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This Game Is Perfect!

The good:

I love this game. The game has a good way of telling a story and making it seem real, even though it is not. The game itself, has such a good way of telling you the story, that it seems that you are Mario, or Tippi, or any of the characters going through the story. In a way, this game has a way of telling you that not everything is good for mr.Super Mario. With the exception of Mario getting in fights with badass bosses all the time, Count Bleck is not one to mess with. Throughout the story, though, the game is funny, sad, happy, joyful, revolting, all of which are well balanced. But I think that Nintendo did a good job in creating the third installation of Paper Mario, especially because of how hard it must be to put it all on the Wii! Mario's extended ability range, too, makes this game one that is out of the ordinary. The ability you gain to turn 3D opens up a whole NEW world in Mario games. You would never think that the 8-bit world of Mario, over the years, AMAZINGLY took as big of a turn as it did and went 3D! The abilitys make this game ABNORMAL, but in a fun way. Seeing Mario, our beloved plumber, an average day PLUMBER, go to such a big world, in such a short (kind of) time, is truly a BIG step, in not only gaming history, but Mario history, for YEARS, UPON YEARS TO COME!

The bad:

One of the things that strikes me as odd, is that you don't actually go into a whole different battle scene when kicking an enemies butt. You just jump on their heads a bit, and then they are dead. For example: With the bosses in the game, they are too easy to beat if you have been leveled up alot. An example of an enemy that is too easy to beat, would be squorks, the purple pigs. With a little enemy such as that, you don't have to concentrate on killing it, as much as jumping on its head to kill it! This game is an awesome one, and will be for really long.


This game is a very excellent one, in every nook and cranny! I love this game, because it makes me feel like I am sitting down in front of a TV, playing my Nintendo 64 game of Paper Mario. The game matches up with Nintendo's standards for a good game, and it ACTUALLY goes MORE than Nintendo's standards (I think so anyway). This game could not have been any better than what it was, is and will continue to be, in my eyes.

I love this game, because it is retro. In other words, it has the good old since of humor, that other Mario games have. It also makes me want to cry (maybe) at some parts. Li...


Dada da dada-da HEY!


Let me be honest with you guys - I don't particularly care for The Thousand Year Door. I liked the first Paper Mario game, but the sequel was watered right the fudge down. Sure the story was good, if inferior to the first game... Actually, all of the second game felt inferior to the first game, except for the villain, paper planes and graphics. To me, it was a mixed bag when compared to the original and Super Marip RPG, but good on its own still. So what we have for the third game, is one more like Super Mario Brothers than Super Mario RPG. Some say it's a bad thing - I reckon it's a good t...


by Far the BEST Game ever

The good:

-Awesome Story Line, with Dramaticness!
-Evcellent New characters with improved features
-Not Too hard or Too Easy

The bad:



Super Paper Mario is an excellent game because of the perfection. It is by far the perfect game ever!

Super Paper Mario is a game where Count Bleck tries to erase the worlds with a dark ominous void. His minions battle against Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Bowser and the void gets larger and larger. As Mario goes through 9 different worlds challenging many battles and succeeding he learns a secret from a young pixl. In the end the Pixl ends up to know Count Bleck and the dramaticness really warmed me up.

Story Line
In Super Paper Mario the story line is very dramatic. It features ma...


Paper Folding with an Odd Touch


The 3rd Paper Mario game is finally out! If you loved the Paper Mario RPGs, and can't wait for more, then you might be a tad disappointed when you see Super Paper Mario, for the Wii.

Super Paper Mario is not an RPG, but rather, a platformer. A 3-D PLATFORMER. Now, if you like platformers, I have no more to say to you. However, if you dislike platformers, it does not matter much anymore. The game is unique, rich, and has a lush storyline. The plot is not just, 'Oh no, let's kill everything and beat the game.' It has real puzzles, and interesting dialogue and maybe witty at some point.

The game...


A Good Addition to the Series?

