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Super Paper Mario Tips

Beating Mr. L and Brobot
Mr. L (Luigi) will keep jumping, so if you try to jump on him, he may end up damaging you. If you have the Pixl Barry, use him, as you can damage him eaisily with the spike shield, but if you don't have him, Bowser's fire also works.

Brobot in space goes down fast if you keep firing at him. His blasts are easy to dodge, and if you hammer down the fire button, Brobot will die before he can do mush damage to you.

When you fight Brobot on land, come with health restoring items. Use the pixl Carrie throughout the fight as well, since she increases your area you can damage him with a jump. To eaisily beat him though, try to climb his body with jumps by using Carrie. Hold down the jump button so you can climb him, then keep jumping on his head, about 50 hits will kill him.