Super Smash Bros. Brawl Glitches

Green Greens Olimar Glitch: Pikmin Spin
To do this, do Olimar and go to the Kirby stage Green Greens. Stand right in front of the tree. Throw the 6 Pikmin when the blocks make a wall and they will stay there and keep spinning. They won't even come back with the down special. To free them, break the blocks, or have other players approach them. Yellows fly too high, and Purples break the blocks, so throw them away. You can do this with 2 if you want, just don't go near the spinning Pikmin. WARNING: This glitch may freeze your game. 1 or 2 Olimars shouldn't freeze it. If you get a third one and throw more (assuming 12 are spinning already) Your game will probably freeze. No buttons will work, and all you can do is hold the power button for 4 seconds to shut down the Wii. I got 13 on there. I officially tested this. If you don't have this stage, then play Kirby in brawl around 20 times. Have fun with this.
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