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1,000 xp points for 50 coins
You can go to Howit's shop in Flipside and get a medal for 50 coins.When you use that medal, you get 1,000 xp points.
100 Sammer Battle
Once you beat the game you will be able to go back to Sammer's Kingdom. You will be able to challenge all 100 of the sammer guys. Any character will work but the best pixl to use would be boomer, just start running away in the start and place him on the floor. Blow boomer when they go over him for major damage. You should stock up on items before you go there and should have the Sammer Guy's and Big Sammer Guy's card (found in the card store at Flipside) The items you should bring are at least 2 Ultra Shroom Shakes but if you are conservative with health 1 can do. The last battle will be with a gold Sammer Guy who has a handful of attacks. Use the boomer strategy. Once he is defeated you will go to the king and claim you prize. You will get all of Mario's partners from the last Paper Mario game(Gombella,Koops,etc...)all of them 3 star cards. Good Luck!
3D hints
if you enter a door like b1 in flipside you see something ud only see in 3D! awesome right?
A Never-Ending Income
So I see a lot of tips on how to make lots of coins quick, but my dad and I have figured out an easier way that can be done as soon as you get to Chapter 1-2, one which also yields a hefty profit.

So. I'd suggest saving up a few hundred coins to get you started.

When you get to Chapter 1-2, head to the Yold Town Shop and buy Life Shrooms for 50 coins each. Talk to Howzit to buy them.

If you end up with less than 50 coins, use the rest to buy Shroom Shakes for 11 coins each. Once you've spent all your coins, waddle back to Flipside with your bag of Life Shrooms and Shakes and head over to Saffron's house and have her cook them.

The Shroom Shakes will be cooked into Fried Shroom Plates, which you can sell for 35 coins, making a 24 coin profit per Shake. The Life Shrooms, however, will become Roast Shroom Dishes which sell for 96 coins, making a profit of 46 coins per Life Shroom.

When you plan to go buy more Life Shrooms in Yold Town to do the same thing, make sure to grab as many Gold Bars from the Flipside Howzit Shop that you can afford before you leave. You can buy them for 100 coins and you can sell them in Yold Town for 125 coins each.

Repeat the above a few times and you'll find yourself with more coins than you need, with an assured income for the rest of the game!
A Painful Shortcut...
Tired of going through that long elevator cutscene you see once you go down the Flipside and Flopside towers? Well there's a way to avoid it. How? Simply jump of the tower. You'll hit the floor under the towers... Painfully. Luckily you don't lose any health!
AFK spot
Want to AFK or be able to walk away from the game and still be getting xp and coins? I have a way to do that!
First, got to chapter 5-4 and go to the room with the 2 white doors and before the boss battle. Find the save spot, go right from there and to the pipe. Switch to bowser and press down to make him breathe fire. Now if you put a book on the wiimote, you can AFK for ever! This is a easy way to make money and get xp!
An easy way to beat those pipe enemies.
These things aren't very easy to beat, considering they have their mouths hanging up. Go near a pipe with Luigi and use his super jump special and that should kill them.
Arcade Room
In Flipside B1, go into the pub and flip to 3D with Mario. Keep walking down until you see a Warp Pipe. Go down it and you will be in the Flipside Arcade, a place where you can play a few mini-games to earn Flipside Tokens, which can be traded for prizes.
Beat the final boss
Want a easy way to beat the last boss? You've come to the right place!
When fighting bleck, just jump on him with Luigi. Do a power jump when he goes by you. For dimito, get to the top and start jumping on him. You should be able to jump on him 5 or more times and do major damage. Its pretty easy to beat him.
Beating Dimentio
Wait until he appears, then quickly jump on him. If you are fast, use Bowser to do more damage. If you hit him fast enough, he will not be able to multiply, if he does, you need to jump even faster to try and choose the right copy. Otherwise he will keep shooting magic blasts at you.
Beating Fracktail
To avoid his first charge, simply flip to 3D and walk away. Then as he charges from right to left, flip to 3D again and wait for his head to go past you, then jump on his back. You will then be on him in the air, so walk to the left towards his antenna, then little cretures will start popping up. Grab them and throw them at the antenna, and he will die eventually
Beating Francis
Wait until you see him turning visible, then while using Carrie quickly jump on him. His only real attack threat is to grab you with his tongue as soon as he appears, shake the Wii remote to get out as he constantly damages you. Bowser is good for the fight since he can move fast while on Carrie and do double damage.
Beating Mimi
When she is in her Spider form, use your throwing Pixl to throw her rupees back at her, then you can jump on her and break off a leg. Break off all her legs to win, but she has a lot of annoying attacks that can stall you.
Beating Mr. L and Brobot
Mr. L (Luigi) will keep jumping, so if you try to jump on him, he may end up damaging you. If you have the Pixl Barry, use him, as you can damage him eaisily with the spike shield, but if you don't have him, Bowser's fire also works.

Brobot in space goes down fast if you keep firing at him. His blasts are easy to dodge, and if you hammer down the fire button, Brobot will die before he can do mush damage to you.

When you fight Brobot on land, come with health restoring items. Use the pixl Carrie throughout the fight as well, since she increases your area you can damage him with a jump. To eaisily beat him though, try to climb his body with jumps by using Carrie. Hold down the jump button so you can climb him, then keep jumping on his head, about 50 hits will kill him.
Beating O'Chunks
He is actually very easy at all encounters. The only things he can do are jump and throw you. To defeat him, all you need to do is wait until he jumps and lands, then jump on him. Make sure you stay away from him when he moves his arms on the ground, because he can easily grab and throw you.
Beating the Big Blooper
When fighting the Big Blooper, move it's tentacles upwards to try to hit you. Using Bowser's firebreath, attack the tentacle that has red circles on it to damage it.
After you beat the game, go to 1-2 and buy 10 Shell Shocks. After that, go to 8-4 and kick it immediatly when you get there. You must have Dashell equiped because you need to follow the shell. Do all of this and use all 10 Shell Shocks should get you 800,000 points!
Blocking Hits
By holding down when using Peach, you are protected from pretty much everything. When a boss uses a hard to dodge attack, just use Peach and hold down to block it.
Bonechill Battle
To defeat Bonechill, you can damage him two different ways:

1) Use any character and have Thoreau out. Grab the icicles that Bonechill shoots and throw them back at him.

