Super Paper Mario Cheats

Coins and Amazee Dayzee
Unlock Flopside, beat chapter 5 and have 100 coins (to start the exploit) or some Catch Card SPs. This coin exploit lets you buy the rest of the treasure maps and enemy catch cards.

If you don't have 100 coins just beat chapter 1 again and defeat all enemies you'll probably have 100 coins then.

With 100 coins, go to Flopside's first floor through the blasted wall and enter the card shop called Fondest Hopes. Talk to the sales clerk at the counter and select "Buy a Catch Card SP" then say "yes" he'll give you the card, then say "no" when he asks if you want more Catch Card SPs.

After you have a Catch Card SP, leave the shop use the return Pipe Merlon gave you in the beginning of the game which will return you to the top of Flipside Tower.

Go to the Light Blue door and select chapter 5-2. Go through the door at the end of the first stage (not chapter, but rather the area you first arrive in). Turn right and go past the pipe above your head past the next 3 pipes.

Next, enter the door next to the two blocks that is also next to a Cherbil. Clear the gap and you will come to a Stone Buzzy. Kill the Stone Buzzy, and where you land after you kill him flip the world to 3D.

Immediately you see a yellow flower enemy called an Amazy Dayzee. Quickly go to your quick menu by pressing 1 and 2 at the same time, use the Catch Card SP and turn the enemy into a card.

If the Amazy Dayzee flips to 2d do not use the catch card while in 3d, flip back to 2d and then use it.

Grab the card then use the return pipe again. Go back to the shop where you bought the Catch Card SP sell the Amazy Dayzee card it is worth a whopping 300 coins then you can buy 3 Catch Card SPs. Repeat ad nauseum.