Super Paper Mario Cheats

Earn Piccolo
To earn Piccolo, you must first complete Chapter 6. Once you have done that, speak to Merlee in Flopside. She will ask for you to get her a Crystal Ball from Merluvlee. Go to Merluvlee and she will ask that you get an item from Bestovius for her. Go to him and he will ask that you get something from Watchitt for him. Speak with Watchitt and he will discuss his problem about a girl being in his dreams and he wants her to disappear, but he wants her autograph as well. Speak with Merlumina and get her autograph for Watchitt. Return to everyone in a reverse order until your back to Merlee. Merlee will give you a key that you can use on the locked house in Flipside Floor 1. Inside the house you will get Piccolo.