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[edit] Background

Super 3D Noah's Ark (also sometimes called Super Noah's Ark 3D) is an unlicensed video game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and for DOS. It was released by the biblical video game producer Wisdom Tree in 1994, and was the only commercial SNES game that was not officially sanctioned by Nintendo. In order to bypass the Super Nintendo's lockout chip, Wisdom Tree devised a system whereby the player had to insert an officially-licensed SNES game into a cartridge slot in the top of Super 3D Noah's Ark. The cartridge thus resembled a Game Genie.

[edit] Gameplay

The game itself is a straightforward modification of Wolfenstein 3D, with altered graphics and sounds; furthermore, Wolfenstein's subliminal morse code tappings permeate the game. The level layouts, weapons, and enemy behaviors in the SNES version are identical to Wolfenstein 3D, but the graphics were changed to reflect a non-violent theme. Instead of killing Nazi soldiers in a castle, the player takes the part of Noah, wandering the ark, throwing fruit and grain at stray animals in order to pacify them.

The gameplay is aimed at younger children. Noah's Ark includes secret passages, food, weapons, and extra lives. There are secret levels, and shortcut levels as well. The player eventually comes across a slingshot, and flings cantaloupe and watermelon at the larger bosslike animals, such as Ernie the Elephant and Carl the Camel.

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Release Dates
  • North America:
    • Dec 31, 1996 (PC)
    • Dec 31, 1994 (SNES)