Super Paper Mario review
A Paper-Tastic Adventure!


A Paper-Tastic Adventure!

Super Paper Mario is the 3rd sequal in the Paper Mario series. Some are worried about how the Gamplay would be in this game, but I say it's great. Unlike the old Paper Mario games, in this one the gameplay isw not turn based. It's like an old Mario platformer with RPG elemints. You gain levels by gaining points whitch you receive after beating each enemy. Your score bar is located at the top of your playing screan. After you beat the game there is still a lot to do like collecting all 256 cards of the characters and enemys in the game and to do some treasure hunting for prizes. This game has well over 40 hours worth of play time. The game also has some very hard puzzles that can keep you busy and maybe make you go running to a FAQ.

The graphics are made to look like paper, so I can't diss the game about the graphics because they do infact, look like paper. It's also very colorful witch I think is a nice tuch to help me enjoy the graphics even more. The character designs are very nice aswell. Oh, and if you press 1 you can flip into 3d, flipping into 3d helps to solve a lot of the puzzles in the game.

To make the plot short, the evil magician Count Blech forced a marrage between Princess Peach and Bowser. When they are pronouced "Princess and Koopa" The world basicaly is about to come to an end. A huge black void appears and gets bigger throughout the game. You have to collect all 8 of the Pure Hearts to make the void dissapear, and you need their power to stop Count Bleck once and for all.

This totaly deserves its own paragraph, there is an awesome refernce to an online internet troll who is trying to date across the internet. It's the level 3 boss and you have to fight him as Princess Peach in a dating simulator. Its awesome.

The sound in the game is OK. The character voices could have been made better but the music is nice. I don't think there is much more to say here other then that there are many diferent music tracks witch is good so it doesn't repeat a lot.

The controls in this game are very good. You don't need any time to get used to then. You hold the Wii Remote sideways and press the 2 button to jump and the pad to move. That's about it.

What I don't like about the game is that it doesn't use very many motion sensing features. Basically you just point at an enemy or something if you want to learn more about it. Sometimes you need to do so to solve puzzles aswell. Each of the levels in the game is fresh, but I hated 6-1 where you have to fight 25 of the same guy in a row going to a new room for every fight. It was very annoying.

I have to say that this is probably my favorite game in the Paper Mario series no doubt, I like the new fighting system and it's funnier then ever! There arn't any annoying glitches either.

Super Paper Mario is a great game with good looking graphics, lots of gamplay and a great plot. I would reccomend it as a must have to any Nintendo Wii owner.

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