Super Paper Mario Tips

The Pixls!
Super Paper Mario has a variety of pixls. I'll list them here.


Tippi- You're very first pxl. You can point the Wiimote at the scrren to use Tippi's scan technique to find hidden doors and such.

Thoreau- You can use this pixl to grab and throw ceratain objects, and most enemies.

Boomer- Use this pixl to throw bombs at things.

Thudley- Use this guy to do a ground pound and do double the damage than a regular attack.

Slim- Use this pixl to turn paper thin (well, you turn sideways..) and hide from enemies and move through small crevices.

Carrie- Use this pixl to move slightly faster and glide across spike pits.

Cudge- Use this pixl to bring down a hammer and deal extra damage to enemies.

Barry- Use this pixl to counter attack projectiles.

Piccolo- Use this pixl to play a song that will cast random effects to the enviroment.

Dashell- Use this pixl to move super fast.

Dottie- Use this pixl to srink to the size of an ant.

Fleep- Use this pixl to flip and confuse enemies and find hidden treasure!

Tiptron- Exactly like Tippi, you can get after you lose Tippi after the final battle.