Super Paper Mario Cheats

Cure 70HP in one item
This Is great for for the pit of 100 trials.
After you Beat world 8 and have all the time you need. Go to flopside and buy a catch card ex (or whatever). They cost 100 coins, so buy with care. Go to world 5-2 and go around until you see the rock with the moving diver. Go to 3-D and you'll see amazy dayzee. Use the card and you might catch it (if you don't, repeat the process because it's worth it). Go to the card store and sell it for 300 coins. Buy an Ultra shroom shake. Go to the cook in flipside and tell her to cook it. She'll give you a shroom steak. It cures 70HP. Buy more catch card ex's and catch more amazy dayzee's! you'll have more and more shroom steak's for the pit of 100 trials; flopsides and flipsides!!!!!