2) Use Luigi's Super Jump and smash right up into Bonechill's head. This method is much easier to do.
Coins extremely fast
All you have to do is go in to level 8-3 and continue through to the end of the level each time. Just in the first room there are blue and red flowers that triple your points and your coins. Then ther is a block that makes mony fall down. Try to get as much money as possible by grabbing them before they get to the block that you hit by jumping from the block. After that then you will find some Hogarithms. Each on gets you 15 coins! Also when you get to the koopas witht the boomerang just wait till he throws both boomerangs and then jump on him. If you are over level 22 when you hit him then he will die on the first hit. Each time you go through you get around 150 coins each time. Also each run takes only around 3-5 minutes!
Deja Francis???
On world 8-2 Tell Merluvlee Francis rattles our bones. When you get to the third room he will appear again. (note this only happens if you had selected the Francis option previously).
Easy Coins Fast
1st, make sure you have at least 11 coins.
2nd, go to stage 1-2 (go to flipside tower, red door).
3rd, go to the store (in the town, after going through 2 doors).
4th, buy as many shroom shakes as you can, for 11 coins a piece!
5th, use return pipe to go back to Flipside tower.
6th, cook all the shroom shakes into fried shroom plates (on Flipside's 1st floor).
7th, sell all the shroom plates to Howzitt (on Flipside's 2nd floor) for 35 coins!

You gain 24 coins apiece! My brother and I maxed out our coins in under 1/2 an hour!!
Easy way to Defeat Count Bleck & Super Dimentio
Count Bleck
First off wait till he's not invincible and switch to Bowser and Slim use slim and wait until he comes near, when he does jump on him and it will hit 18 and its almost impossible to get hit

Super Dimentio
Again Wait until he's not invincible and Climb the Platforms as Mario to get near the head wait til it comes near and change to Bowser and thudley ground pound him and it should hit a 36 (you can also use a shooting star to hit a 12 on him if you follow the instructions correctly)
Easy Way to Defeat Francis
When fighting Francis, if you do not move, he usually appears right beside you. Stand still so that he begins to appear beside you then jump on him right away before he can attack.
Easy Way to Defeat Wracktail
The easiest way to defeat Wracktail is to first get on his head like you did with Fracktail. Switch to Luigi and use his Super Jump on his antenna thing and you should repeatedly bounce on his head to do a lot of damage. Once he starts flying away, try to jump off his tail and back onto his head again (it's easiest to do this using Peach). Repeat this to defeat Wracktail.
Exponential Experience/Score
This may not be the easiest thing to do, but within an hour or two you will have reached level 99.

First you must have carrie, which you can get nearly immediately by flipping to 3D in the first room of fort francis.

Once you have carrie, go back to 1-1 and get yourself to the last room, where the megastar is. travel to the right past the megastar without collecting it and snatch yourself three of the rock spitting enemies. two of them are up top while one is ground level. run past the door on the left, flip to 3D, and toss them on the ground without killing them. We need their rocks.

Now collect the megastar and clear out the pipes to the left of the megastar as well as any other obstructions to the far right. Also clear out the enemies that will remain.

Now that the room is completely cleared of anything being in the way, go snatch one of the rock spitting enemies you kept safe and stand on carrie as mario. you need to play as mario and to be standing on carrie.

