Super Paper Mario Tips

On world 3-4 (fort francis)this is the stage Carrie is in. When you enter the front door
you will be in a small hallway, head to the door
on the far right, DO NOT ENTER IT!!!! Instead
flip into 3-D. Jump behind the door, there will
be a warp pipe. Enter it, you'll be in the room
Carrie is in. jump on to the part of he wall that
sticks out ,it's a platform. Jump off on to some
ground with a cage with Carrie inside it. Use thudly(the pixl that looks like a trapizoid)ground pound on the the big blue switch
(JUMPING WILL NOT WORK!!!) BOOM!!! Carrie is free!! The pixl will ask you some questions about how do you think of francis(it dosen't matter what you choose) then the pixl will join you.