Super Paper Mario Tips

Slammer Tournament Top Tips!
The slammer tournament is a "mini game" unlocked after you complete the game and save the world. You can find it in world 6 and it consists of 100 consecutive battles between you and a slammer guy. Here are my top tips and tactics for beating this tournament with ease

Character: Use bowser and the pixl barry (obtained in world 3-1)

Barry Run: This is a useful tactic where you run into the enemy and use barry just before you hit it. It will cause damage and doesnt invovle any jumping
Stair Flames: This is my second tactic which practically wins you the match. When the enemy is running away, use flame attack to back them down the stairs on the sides and keep using it when they are down them. The flame will either catch them going down the stairs or catch them trying to get back up

There are a number of different varieties of slammer guy each with a special ability. Below is a stratagy for each type that will beat them easily

Green: These have no special ability, simply use flame attack right away. This will beat them most of the time but if they survive use the barry run and flame untill they fall

Blue: These slammers have the ability to jump. Use flame attack right away, if they jump stop using flame and instantly switch to barry. When they are hit by barry, use flame to finish them

Red: These slammers have the ability to send shockwave attacks. Start by doing the barry run and them use flame. They will either die then or run away, if they run they will send a shockwave. Use barry to send it back hurting them possibly 3 times and use the flame to finish them off

Black: These slammers can send electric ball attacks. Start with a flame then use a barry run. If they still survive, keep using the flame and barry run combo untill they fall. If they use their attack, use barry to deflect it and if they jump, use barry to stun them then flame

Large: These are huge slammers that can roll across the stage. Keep your distance and use the flame and barry run. If they jump, use barry to stun them then use the flame

Small: These are tiny slammers but are very quick. When the match starts, instantly activate barry. The slammer will run into it and die in 1 hit

Flip: These are gold like, oddly coloured slammers who flip out of sight and send very quick laser attacks. When they flip out of sight, hold down the flame attack aimed at where they flipped out. The flame will hurt and kill them before they have a chance to attack when they flip back

Bosses: These are on stages 25, 50, 75 and 100 and are the chapter bosses. These are just stronger versions of the slammer guy variations above but in white armor (gold in match 100). Use the same tactics as appropriate but be carefull about their attacks because they will do more damage

Ninjas: In some battles, a slammer might call a ninja to help, these are really weak. If you are using a flame attack they will die if they touch it. If they are not near the flame, simply use barry to kill them

Using the above tactics i was able to beat the slammer guy tournament at lvl 20 without the need for any items or healers. Just stick to the tactics above and you will find this game easy. The reward for the tournament is about 5 really rare cards so it is worth the effort