When you land on a rock, you get ten experience. land on it again and you'll get 20, then 30, then 40. Since the area is so big, you can continue to land on the rock until you are getting around 10,000 experience per hop. The issue is you need to be completely focused and you don't get breaks, until you level up. by the time you are done, you will have 255 health, and do 50 damage. around 27,000,000 exp is more than enough. Good luck!
Fast way to get coins
In Chapter 4-4, there are many large pig creatures that when defeated give off 10+ coins. Kill them all then use the return pipe to go back to Flipside, then enter the level again qnd repeat.
Fighting Francis
When fighting Francis, don't use Bowser, since he is a dragon koopa thingy he will use his camera attack to stun you, but that's all so you cant burn his butt off but this is sort of fun to watch.
Finish Faster!
In I believe chapter 1-3 or 1-2 as you cross the desert You see a red tree. Jump 10 times below it to enter a new door rather than going all the way to the right and finding out where to go next.
Flipside to Flopside warp
Are you tired of going to the 1st floor of flipside,going into the mirror hall,getting to flopside, and goin back? then here is a way to get back and forth easier!first go to flopside. go to second floor and go all the way to the left. go into 3-d and a guy with a construction hat will be there. talk to him and he says he will build you a warp pipe to Flipside from flopside that you can use to go back and forth for 300 coins. sped up my game.
So you seen the cheats for Flopside,eh? Well, here's how to unlock Flopside.
1. Get Fleep the Pixl from chapter 4-2
2. Go to the bit with the Card Shop
3. Use Fleep on the Space Rift(the shiny thingy)
4. Flip, Go through the door & make the blocks disappear
5. Flip, Go through the door & you are in Flopside!
Flower Coins
If you have already completed the 3rd chapter of the game, then you can go back to 3-2 and you will see a block with a "?" on it. Don't hit that one. Go over to the right until you see the second block with a "?" on it. Hit it and a flower will pop up. Grab the flower and coins will start falling from the sky! You can use the return pipe to go back to flipside, and you will still have your coins. Use this as many times as you like.
Free Hints
If you want a free hint in Super Paper Mario simply save the game at the nearest location to where you are. Then take the return pipe back to Flipside and go to the fortune teller for your hint. once you have the hint, press the Home button to reset the game and then reload the game to continue it. You'll return to where you previously saved, know the hint, and the fortune teller's prices will not go up.
Get the Space Helmet in Chapter 4-1
To get the space helmet needed to breathe in Chapter 4-1 you will need to do the following. Exit the area and see Merlon who will tell you he forgot he gave away the item you are looking for. Then go to Flipside's third floor and speak to the kid holding a fish bowl. He'll give you the bowl but you'll need to find a place to put the fish. Go to Flipside B1 and go all the way to the right to a body of water to release the fish. When you return to 4-1 you will be asked if you would like to use the helmet, say Yes and you're good to go.
Great way to beat Underchomp
In the battle change to bowser and then get out cudge.Cudge takes away
10+ health so the Underchomp will be dead within:2 hits for the red one
2 hits for the blue one and 2 hits for the yellow one.
It Too 'Ideous!
Once you finish the game, you likely have unlocked FLOPSIDE! Flopside, it's like a mirror image of the city Flipside. If you have then unlocked it, you should go to the 1st floor of Flopside. Then, go to the front of the 1st floor of Flopside. Go to the house with dull colored diamonds on the door. Once you enter, quickly change your character to Princess Peach. Have a quick talk with Bleu (He is a very great ARTIST!). He will quickly say that Peach's hair is too "FUZZY" AND "'IDEOUS!" Though this may seem to be a rude comment, continue to talk with him (He seems to be FRENCH, must explain the accent). He will quickly make a new haircut for Princess Peach! "VIOLA!" he would say, but be careful, if you use the RETURN PIPE or CHANGE CHARACTER, Princess Peach's new haircut will vanish, and you'll end up doing this all over again, so be CAREFUL! And enjoy <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Itty Bitty Secrets!
Once you get the pixl Dottie in chapter 5, you can use her to enter tiny doors. This allows you to buy rare items like big eggs and horsetails. You can also enter tiny crevices to gain hidden rewards.
Last Level Boss
Attack at first it doesn't do anything he has a shield but after a cut scene the shield breaks and you can kill him! Attack is more accurate with peach and mario, but more power with bowser. If using peach or mario use the pixel thundly or something close to that name. the one where you jump and do a flip then smash whatever's under you.... he will increase your attack by a lot. After you beat him the deminto (What's his name???) Comes and you have to beat him, too. Do the same as before only avoid the attacks from him, they are way worse than the count blech's. (What's HIS name???) But also avoid the missile things the platforms spit out at you..... I haven't played in a while so sorry about any names I spelled wrong, or incorrect tips... (i don't think any are wrong, but ok...) Hope it helped!
Level up fast
When you find a koopa shell and a wall, kick the shell and as it bounces back at you, jump on it to stop it. You get points depending on the type of koopa every single time you kick the shell.
Level Up Hint
Heres a way to get really fast and high score points. First you must have beaten world 3-1 (well do the whole chapter). Go back to world 3-1 after you have beaten it once and then you know where you meet bowser.

Stay at the warp pipe where the level is you meet Bowser. Take out Throwae (how ever you spell it) and then run to the left. Stop on each of the soccer playing Koopa guys (don't kill them). Then grab 1 of them. Take him all the way to the left and there should be the ending of the level and a pipe. Hide on the left side of that pipe and throw the koopa down there with you. Make him go in his shell and jump on him and he will start moving.

Jump on him every time he is underneath you. You will master it on youre second time around. He will give you 300 experience every time you jumpo on him and it will let you hit him for about 15 or more times. Making each experience for each koopa 4.5k or more each. And be sure to grabthem. Not the shells they kick at you.
On world 3-4 (fort francis)this is the stage Carrie is in. When you enter the front door
you will be in a small hallway, head to the door
on the far right, DO NOT ENTER IT!!!! Instead
flip into 3-D. Jump behind the door, there will
be a warp pipe. Enter it, you'll be in the room
Carrie is in. jump on to the part of he wall that
sticks out ,it's a platform. Jump off on to some
ground with a cage with Carrie inside it. Use thudly(the pixl that looks like a trapizoid)ground pound on the the big blue switch
(JUMPING WILL NOT WORK!!!) BOOM!!! Carrie is free!! The pixl will ask you some questions about how do you think of francis(it dosen't matter what you choose) then the pixl will join you.
Make some fast coins!
Once you have the Dashell pixl, this process will go much faster. Use Mario and equip Dashell in World 3-1. Race across to the first green pipe (hitting coin boxes along the way) and switch to 3-D. Keep going forward and fall into the pit between the red pipes. Move forward hitting the coin boxes if you like. Situate yourself on the column to the left of the multi-coin box up ahead. Switch to Bowser and blow fire at the box to make some major coin. Press on ahead to the first green pipe and go down the pipe. In the room you drop into, head to the multi-coin box immediately above the exit pipe and button-mash to get the maximum number of coins you can. Then use the Return Pipe and repeat the process. There are finesse points you can do to make this go very very quickly. This earns you a minimum of 80+ coins and can make 90+ once you have things down.
Make use of the 3D ability.
Thorought Flipside and the outer world contains many items and usefull things. Most of these are found only by flipping to 3D from time to time. So, make sure to take full advantage of the 3D effect. Who knows? You may find something really worth while.
Money and XP tips
Here are some of the things I have found that help get you money and experience quickly.

