Super Paper Mario Tips

Make some fast coins!
Once you have the Dashell pixl, this process will go much faster. Use Mario and equip Dashell in World 3-1. Race across to the first green pipe (hitting coin boxes along the way) and switch to 3-D. Keep going forward and fall into the pit between the red pipes. Move forward hitting the coin boxes if you like. Situate yourself on the column to the left of the multi-coin box up ahead. Switch to Bowser and blow fire at the box to make some major coin. Press on ahead to the first green pipe and go down the pipe. In the room you drop into, head to the multi-coin box immediately above the exit pipe and button-mash to get the maximum number of coins you can. Then use the Return Pipe and repeat the process. There are finesse points you can do to make this go very very quickly. This earns you a minimum of 80+ coins and can make 90+ once you have things down.