The good:

Super Paper Mario combines all the excitement of Paper Mario with the fun of the classic Mario Bros games. Explore 9 different worlds, and dozens of fantastic environments. There are lots of people to talk to, lots of things to collect, and plenty of side quests. You are able to play as four different characters, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, and of course, Mario, each with their own special abilities. Find hidden treasures using your unique ability to "flip" from 2-D to 3-D. Have lots of fun as you experience the uniqueness of the characters and all of the whimsically amusing enemies. Use multiple partner "Pixls" to help you on your journey. They can allow you to shrink, stomp, and even disappear. Use them to your advantage in order to defeat enemies, discover hidden areas, and collect all seven Pure Hearts in order to thwart the evil plans of Count Bleck... or so you would think.

-Play as four classic Mario characters.
-Rescue and utilize the special talents of various "Pixl" partners.
-Flip from 2-D to 3-D in a flash.
-Explore many different worlds and environments.
-Has lots of side quests.
-It is a fairly long game, and is also funny and a great experience to play.
-Solve puzzles and defeat enemies in the classic Mario Bros style.

The bad:

The puzzles and enemies can be very easy at times, and may not completely satisfy a hardcore gamer. The storyline is not very deep, and the graphics can be childish and just plain weird. This game also has many differences from the first two games in the Paper Mario series. The biggest difference is the exclusion of the turn-based battle system, where you appear on a stage and take turns fighting with every enemy you encounter. This can be either a good thing or a bad thing depending on what you would enjoy the most, but I personally enjoyed the previous battle system.

-Can be too easy sometimes.
-Storyline not very deep.
-Graphics are a bit childish and are overall not very well.
-Lots of differences from previous Paper Mario games.
-No turn-based battle system like the previous games (can be good or bad).


This game lacks what the previous Paper Mario games had, but it has replaced those with lots of new ideas and concepts. It has fun characters and lots of things to do. If you were a fan of the first two Paper Marios, then you will likely enjoy this one, even though it does have a lot of differences. This is a very good experience, and for those of you who like this kind of game, it is a must buy.


Paper Mario 3

The good:

It brings back the old Mario way adventure games, such as classic Super Mario Brothers and Super Mario World. It also brings us 4 characters to play as such as Mario, Princess Peach , Bowser and Luigi. The music is alright, they could have done it better, but its pretty ok.

Now with the story mode, this game has a decent and fun story mode. Control Mario has he saves the worlds from Count Bleck and his minions.

There's also the new Wii remote controls and features make the game original.

2D and 3D switch over: This game is the first game to feature both 2D and 3D in the same game, as you can flip dimension's in the game.

Special Moves: Each character and Pixls have there own special ability, which makes the game more complex and strategic then the other Paper Mario games.

The bad:

The Graphics: Even if this is on a next generation console, the graphics we're poorely made that the last two prequals, they should had put more work on the graphics, rather then the story mode.

Dialogues: This game has long dialogues so that you might lose interest in the game.

Finding: Finding someone/something is almost base on the game, you can lose interest in the game by finding some hidden items or Pixls.

Story Mode: The story mode was a bit rushed, they we're concentrated on Lord Blumiere's and Lady Timpani's story throught the story was great but Count Bleck's minions showed up all the time which can make you lose interest in the game just by fighting them three times.

The Bosse's: When I first heard about the game and its new style of gameplay. I thought the bosse's where gonna be difficult to beat, however I was wrong the bosse's are very easy and simple to beat. Thus, makes you lose interest in the game.

Puzzles: This game has alot of puzzles, either you had to switch Pixls or dimension's or find a important item, it was rather boring doing them. It will make you lose interest in the game.


Super Paper Mario, a game that everyone was seeking throught since its announcement in May 2006 brings us the old NES/SNES games battle system back and is slighty different from the two previous Paper Mario games. This game shows us new features, such as "Pixls" little companions instead of the old fashion way partners and 4 main characters. Super Paper Mario also has different gameplay manuvers. The new addition of the Wii remote makes the game original and the controls are simple for new gamers and oldies to the Paper Mario series. However, I fell they should have put on more work on the...

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