1: In quite a few chapters there will be Koopas or Buzzy Beetles. If it is a Buzzy Beetle, as long as it is not spiky, you can jump on it and kick it for 300 XP. Depending on the area, if the Koopa or Beetle gets stuck in a walled area, you can easily gain XP here.
2: In chapter 5-4, there is a pipe near the lower white door. This pipe will shoot out endless Floro Sapiens. Using Bowser, you can breathe fire near the pipe for a few coins and 500 XP per Floro Sapiens. The Floro Sapiens will also occasionally drop Sap Soups.
3: In Chapter 1-4, there is a hole in which you have to throw a Squiglet at a switch in order to proceed. If you want some early points, the Squiglets come out of a pipe which is also endless, but they won't give very much XP.
4: In the Whoa Zone, there are large piggy-bank-like enemies that go around. These get faster with every hit, making them difficult to kill, but if you have a slow flower or a speed flower, these are wonderful enemies to get money with, and even if you don't have a flower they give quite a bit of money.
5: In chapter 5-1, there are Muths running around in one area. They're hard to attack, but using Bowser, possibly Cudge or Thudley, or an attack-boosting item, they're great for XP and there's alot of them in the area.
First go to flop side outskirts and go to the bottom floor. Flip to 3-D to find a yellow box behind the pipe. destroy it with cudge and open the chest. you will find an item that increases your attack by 1 permanently.
Password to Safe
In the mission, for the second Pure Heart, the password to the safe is: 41262816

That way, your can pay off your debt.
Pit of 100 trials CHEATS!!!!
there are some easy ways to beat the pit of 100 trials.

1. Use dottie to shrink and no enimie will see you. (but its kinda impossible to it in the soccer koopas rooms)

2. Use barry to hit or reflect any enimy or its projectile.

3. Boomer. Explode. Big help with shadoo in flopside pit of 100 trials

Hope the tips work! <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Putrid Piranas and... Horsetails?
In Chapter 5-1 (Land of the Cragnons), when you open the first "Star Door" (as I like to call them), there will be three or four pipes in the area directly after you leave the Cragnon Village. Three of the pipes hold Putrid Piranhas (the ones that breath poison at you). Use Boomer to place a bomb on top of the pipe when it leaves or next to it I the pipe is short enough. When you the bomb blows up, the putrid plant will die and it might leave you a horsetail, which restores 7 HP and cures poison. It can also be put in different food dishes.
Quick Coins
This tip will help you get coins very quickly. First, go to chapter 7-3, the underwhere stair. Be sure to go with no items in your inventory. Go to stair 2 (the one wiht the boomboxers ontop of the blocks.) Defeet them first, then hit the block second to the right. It should give you a speed flower. Hit the rest of the blocks, which should each hold a zombie shroom. I prefer to beat them by using Barry, but how you beat them is really up to you. When beating the zombie shrooms with the speed flower in effect, it should give you a goog 50+ coins.
Quick Points
After completing the game, return to Chapter 8-3. Using Luigi and Cudge, attack all of the enemies in the first room while using either the Speed Flower or Slow Flower that is in the ? Blocks in the room. This gives you triple the points for defeating them. The easiest way to defeat all of the enemies is to jump on flying enemies that are low enough to the ground, hammer the enemies on the ground, and Super Jump on the enemies that are too high to reach. This usually earns about 40000 points. Once you kill everything in the room, go into the next room and kill the three Hogarithms for easy money, then use the Return Pipe to go back to Flopside Tower and repeat this.
Safe Combo for World 2-3
When you have to come up with a million rubees after breaking a vase you can use the Slim Pixl to access the vault safe at the bank by using code 41262816. You can get the Slim Pixl a couple of levels down from the prisoners. You can also use the password 5963 at the generator room. You will be paid for running around in there. Rather than do the running yourself position the controller and place something that will keep the directional button pressed in the correct direction to keep you running. Leave it for a while and when you come back to stop it you will be paid heavily.
Sammer Guy Tournament
After you win the game and defeat Dimento and Count Bleck, World 6 (The world with the Sammer Guys) returns. If you beat all 100 Sammer Guys, King Sammer gives you some very rare Catch Cards. The easiest way to beat the Sammer Guys is to be Bowser and Dottie and breathe fire on them while mini. The Sammer Guys don't see or attack you and and you can deal a lot of damage with Bowser's fire breath. You can beat all the Sammer Guys without losing any HP using this method.
Sammer Kingdom Enemeys
Large Ninja's:These large ninja's are kinda hard so when there about to hit you go 3-D or use barry.They come in blue.
Hidden Ninja's:These hidden ninja's are very annoying!They sometimes come to battle!There kinda hard to defeat.Cause when you hit them they might turn to bomb. Green Ninja's:These are easy to beat if you use Bommer(Pixl).Sometimes there fast sometimes there slow.
Blue ninja's:These are kinda hard to deafeat cause they jump.
End Boss:You will see him in Round 100!Hes hard!Hes like a large ninja!And his color GOLD or YELLOW. Reward:Its......a card about your team in Paper Mario the Thousand year door!Well its kinda boring after that......
Sammer's kingdom
Well it might be gone forever but once you beat the game all the wrlds are restored including sammer's kingdom so you can complete the battle 100.
Slammer Tournament Top Tips!
The slammer tournament is a "mini game" unlocked after you complete the game and save the world. You can find it in world 6 and it consists of 100 consecutive battles between you and a slammer guy. Here are my top tips and tactics for beating this tournament with ease

Character: Use bowser and the pixl barry (obtained in world 3-1)

Barry Run: This is a useful tactic where you run into the enemy and use barry just before you hit it. It will cause damage and doesnt invovle any jumping
Stair Flames: This is my second tactic which practically wins you the match. When the enemy is running away, use flame attack to back them down the stairs on the sides and keep using it when they are down them. The flame will either catch them going down the stairs or catch them trying to get back up

There are a number of different varieties of slammer guy each with a special ability. Below is a stratagy for each type that will beat them easily

Green: These have no special ability, simply use flame attack right away. This will beat them most of the time but if they survive use the barry run and flame untill they fall

