Super Paper Mario Tips

Money and XP tips
Here are some of the things I have found that help get you money and experience quickly.

1: In quite a few chapters there will be Koopas or Buzzy Beetles. If it is a Buzzy Beetle, as long as it is not spiky, you can jump on it and kick it for 300 XP. Depending on the area, if the Koopa or Beetle gets stuck in a walled area, you can easily gain XP here.
2: In chapter 5-4, there is a pipe near the lower white door. This pipe will shoot out endless Floro Sapiens. Using Bowser, you can breathe fire near the pipe for a few coins and 500 XP per Floro Sapiens. The Floro Sapiens will also occasionally drop Sap Soups.
3: In Chapter 1-4, there is a hole in which you have to throw a Squiglet at a switch in order to proceed. If you want some early points, the Squiglets come out of a pipe which is also endless, but they won't give very much XP.
4: In the Whoa Zone, there are large piggy-bank-like enemies that go around. These get faster with every hit, making them difficult to kill, but if you have a slow flower or a speed flower, these are wonderful enemies to get money with, and even if you don't have a flower they give quite a bit of money.
5: In chapter 5-1, there are Muths running around in one area. They're hard to attack, but using Bowser, possibly Cudge or Thudley, or an attack-boosting item, they're great for XP and there's alot of them in the area.