Super Paper Mario Tips

UnderChomp and Piccolo
Having trouble with the underchomp? Just get piccolo, a hidden Pixl. Go talk to Merlee behind her table (flopside), a receive a side-quest. Then, talk to Merluvlee behing her table (flipside) and get her items. Go to 1-1 and talk to Bestovious. After this, go to 1-2 and speak with Watchitt, and go to 1-4 afterwards. Complete the level, and at the last map, do NOT hit the star. Go stand in the pillar in front of the star and talk to Merlumina. Repeat by going to Watchitt, Bestovious, Merluvlee ( flipside) and Merlee ( Flopside ) In this exact order. You will get a key. Go to the first floor of Flopside and enter the background area through hole in the wall. Unlock the locked door and open the chest to find Piccolo.
After getting Piccolo, use him against the UnderChomp. Everytime he plays music, all of them sleep for the next 2 turns. This will help you defeat the Underchomp and avoid taking damage