Blue: These slammers have the ability to jump. Use flame attack right away, if they jump stop using flame and instantly switch to barry. When they are hit by barry, use flame to finish them

Red: These slammers have the ability to send shockwave attacks. Start by doing the barry run and them use flame. They will either die then or run away, if they run they will send a shockwave. Use barry to send it back hurting them possibly 3 times and use the flame to finish them off

Black: These slammers can send electric ball attacks. Start with a flame then use a barry run. If they still survive, keep using the flame and barry run combo untill they fall. If they use their attack, use barry to deflect it and if they jump, use barry to stun them then flame

Large: These are huge slammers that can roll across the stage. Keep your distance and use the flame and barry run. If they jump, use barry to stun them then use the flame

Small: These are tiny slammers but are very quick. When the match starts, instantly activate barry. The slammer will run into it and die in 1 hit

Flip: These are gold like, oddly coloured slammers who flip out of sight and send very quick laser attacks. When they flip out of sight, hold down the flame attack aimed at where they flipped out. The flame will hurt and kill them before they have a chance to attack when they flip back

Bosses: These are on stages 25, 50, 75 and 100 and are the chapter bosses. These are just stronger versions of the slammer guy variations above but in white armor (gold in match 100). Use the same tactics as appropriate but be carefull about their attacks because they will do more damage

Ninjas: In some battles, a slammer might call a ninja to help, these are really weak. If you are using a flame attack they will die if they touch it. If they are not near the flame, simply use barry to kill them

Using the above tactics i was able to beat the slammer guy tournament at lvl 20 without the need for any items or healers. Just stick to the tactics above and you will find this game easy. The reward for the tournament is about 5 really rare cards so it is worth the effort
Sneak Up On Enemies
A great trick upon entering any room is to use Dottie to shrink down. This is handy when the hammer brothers are there, or any other baddie that senses your movement. Using dottie, you are invisible to them, and can creep up close without them attacking you. Use Bowser's flame while in mini form to kill a lot of baddies that would otherwise have knocked a lot of health out of you before you got close.

This is especially useful in the Flipside and Flopside Pits.
Stories for No Pay
When you go to the Milk or Coffee Shop in Flipside or Flopside when you talk to the bartender you can hear a story, listen to how ever many stories you want and when your done do not save and turn the power off and you'll have all you're coins back.
The dark heros and the secret of the Mario card
When you beat the Flipside pit of 100 trials. You unlock the Flopside pit of 100 hundred trails. When you're on the 100th floor of the Flopside pit of 100 trials nothing is there but a weird voice that is challenging you come to the 100th floor again. When you do, you will fight the dark heros(Dark Mario, Dark Peach, Dark Bowser, and Dark Luigi)each of them have 100 health, and they can do everyone's speical power. When you all of them you get dark heros cards and the heros cards.
Now hears the secret of the Mario card. YOU GET ENDLESS FLIP GAUGE!!!
The Pixls!
Super Paper Mario has a variety of pixls. I'll list them here.


Tippi- You're very first pxl. You can point the Wiimote at the scrren to use Tippi's scan technique to find hidden doors and such.

Thoreau- You can use this pixl to grab and throw ceratain objects, and most enemies.

Boomer- Use this pixl to throw bombs at things.

Thudley- Use this guy to do a ground pound and do double the damage than a regular attack.

Slim- Use this pixl to turn paper thin (well, you turn sideways..) and hide from enemies and move through small crevices.

Carrie- Use this pixl to move slightly faster and glide across spike pits.

Cudge- Use this pixl to bring down a hammer and deal extra damage to enemies.

Barry- Use this pixl to counter attack projectiles.

Piccolo- Use this pixl to play a song that will cast random effects to the enviroment.

Dashell- Use this pixl to move super fast.

Dottie- Use this pixl to srink to the size of an ant.

Fleep- Use this pixl to flip and confuse enemies and find hidden treasure!

Tiptron- Exactly like Tippi, you can get after you lose Tippi after the final battle.
Thoreau and Cudge... makes the game easier.
Use Thoreau to pick up enemies that don't have stuff that can hurt you, use Cudge to hurt enemies with spikes etc.
Tip for Francis
Francis keep sneaking up on you during either of his battles? Well this tip can help for some:

Use Mario and Flip 3-D, you'll see Francis' Shadow and when he appears, you can still attack him, because he looks like Fracktail's Head, 3-D.
Tips for fighting Count Bleck / Super Dimentio
Count Bleck: Use Bowser (once he becomes available) and have him ride on Carrie. He can move much faster this way. Try to jump on/breathe fire on Bleck whenever he comes near you. (Avoiding his attacks goes without saying)

Super Dimentio: I would use Bowser/Carrie for this battle as well. Try to get up to the higher platforms to attack the head using Bowser's firebreath, or quickly switch to Thudley and pound on him. If you are cornered, switch to Mario. Flip into 3D, and move around Super Dimentio.

