Super Soccer Cheats

Super Soccer cheats, and Codes for SNES.


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Germany Vs. Codes
Germany vs. Codes
Cheat Effect
up, up-right, up, up, down-right, up-right, down, up-right
up, left, up, down, down-right, up-right, down, up-right
up, up-right, down, right, up-right, up-right, down, up-right
right, down-left, down, left, right, down-left, down, down
right, down-left, down, left, down-right, right, up, up
up, down-left, right, right, down-right, left, down, up
up, right, down, down, up-right, left, up, down U.S.A
right, right, up, up, down-right, left, up, down
right, down-left, down, left, down-right, down, down, down
right, right, right, up, right, down-right, down, up
right, up-right, left, down, right, down-right, down, up
up, down-right, up, right, down-right, down-right, up, down-left
right, up-right, up, left, up-right, down-right, up, down-left
right, down-left, right, down, up-right, up, up, up
up, down-left, up, right, down-right, down, down, down Yugoslavia
Give the opponent a red card.
When the referee is approaching you to give you a yeallow card, hold L and R. He will still warn your player, but he'll also hand out a red card to the opponent you fouled.
No Red Cards
When the referee takes out a red card keep holding L and R and the game will act as if he gave you a yellow card.
Play as Nintendo Team.
Choose a 2-player exhibition game and player 1 chooses any team first. Then player 2 selects any team, holding down B and START. This in the end will allow you to play as a Nintendo team.
Team Holland Passwords
The password screen is found by choosing 'Continue' on the main screen.
Password Effect
R DL R DL UL D D U vs Belgium
R R L DR UL U D U vs Uruguay
L U UL DR U U U vs Yugoslavia
DL L UR U L UR DL vs Columbia
R UR L DL R L UR DL vs Japan
L R UR R R UR UR vs France
R L L UR U UR D U vs Ireland
R DL U DL UR UR U DL vs Romania
R L R DR DR DL D DL vs Cameron
R UR U UL U UR U U vs England
R L L UR UR UL UR DL vs Brazil
R UR D DL DR DR D DL vs Italy
DL R DR R DR UR D vs Argentina
L U UL R UL D U vs Germany
Team Italy Tournament Passwords
At Title Screen, choose ''Tournament'', then ''Continue'', then enter these directional pad codes:
Cheat Effect
U, L, UR, D, DR, D, D, D To Play Uruguay
R, L, DL, R, D, D, D, UR To Play Yugoslavia
R, DL, UR, L, D, U, D, DL To Play Columbia
U, UR, DL, U, U, L, U, UR To Play Japan
U, L, DR, D, DR, L, D, U To Play United States
R, L, DL, R, D, R, U, DL To Play France
R, UR, DL, L, DR, R, U, U To Play Ireland
U, UR, DL, U, U, UR, D, D To Play Romania
U, R, UL, D, U, DL, U, D To Play Cameroon
U, UR, UR, R, R, DL, D, D To Play England
U, R, UR, L, R, DL, D, D To Play Holland
R, L, UR, U, R, DR, U, U To Play Brazil
U, L, DR, D, DR, UL, D, DL To Play Argentina
R, L, DL, R, DL, DR, U, DL To Play Germany
Team USA Tournament Passwords
At the Title Screen select Tournament, then Continue.
Password Effect
U, L, UR, D, R, DR, R, DL To Play Argentina
U, R, DR, L, R, UR, R, DL To Play Brazil
R, R, DL, U, U, UR, L, UR To Play Cameroon
U, R, DR, L, R, U, R, U To Play Colombia
R, UR, DL, D, UR, UR, R, R To Play England
R, DL, DL, D, DR, R, R, DL To Play France
U, UR, DR, R, DR, UL, L, R To Play Germany
U, UR, UR, R, DL, DR, L, L To Play Holland
U, UR, DL, R, R, L, L, U To Play Ireland
R, L, UR, U, DL, R, R, DL To Play Japan
U, L, DL, L, DL, DR, R, R To Play Nintendo
R, UR, DL, L, DR, R, R, DL To Play Romania
R, L, DR, U, DR, UL, L, R To Play Italy
U, L, UR, D, R, D, L, D To Play Uruguay
R, L, DL, R, D, D, L, D To Play Yugoslavia
Unlock Expert Mode
On the Main Menu put in - Up-Right (Diagonal), Down-Left, Right, Down, Down-Right, Left, Down-Left, Up-Left, this wil unlock Expert Mode
Watch a Computer Game
Up-right, Up-left, Right, Down-left, Right, Right, Up, Right put that in the main menu and you can watch 2 computers battle it out.