Super Paper Mario Tips

It Too 'Ideous!
Once you finish the game, you likely have unlocked FLOPSIDE! Flopside, it's like a mirror image of the city Flipside. If you have then unlocked it, you should go to the 1st floor of Flopside. Then, go to the front of the 1st floor of Flopside. Go to the house with dull colored diamonds on the door. Once you enter, quickly change your character to Princess Peach. Have a quick talk with Bleu (He is a very great ARTIST!). He will quickly say that Peach's hair is too "FUZZY" AND "'IDEOUS!" Though this may seem to be a rude comment, continue to talk with him (He seems to be FRENCH, must explain the accent). He will quickly make a new haircut for Princess Peach! "VIOLA!" he would say, but be careful, if you use the RETURN PIPE or CHANGE CHARACTER, Princess Peach's new haircut will vanish, and you'll end up doing this all over again, so be CAREFUL! And enjoy <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />