Super Paper Mario Cheats

Easy Money
After completing Chapter 5 completely, return to Chapter 5-1. Go as far to the right to the end of Downtown of Crag and flip to 3D with Mario. Use Dottie and shrink to go through the small hole in the wall. On the other side, go down the pipe, and up the other pipe. Outside, you will see Whacka. Hit Whacka to get a Whacka Bump. Go back down the pipe and come back up it and hit Whacka again for another bump. Take the Whacka Bumps to Saffron so she can cook them to make Roast Whacka Bumps, which you can sell at Howzit's shop in Flipside for 200 coins.

Whacka will disappear if you hit him too many times at once, so remember, whack in moderation!