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Damsel... Not In Distress?


After countless years of getting kidnapped and requiring a plumber to save the kingdom in lieu of a competent military force Nintendo have seen fit to let the damsel star in her own game. In a nutshell, this game is Mario with the usual DS twist but not as good, leading to an enjoyable adventure.

While playing the game I would advise you to not think of the story too much. Mario games (RPGs aside) don't normally have much of a story. SPP is a little strange in that it tries for a story but just does not make much sense. In the first place it's quite hard to grasp how a princess whose special...


Peach the Hero?

The good:

1. Finally Peach is the Star!
2. Good Graphics
3. Lots of worlds! Never gets boring.
4. Awesome fighting techniques.

The bad:

1. Touch Screen needs more uses.
2. Toads are some-what too hard to find.
3. Monsters aren't hard enough to battle against!


This is the first ever game where Peach is in charge. No longer is Mario the hero in this game but it shall be Peach who saves the day for everyone. When I first saw Super Princess Peach in stores I was not only surprised but confused. Peach? An actually game where she runs the show? I wanted my questions answered so I went ahead and bought this game, and it turned out being surprisingly good.

The story starts out with Bowser finding out about a magical new island by the name of Vibe Island. He learns of its great powers and creates a scepter to finally capture his longtime fellow rival, Mar...


A cute but easy game.

The good:

-The visual is bright and colorful.

-The music is fun and enjoyable along with the sound.

-The extras and mini games are fun to unlock.

-The classic characters are back!

-New abilities like vibe powers you can use.

The bad:

-Whole game play is easy

-A majority part of the game, you only use the buttons and directional buttons. It would've been intended for GBA.

-Even though the graphics are colorful, it's not the same type of style that should be put in a DS game.

-Puzzles are too easy.

-The game is short.

- No power-ups or extra lives.


Super Princess Peach is about Bower who kidnaps Mario and Luigi. Now it's up to the Princess to save them. She has a sidekick who comes along with her, Perry the talking umbrella. You go through eight worlds and fight several enemies using the umbrella to attack enemies and also using an ability called vibe powers.

Vibe powers has to do with Peach's emotions. On vibe island every time you make an emotion, it will affect you and your enemies. There are four moods, Joy,Calm,Rage,and Gloom. Using these abilities will help solve puzzles and defeat enemies.

Gloom: Peach will cry, ma...


Don't let the cover and pink theme fool you. It's not a girl's game. It's a lot like the old Mario games only easier.

The good:

Peach's own game!
Nice music
Cool graphics
Classic Mario gameplay with new technology.
You have lots of Toads to save.
You can purchase things.

The bad:

A couple bosses (such as Kamek) was annoying.
You can't use Daisy


I've actually been waiting for this game since I got a DS which was way back in August last year. Peach is my favorite Mario character so I couldn't wait for her own game but it's worth it. Infact this game was one of the reasons I bought a DS. The basic storyline is that Bowser and his friends traps Mario and Luigi as well as Toad. And thus you (Princess Peach) have to go through different levels to save them.

Gameplay:9- Now this is one of the easiest games I ever played so far but I'm not one of those people who criticize games for their difficulty unless a game is annoyingly hard. You ca...

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