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How to beat Boss battles on any difficulty
So, it must be IMPOSSIBLE to beat boss battles on intense or very hard but i have a way! just pick Yoshi and while you're in the air press "A" on the GC controller or "2" (Yoshi should be doing multiple kicks) on the Wiimote and that should decrease the bosses health VERY quickly plus you should know how to dodge because Tabuu (The last boss) has an attack that can kill you in 1 hit ... so it's very hard! once you beat him you should call yourself a pro

Trophies you get from boss battles:

-Clear Boss Battles on Intense difficulty (Galleom Tank form Trophy)

-Clear Boss Battles on Easy difficulty (Subspace Bomb Trophy)

-Clear Boss Battles with 10 characters (Subspace Gunship Trophy)

-Clear Boss Battles with 20 characters (Jyk Trophy)

-Clear Boss Battles on Normal difficulty (Shadow Bugs Trophy)

-Clear Boss Battles with all characters (Tabuu Wings Trophy)

-Clear Boss Battles on Very Hard difficulty (Porky Statue Trophy)

-Clear Boss Battles on Hard difficulty (Dark Cannon Trophy)

Hope you guys liked my tip ...
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