Super Smash Bros. Brawl Unlockables

Guides for Trophies
UnlockableHow to unlock
Tabuu (Winged) TrophyBeat Boss Battle Mode with every character
Ouendan TrophyTo get the ouendan trophy, you must hit 400 max combos combined of all charecters
Tails TrophyYou must exceed 3000 ft of running combined of all charecters.
Mewtwo trophyComplete All Star Mode on Intense
Ridley TrophyNormally if you use a trophy stand when ridley is is on the edge of the stage the trophy will fall and you won't get it.But to make it easy for you, when ridley is using his tail attack.Use the trophy stand on his tail and if he is damaged enough it will work without having you to go off the stage to grab the trophy.
Peanut PopgunTo unlock the Peanut Popgun trophie just beat Target Smash!! on level 2.
Cracker LauncherTo get the Cracker Launcher trophie get 1,000 KOs total.
Kyle HydeTo get the Kyle Hyde trophie beat All-star with all characters (all 35).
Combo CannonTo unlock the Combo Cannon trophie just beat Target Smash!! on level 5 under 30 seconds.
Wario BikeTo unlock the Wario Bike trophie just beat Target Smash!! level 3.
Master Hand TrophyBeat Classic Mode with 20 different characters.
Crazy Hand TrophyBeat Classic Mode on Intense Difficulty.
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