Hope you find this useful!
Tips for the Pit of 100 Trials
-Come with health restorers! Although there is a salesman every couple floors, he doesn't always have the items you are looking for
-Cudge and Barry can be helpful for killing enimies quickly, but if there are a group of enemies close to each other, the bomb pixl can finish them quickly
-When faced with multiple enemys attacking you, Slim can save your life. Try to lure them close while flipped, then as they come towards you jump on them quickly, or use Bowser's fire. This works well against the Magickoopas and star-throwing ninjas
-To collect the key quickly, flip into 3D; it will fall to the bottom level with you
-Come with alot of items like thunder rages to finish areas with a lot of tough enemies
UnderChomp and Piccolo
Having trouble with the underchomp? Just get piccolo, a hidden Pixl. Go talk to Merlee behind her table (flopside), a receive a side-quest. Then, talk to Merluvlee behing her table (flipside) and get her items. Go to 1-1 and talk to Bestovious. After this, go to 1-2 and speak with Watchitt, and go to 1-4 afterwards. Complete the level, and at the last map, do NOT hit the star. Go stand in the pillar in front of the star and talk to Merlumina. Repeat by going to Watchitt, Bestovious, Merluvlee ( flipside) and Merlee ( Flopside ) In this exact order. You will get a key. Go to the first floor of Flopside and enter the background area through hole in the wall. Unlock the locked door and open the chest to find Piccolo.
After getting Piccolo, use him against the UnderChomp. Everytime he plays music, all of them sleep for the next 2 turns. This will help you defeat the Underchomp and avoid taking damage
Underchomp secret
Are you having trouble with the underchomp?To kill him easier use piccolo to make him fall asleep.Then strike all you want.
Use the Fortune Teller to your advantage.
In the game, there is a fortune teller in Flipside. This person can predict what you have to do next in your journey. Use this when your stuck on a psrt of the game. It really comes in handy.
Walk on water
whenever you reach a body of water, simply shrink using dottie. For watever reason, this allows you to walk on water. Not very useful, but when you want to walk across the river twygs without paying 4 coins, it can come in handy.
Want to be level 99?
Want to be level 99?

Use mario for this trick. The pixl Carrie is optional and makes it much easier to do.

Go to chapter 1-1. When you get to final area, get the star from the item block and destroy everything in front of you (most importantly the pipes). Head back through 2 doors, so that when you go back to the final area (where you got the star), all of the enemies will be back. Kill every enemy except the purple squog (the enemy that shoots projectiles at you). As soon as every other enemy is killed, let the squog walk all the way to the left. When he turns around to walk to the right, let him pass under the item block the star came out of. There should be a long clear run all the way from the item block and the finish. As soon as he walks under the item block, let him see you and he will shoot his projectile. Jump on the projectile to destroy it and gain 10 points. As you bounce, hold the 2 button to keep mario in the air as long as possible. This will give the squog enough time to shoot another projectile. You need to land on the next shot without touching the ground. Every time you land on the projectile he will see you and fire another. If you can land on them consecutively you will gain 10 more points from each successful bounce. Keep bouncing and you will eventually get as much as 20,000 points per bounce. Before you get to the end of the screen you will have gained around 20 million points.

Which one is Merlee?
After you ask the 5 questions, the real merlee is the one with a fly around her head, which is the left one. The one on the right with no fly around her head is Mimi.



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Character PowerUps
Here's a demonstration: You got that mega power-up while playing as Peach.
There will be a mega NES Peach! Same goes with the mini helpers. Characters like Bowser and Luigi have the same effect! Mega Bowser would be AWESOME! Try this out!
Glitch in world 1-2
Walk in the quick sand where you go 3-D but wait walk in the sand first then put it on 3-D
Under the Shop
Go to the shop in Yold Town. With Mario, flip and then go in front of that sign next to the counter. Flip back, and Mario will be partially inside of the sign. Flip again and Mario will fall down and land somewhere under the shop. To make it more glitchy, walk around. A few seconds later, Mario will be brought back with less health as if he fell down a bottomless pit.

Easter eggs

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old characters
in fort francis one room has characters from paper mario thousand year door on the shelves
Peach's Apples
In the Over there, when you have to give Peach the Black Apple to wake her up, if you give her other apples, different things will happen.

Blue Apple- Peach will shrink.

Red Apple- Peach will grow.*

Yellow Apple- Peach will grow... a mustache!

Pink Apple- Peach will turn into a Peachy Peach.

<span class="wikilists">
  • This is also demonstrated with the bouncy cloud
</span><!-- wikilists -->

Enjoy! <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Wii and Mario Easter Eggs
When in the Castle of Francis you will see posters and action figures from previous Mario video games. When you enter Francis' room (use the password 2828) and go into 3D mode you can see a Wii video game console and some Wii games hooked up to the TV.


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80,000 Easy EXP
After you beat the game, go to 1-2 and buy 10 Shell Shocks. After that, go to 8-4 and kick it immediatly when you get there. You must have Dashell equiped because you need to follow the shell. Do all of this and use all 10 Shell Shocks should get you 800,000 points!
999 coins easy
Okay, to start off buy atleast 5 catch cards. You can find them in flipside floor 1 before you go to mirror hall. Go to 5-2 and go to the area of Yoshi rock. When you see the water diver turn 3-D and use a catch card on the amazyee dazyee(Spelling error)? That card sells for 300 coins, and if you catch 5, and want to keep 1, sell 4 and thats a 1,200 coin profit! You can just sell 3 and thats 990 coins.
Barry (Provides a force field that protects you and can hurt enemies) Beat Francis in chapter 3-4, then find Barry behind a bush in chapter 3-1
Beating King Croacus
You can throw many parts of him and his attacks at him, and throw his head once he starts floating at the blades, or use Carrie and keep jumping on his head making sure not to fall off and he can't hit you. Bowser can also do more damage to his head with Carrie.
Blue Haired Peach
Unlockable: Bleu Hair for Peach
After you beat the game, go talk to Bleu in Flopside.
Can't Catch Cards?
In Flipside, right next to the entrance to Flopside, there is a card shop that for 10 coins you can buy a random card. When you have a low number of cards, you will almost always get a new one every time. You can't get extreamly rare cards though.
Chapter 2-3 - 1,000,000 Rubies Tip
In chapter 2-3 when you break the vase and are asked for one million rubees you have to find a way to make them fast.

There is a generator room that gives you small amounts of rupies for jumping, and there is a room with a passcode. The passcode is 5963. After going into the room talk to the guy who pays you (he is in the far right of the room) and sign up to be a gerbil.

After doing this you will be sent into a huge ball where you run to make volts. You are paid if you stop and tell him that you are tired. But, instead of running yourself, just get a heavy object (not too heavy) and have Mario (or Peach) go to the right of the circle. Put this heavy object on the left or right button and go do something for about 15 mins. I found taping it down works pretty well.

