Super Smash Bros. Brawl review
Super Smash Bros. Does it Again

The good:

-many more character choices
-more stage choices
-create your own stage
-a great adventure game-Subspace!
-selecting which stages/items you want to appear
-unlock much more music and trophies by doing events or other modes
-you can use the Gamecube controller or Wiimote


I have been a huge fan of Super Smash Bros. since 2004, and this one is by FAR my favorite. There are so many characters and stages to choose from! And there's a hidden character, Zero-Suit Samus! The final smash ball is the best item because every character uses it in a unique way! Like Zelda's light arrows, peach's peach blossom, or Pokemon Trainer's triple finish! This game is a must have for all fans of the series! There are even more modes to choose from! Pick classic if you enjoy the regular battles! Or Sub-Space Emmisary if you enjoyed adventure from melee! Or unlock all-star mode and work with a partner to beat every character! Don't forget all of the trophies you can unlock! Don't forget the new music discs too.

The new Create-a-stage option is super fun for someone like me who loves customization! You can even unlock new parts to build the coolest stage yet! Then pick a song disc from multiple games like classic Mario music, the legend of Zelda's songs, and much more! With all the new items, there might be one you don't like, just turn that item off! And the same goes for stages! If you usually use random for stage selecting, and there's a certain stage you don't want to go on at all, turn it off! What if you want to brawl with a friend who lives far away? Just connect your Wii to the internet and you can brawl together using wi-fi! Now the Wiimote is rather difficult to use in brawl, and you're probably used to the old controller. Just plug your Gamecube controllers into the Wii and you can use them!

Another great mode is the event matches! In them you can unlock new stages and characters by fighting in a specific way. For example, one event is on the stage Norfair and you have to survive until you enter the safety tunnel when the Lava of Norfair comes. You know how in every smash game you can pause it and its usually funny or cool and you want to take a picture? Now you can! When you pause the game, you can snap a picture of the screen and it will be saved in the album found in the vault. Then, you can move pictures to an SD card and post them online! My favorite new thing is all of new characters like pokemon trainer and zero-suit Samus! If there was one flaw it would be that you won't be able to put the controller down. You'll be having too much fun!

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