Super Paper Mario Tips

Last Level Boss
Attack at first it doesn't do anything he has a shield but after a cut scene the shield breaks and you can kill him! Attack is more accurate with peach and mario, but more power with bowser. If using peach or mario use the pixel thundly or something close to that name. the one where you jump and do a flip then smash whatever's under you.... he will increase your attack by a lot. After you beat him the deminto (What's his name???) Comes and you have to beat him, too. Do the same as before only avoid the attacks from him, they are way worse than the count blech's. (What's HIS name???) But also avoid the missile things the platforms spit out at you..... I haven't played in a while so sorry about any names I spelled wrong, or incorrect tips... (i don't think any are wrong, but ok...) Hope it helped!