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The Best Smash Bros. to Date, Period.

The good:

- More characters
- More stages
- Brand new Story (The SubSpace Emissary (or SSE))
- Character Power-Ups
- Smash Ball Introduction
- Great combat elements
- Retains old controllers for optimal gameplay
On unrelated notes:
- Great mods and modification capability
- Modifying models/attacks/animations has never been easier
- User-created stages are a breeze to create, but require some ingenuity
- The addition of Assist Trophies
- Boss Rush mode is very fun
The list can go on!

The bad:

- Online Stuff (explanation later)
- The game is almost... too easy to mod...
- Coin shooter mini-game is repetitive and monotonous
- The amount of time needed to unlock every aspect of the game, including stages
Just a few examples of some things that are wrong with the game.


Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the ridiculously delayed third iteration of the beloved series made its way to the Wii in March of 2008, and to almost universally positive ratings. This critical acclaim came from its tier towards the casual gamer who had never experienced a Super Smash Bros. game before; that meant toning down the speed and fun of Melee to a slower pace for people less familiarized with Smash Bros. Given I was raised on Melee (but I've played all three games), I was so used to the super-fast pace of the game, and was able to plow through the game pretty fast getting all of those c...


Super Smash Bros. Does it Again

The good:

-many more character choices
-more stage choices
-create your own stage
-a great adventure game-Subspace!
-selecting which stages/items you want to appear
-unlock much more music and trophies by doing events or other modes
-you can use the Gamecube controller or Wiimote


I have been a huge fan of Super Smash Bros. since 2004, and this one is by FAR my favorite. There are so many characters and stages to choose from! And there's a hidden character, Zero-Suit Samus! The final smash ball is the best item because every character uses it in a unique way! Like Zelda's light arrows, peach's peach blossom, or Pokemon Trainer's triple finish! This game is a must have for all fans of the series! There are even more modes to choose from! Pick classic if you enjoy the regular battles! Or Sub-Space Emmisary if you enjoyed adventure from melee! Or unlock all-star mode an...


Brawl - A Smash to remember?

The good:

-It keeps the classic Smash Bros. feel.
-The soundtrack has to be the best ever seen in a Nintendo game.
-Lots of content that will keep you occupied.
-Plenty of characters and stages to choose from..
-Graphically, it's rather good.

The bad:

-Online Mode is restrictive and laggy.
-Gameplay speed from Melee has decreased and every character is floaty.
-Subspace Emissary, while a good idea, is extremely repetitive.
-Unlocking characters is a bit boring.
-Stage Builder is limited.


Super Smash Bros. Brawl is the third installment of Nintendo and Sora's highly anticipated fighting series, featuring Nintendo and other third party characters duking it out on crazy stages from every Nintendo franchise

After the massive success Melee had during it's lifespan, Brawl had to offer something even bigger, something more impressive and thus something more fun than it's predecessor. Did Masahiro Sakurai accomplish this goal?


Let's focus on the primary aspect that we all want to know when a new Smash game comes out - it's gameplay. This has sparked quite a few debates in the...


Fast and Furious; Smash Bros. Style

The good:

The 1-player mode was one of the vast improvements made in Brawl. The Classic and All-Star Modes are very similar to Super Smash Bros. Melee, but the Subspace Emissary brings the Adventure mode to a whole new level. Now, even adventure mode has good replay value as that was one of the problems I had with Super Smash Bros. Melee.

New characters were also welcomed as the new cast is headlined by Snake and Sonic while being supported by the likes of Wolf, Lucario, Wario, and Meta Knight.

The advent of Final Smashes is a mixed blessing. It keeps everyone on thier toes as it means that even if you have some bad luck early, you can comeback late. This also levels the playing field a bit which is both good and bad for obvious reasons.

Overall, a spectacular game that any Wii owner should think about adding to thier collection. Also, KOs are only counted for the character you use in each match. This is a welcomed change to those who hated the fact that even characters they hated in the first 2 installments had high amounts of KOs. Now you can easily see who your favorite/best character(s) is just by checking thier KO totals in relation to thier total time used.

