Super Paper Mario Tips

Level Up Hint
Heres a way to get really fast and high score points. First you must have beaten world 3-1 (well do the whole chapter). Go back to world 3-1 after you have beaten it once and then you know where you meet bowser.

Stay at the warp pipe where the level is you meet Bowser. Take out Throwae (how ever you spell it) and then run to the left. Stop on each of the soccer playing Koopa guys (don't kill them). Then grab 1 of them. Take him all the way to the left and there should be the ending of the level and a pipe. Hide on the left side of that pipe and throw the koopa down there with you. Make him go in his shell and jump on him and he will start moving.

Jump on him every time he is underneath you. You will master it on youre second time around. He will give you 300 experience every time you jumpo on him and it will let you hit him for about 15 or more times. Making each experience for each koopa 4.5k or more each. And be sure to grabthem. Not the shells they kick at you.