Super Smash Bros. Brawl Tips

Beat 15-Minute brawl the easy way!
First of all choose "Lucario" and once you're on the stage go to the very left and make Lucario face the opposite side of the stage now press and hold (Special) he'll do his signature move "Aura Sphere." Now enemies will get close to you and they'll take damage and they won't get the chance to hit you (BEWARE: In the last 30 seconds things get VERY hard) once the 15 minutes have gone you'll win and get the trophy "Green Alloy"

NOTE: If you don't have "Lucario" then you can unlock him this way

1. Play 100 VS matches

2. Unlock him in SSE

3. Beat all Target Test levels once

(Just do one of the 3 and you'll get him)
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