The bad:

Few things were bad about Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but the main thing would have to be Wi-Fi. Granted, it's fun to battle people accross the world, but the lag can be very annoying at times and it can easily throw your timing off.

Some of the Final Smashes are severely overpowered as the introduction of what amounts to a one hit KO move with Marth's Final Smash is very hard to work around if Marth just chases after you.


The vast new additions far outweigh the negatives for this game. New battling styles were introduced, most notably the unique style that is Lucario. He's one of those characters you either love or hate to use. His "Aura" gives him more power the more damage he has at one time which makes it more of a pick your poison battle if you can't get rid of Lucario quickly once he reaches a high level of damage.

The advent of a "fan vote" type thing to bring Sonic in was a new concept for the Smash Bros. series as players were given the power to complete the roster with one final character. One thing ...



The good:

This game has just about everything. Tons of modes, trophies, stickers, characters from just about every series from Nintendo and beyond.

There is just about every control scheme imaginable, from just the Wii remote to the GameCube controller, and plenty of characters to choose from (35). This is one of my favorite games of all time.

I even like it better than New Super Mario Bros. Wii!! This game will entertain you for months, maybe even years to come.

The bad:

Well, there isn't too much bad about this game. I can only think of a couple.

First of all, the final boss in the single player mode (Subspace Emissary) is really, really good. He uses one attack and you can die if you don't dodge properly.

And then it's way too hard for me. I've been playing it for 6 months and I still suck at it. I usually beat games in about a week, but this one is too hard.


This game is mostly good. It's a little hard, but with some practice you can be good at it. Sadly, I've played against 2 people on Neoseeker, and lost to both. It has Wi-fi, which is a major plus. The connection can get a little annoying though, because you have to jump around in a practice stage waiting for people to connect. I was also disappointed that you can't specify that you'd like a 1 on 1 match; you have to play against the number of players that show up. I get annoyed sometimes because the other players can have a slow connection, and you will lag on the screen, causing you to los...


Effort Was Put Into This Game!

The good:

A lot about this game was fairly enjoyable. The way the game collaborates surroundings, items, characters, etc, from other games, makes it interesting.

With the now third in line game in the SSB (super smash bros) series, Nintendo must have been working their butts off to include a Story Mode feature, a save feature, basically EVERYTHING that Super Smash Bros. Melee had included, but with Brawl, MORE was added to that!

I enjoy the new characters included. With the same sense of humor that each individual character owned in previous titles, this game still, though, the series being older than me almost, makes me crack up!

Great game, but the game has a few downsides. Other than those, the game is an EXCELLENT piece of work that I will cherish forever!

The bad:

Now, I hate to say a Mario game can possibly be bad in any way, but this game has some downsides. For instance: I don't like the fact that the movements of characters are so limited. To a point, a character can only move in one way. For instance, you will see Wario with his original, usual trotting movements. He usually moves in a way, backwards, which makes it hard to adjust from, let's say, Mario to Wario in a snap. Mario's movements are more like, how should I say, "Sagging", in a way which means like all floppy, which makes Mario easy to adjust to if you go from Wario to him, instead of him to Wario. If you aren't understanding, which hopefully you will, sorry.

To another topic that I dislike is the difficulty levels in the classic mode. Where as if you are in easy mode on classic, for instance, you SHOULD be able to take down each opponent in, I think, about 1 1/2 minutes, 3 minutes tops. Say you then go to normal mode, then eventually hard, so on so, you would then be taking like 5, 6, maybe even 7 minutes per match. The point is, they don't match most things they implement on captions in games, to what you ACTUALLY expect.

But other than those, the game is EXCELLENT work!


I think the game is the best out of the three other Super Smash Bros games that there are. The way you earn kills is pretty simple: Knock people of the stage, or hit them so hard, they fly out of view! The recovery stratedgies there are, wow. Recovery strategies, for those of you who don't know what they are, recovery stratedgies are ways to get back into the game, if you are REALLY close to dying. For instance: Say your opponent is Donkey Kong. He fully winds up his punch, and beats on you, smack dab in the middle of the stage. You fly off the stage, and as you JUST pass the end of the scr...

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