Come back later and stop, you have just gained many rubees without wasting valuable time. Have fun!
Coins and Amazee Dayzee
Unlock Flopside, beat chapter 5 and have 100 coins (to start the exploit) or some Catch Card SPs. This coin exploit lets you buy the rest of the treasure maps and enemy catch cards.

If you don't have 100 coins just beat chapter 1 again and defeat all enemies you'll probably have 100 coins then.

With 100 coins, go to Flopside's first floor through the blasted wall and enter the card shop called Fondest Hopes. Talk to the sales clerk at the counter and select "Buy a Catch Card SP" then say "yes" he'll give you the card, then say "no" when he asks if you want more Catch Card SPs.

After you have a Catch Card SP, leave the shop use the return Pipe Merlon gave you in the beginning of the game which will return you to the top of Flipside Tower.

Go to the Light Blue door and select chapter 5-2. Go through the door at the end of the first stage (not chapter, but rather the area you first arrive in). Turn right and go past the pipe above your head past the next 3 pipes.

Next, enter the door next to the two blocks that is also next to a Cherbil. Clear the gap and you will come to a Stone Buzzy. Kill the Stone Buzzy, and where you land after you kill him flip the world to 3D.

Immediately you see a yellow flower enemy called an Amazy Dayzee. Quickly go to your quick menu by pressing 1 and 2 at the same time, use the Catch Card SP and turn the enemy into a card.

If the Amazy Dayzee flips to 2d do not use the catch card while in 3d, flip back to 2d and then use it.

Grab the card then use the return pipe again. Go back to the shop where you bought the Catch Card SP sell the Amazy Dayzee card it is worth a whopping 300 coins then you can buy 3 Catch Card SPs. Repeat ad nauseum.
Cure 70HP in one item
This Is great for for the pit of 100 trials.
After you Beat world 8 and have all the time you need. Go to flopside and buy a catch card ex (or whatever). They cost 100 coins, so buy with care. Go to world 5-2 and go around until you see the rock with the moving diver. Go to 3-D and you'll see amazy dayzee. Use the card and you might catch it (if you don't, repeat the process because it's worth it). Go to the card store and sell it for 300 coins. Buy an Ultra shroom shake. Go to the cook in flipside and tell her to cook it. She'll give you a shroom steak. It cures 70HP. Buy more catch card ex's and catch more amazy dayzee's! you'll have more and more shroom steak's for the pit of 100 trials; flopsides and flipsides!!!!!
Dashell (makes you go really fast)
The bottom of Flipside Pit of 100 trials
Earn Piccolo
To earn Piccolo, you must first complete Chapter 6. Once you have done that, speak to Merlee in Flopside. She will ask for you to get her a Crystal Ball from Merluvlee. Go to Merluvlee and she will ask that you get an item from Bestovius for her. Go to him and he will ask that you get something from Watchitt for him. Speak with Watchitt and he will discuss his problem about a girl being in his dreams and he wants her to disappear, but he wants her autograph as well. Speak with Merlumina and get her autograph for Watchitt. Return to everyone in a reverse order until your back to Merlee. Merlee will give you a key that you can use on the locked house in Flipside Floor 1. Inside the house you will get Piccolo.
Easiet way for Count Blumire Fight (Really Count Bleck in Chapter Eight Stage Four)
Use Luigi after you get him from Chapter 7-1 (Dimento Warps you there.) Go to Chapter 8-4 only use Luigi's High Jump it might attack 14 if your on Level 18 but when you beat him theres one more Boss Mr. L and Dimentio colided Together they are Super Dimentio (And Bowser would be good for battling Super Dimentio.)
Easy Money
After completing Chapter 5 completely, return to Chapter 5-1. Go as far to the right to the end of Downtown of Crag and flip to 3D with Mario. Use Dottie and shrink to go through the small hole in the wall. On the other side, go down the pipe, and up the other pipe. Outside, you will see Whacka. Hit Whacka to get a Whacka Bump. Go back down the pipe and come back up it and hit Whacka again for another bump. Take the Whacka Bumps to Saffron so she can cook them to make Roast Whacka Bumps, which you can sell at Howzit's shop in Flipside for 200 coins.

Whacka will disappear if you hit him too many times at once, so remember, whack in moderation!


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Easy points
First make sure you have an item that hurts all enemies then go to Chapter 1-1 where there is an infestation of Squiglets then use the item you get a whole bunch of points!


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Easy Points!!!
This gives you lots of exp for 3 coins. Now go to chapter 5-1 and buy a mystery box cook it by itself and eat it. Unless my information is incorrect you should get 20000 points!!!!!!!!!!=D
extra damage
to to extra damage to an enemy use barry(to get him beat francais then go the bush where you talked to him before)and jump on an enemy but as your just about to land on it press 1 and your normal damage will hurt it but barrys will to!

(good timing is needed or it will just do barrys damage)
Extra Mini Game in the Flipside's Basement
To get the Extra Mini Game in the Flipside's Basement, Get the Golden Card
Finding Francis
When you're battling Francis, thers's a way to find him when he's invisible!

All you have to do is get the pixel,Thudley and ground pound the floor. If Francis is in the frame then he will show up and you can attack him!

P.S. You can also see him if he's running when you find him. Just track him down to which direction he's running to and use Thudley.
Flipside's Pit of 100 trials
Beat Chapter 1 and unlock the outskirt in Flipside
Flopside's Pit of 100 trials
To get Flopside's Pit of 100 trials, Beat Flipside's Pit of 100 trials
Free infinite Mushrooms!
For free infinite mushrooms Go to chapter 2-3 and use peach to float to the left now go to the right and keep hitting that block
Free Money
Here's an interesting way to slowly but surely make money, for free. Simply buy the Long-Last Shake for thirty coins from Howzit. Then, have Saffron cook them into Fried Shroom Plates. You can sell these for thirty-five coins. Repeat the process to make money, for free!

