take out your red gun and in the center of the boss is a red eye. Shoot that eye while dodging the red bullets. Then he will stop for a little bit, go in and shoot the red eye. Then he will try to bring in his arms to trap you. Quicly get out and destroy the rockets he shoots at you. Then go back and shoot at his eye and repeat until he is dead.

Alternative Method by dirtycar74:

The best method is to destroy asteroids until he stops shooting. Now that he is stopped shooting, grab your gold melter and get close to his red eye. Don't be scared when he encircles you with his arms - it's protecting you as well as him. Continue pummeling his eye until he opens up and starts shooting again. Shoot remaining asteroids until he stops shooting and repeat until dead.
Bonus asteroid
To get a bonus asteroid (asteroid made up of nothing but green rocks) There will be asteroids that when are falling, there is a circle on where they will land and a green number inside that circle, destroy that asteroid and another one will fall. Keep destroying all of them until you get the bonus asteroid.
Getting lives, sheilds, power-ups, multipliers
If you want a chance to get one of those. When I giant asteroid lands on the planet, instead of shooting, boost right through it. If you aim right and hit its green orbs, you can pick up one of those listed.