Super Paper Mario Tips

100 Sammer Battle
Once you beat the game you will be able to go back to Sammer's Kingdom. You will be able to challenge all 100 of the sammer guys. Any character will work but the best pixl to use would be boomer, just start running away in the start and place him on the floor. Blow boomer when they go over him for major damage. You should stock up on items before you go there and should have the Sammer Guy's and Big Sammer Guy's card (found in the card store at Flipside) The items you should bring are at least 2 Ultra Shroom Shakes but if you are conservative with health 1 can do. The last battle will be with a gold Sammer Guy who has a handful of attacks. Use the boomer strategy. Once he is defeated you will go to the king and claim you prize. You will get all of Mario's partners from the last Paper Mario game(Gombella,Koops,etc...)all of them 3 star cards. Good Luck!