Game Arcade
If you go into 3-D mode while in the coffee shop in Flipside B1, you can access a gold pipe that will take you to an arcade where you can play three different arcade games using different functions of the Wii remote, winning prizes for top scores. A fourth game can be unlocked if you have a Gold Card (obtained in the Flopside Milk Bar by going 3-D and opening a treasure chest).
Ok first you go to world 1-2 go on the shop and flip into 3-D go to the signpost and you'll go in it flip into 3-D and jump to the left and you may survive or you may lose 1 HP.

Good luck with the glitch!
HP Feeder
Once, you've gotten the Pixl named Dottie, travel back to the Land of the Crag (Chapter 5-1). As soon as you enter the area you'll be on top of a stone platform. Go all the way to the right of the screen. Go into 3-D and use Dottie to enter the small opening in the wall.

Once in the secret area you'll go down a pipe and collect a bunch of coins (hit A to see more coins) then exit out of the other pipe. Once you leave the pipe, walk to your right and a little creature called a Whacka should appear. If you jump on his head a Whacka Bump will come out.

These give you 30HP and if you go back into the pipe and come back he'll reappear. You can get about seven or eight Whacka Bumps before he disappears for good. That's at least 210 HP for free.
Infinate 3D with Mario
Beat Flopside Pit of 100 Trails twice and get Mario's Card. This will allow you to go in 3D for as long as you want.
Infinate Experience
Need to get a level up, but keep dying in the Pit of 100 Trials? Then if you've beaten Chapter 5 (The one with the Crags and the Sapiens) go back to 5-4. Remember that pipe that just kept on sending out annoying Sapiens? Just jump on the block right next to it, then use Bowser's flame, and he just keeps killing the Sapiens, because they just keep coming out, that's 500 experience every 3 or 4 seconds and 10,000 or 7,500 every minute! (NOTE: This has been corrected in the PAL version)
Learn Some Recipes Without Cooking Them!
Some recipes can be learned without even cooking them. For some recipes, like the Choco-Bars that are bought at the Howzit Shop in space, you can learn just buy getting the item that the recipe makes.
Optional Pixls
Barry- creates a spike barrier around you for about a second to damage foes
How to Get:
After you beat Chapter 3, go to 3-1 and talk to him in the bush to get him

Dashell- makes you run very fast (faster then Carrie)
How to Get:
Beat the Flipside Pit of 100 Trials

Piccolo- Plays a music tune that removes certain blocks. Also changes the jump sound effect to a classic sound
How to Get:
Start the sidequest for getting Merlee a new crystal ball (by talking to her behind the table in Flopside) and complete it. Use the key you get to unlock a door close to the entrance to Flopside

Tiptron- Replaces Tippi after you beat the game
How to Get:
Buy her for 999 coins from the lizzard dude in Chapter 3-4
PAper MArio 64 Partners/Character from the original game
In flopside pit of 100 trials you get Paper Mario 64 Partner Cards (Goombario, Kooper, Bombette, Parrakarry, Bow, Watt, Sushie and Lakiliester)
Piccolo (Makes melodies that trigger in-game events and cures some status problems) Place the 6th pure heart, talk to Merlee and help her, talk to Merluvlee, then Bestovious, Watchitt, Merlumina, then Merluvlee to get Random House key
In chapter 2-3 when you break the vase and are asked for one million rubees you have to find a way to make them fast.

There is a generator room that gives you small amounts of ruppes for jumping, and there is a room with a passcode. The passcode is 5963. After going into the room talk to the guy who pays you (he is in the far right of the room) and sign up to be a gerbil.

After doing this you will be sent into a huge ball where you run to make volts. You are paid if you stop and tell him that you are tired. But, instead of running yourself just get a heavy object (not too heavy) and have Mario (or Peach) go to the right of the circle. Put this heavy object on the left button (up if contoller isn't sideways) and go do something else.

Come back later and stop, you have just gained many rubees without wasting valuable time.
Safe Combination
You broke a vase and now you have to come up with a million Rubees. Head down one floor from the prisoners and go down on level. Go forward and grab the slimming pixel, which lets Mario go into 2D in 3D mode (paper effect). Use this ability to access the vault safe at the bank: 41262816.
Stay in 3-D FOREVER!!!
Beat Flipside Pit of 100 Trials and defeat Wracktail to get Dashell. Then go to Flopside Pit of 100 Trials and beat it twice. Shaboo will challenge you. Beat him and his 4 forms and collect your prizes!! Then leave. Go into 3-D. The meter on the top left will not move!! You can stay in 3-D for as long as you want and not get hurt!!
Style Points!
After jumping on an enemy, wiggle the Wiimote to land with extra style. This also gives you more experience from enemies.
Tiptron (Just like Tippi)
Buy it from Francis after you beat the game for 999 coins!!!
Underchomp Weakness
When fighting the Underchomp in Chapter 7-2, use Piccolo against it. Piccolo's music will make all 3 Chomps fall asleep for a few turns, which will give you time to attack without getting attacked back.
Unlock Hammer Whacker Game at Flipside Arcade
To unlock the Hammer Whacker game in the arcade, go to the pub in Flopside B1 and flip to 3D with Mario. Walk down until you see a treasure chest, open it to find a Gold Card. Take the Gold Card to the Interchet at Flipside Arcade and he will let you play the Hammer Whacker game.
Unlockable Infinite 3D
Unlockable: Infinite 3D
You must defeat Flopside Pit of 100 Trails twice and get Mario's Card.
VIP Passcodes For Merlee's Mansion
The 4-digit passcode for the VIP room is 5963.
The 8-digit passcode for the other room is 41262816.